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The Untapped Data Analytics Power of Symplur - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 339

How has Twitter impacted your pharmacy business?

Josh Lurie, Partner & Member of Board of Directors of Symplur joins the podcast to help our pharmacy industry discover the untapped power of Symplur Signals.

Quoting an article from June 15, 2016 “Tech Republic” columnist Jason Hiner writes, “From the 1980s until the past several years, when people heard about breaking news via word-of-mouth they typically turned to network news such as Fox or CNN. Today, they turn to Twitter. A recent Pew Research study found that 62% of US adults now get news from social media, up from 49% in 2012.”

I am one of these people who will access my Twitter account before any direct news source because it’s faster, more sincere, and provides a diverse perspective on the same topic or news story.

There’s no other organization better positioned to demonstrate the power of Twitter in healthcare than Symplur. With their well-designed “Healthcare Hashtag” Project launching in 2011, Symplur has been researching thousands of hashtags (subject matter) specific to our healthcare industry, scientific research, patient trends, CDC reports, and industry conference interactions, to name a few.

Symplur Signals promotes deep understanding of healthcare as seen by patients, doctors and other stakeholders with real-time access to insights from over a billion healthcare social media data points. The richness of data here is mind boggling and if you’re not seeing the value yet, be sure to check out Symplur for yourself.

Take the specialty pharmacy industry for example. Genentech's Avastin is a cancer medication that interferes with the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body. The anti-cancer drug is used to treat a certain type of brain tumor, and certain types of cancers of the cervix, kidney, lung, colon, and rectum.

If specialty pharmacies researched specific hashtag keywords using Twitter such as #CervicalCancerthey could quickly find articles, physicians, insurance providers, and most importantly patients participating in a worldwide conversation about Cervical Cancer. Not only could these patient-care providers reach out to these patients directly through Twitter but strategically could become a digital health industry subject matter expert within that specific subject-topic or hashtag.

The Pharmacy Podcast Show will be publishing a series on leveraging the power of healthcare hashtags, which will include a fascinating interview with Symplur executives.

Be sure to subscribe to the show and reach out to learn how your Pharmacy business can see a significant benefit using Twitter.

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The Return of Pharmacy Future Leaders Podcast - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 338

The Pharmacy Future Leaders Podcast returns to the Pharmacy Podcast Network with new Host Tony Guerra, PharmD. Tony will lead the segment of the Pharmacy Podcast Network focusing on Pharmacy Student perspectives, interviews, and future outlook of the industry.  


THE CONTEST: Pharmacy Future Leaders (PFL) Podcast wants to help send an outstanding student to the upcoming ASHP Midyear 2016 Clinical Meeting and Exhibition starting on Sunday, December 4, 2016 through Thursday December 8, 2016. The Pharmacy Future Leaders Podcast will pay for ONE Pharmacy Student's Registration Fee for the conference. (Airfare, hotel, and expenses are NOT covered, registration only) PFL will randomly select one student from your social media interaction via TWITTER & INSTAGRAM by posting a message about "HOW YOU ARE GOING TO IMPACT the FUTURE OF PHARMACY" as a #PharmacyFutureLeader. Creativity is encouraged. (Use pictures, links, poster info, biographies, and other postings to boost your chances)

You MUST use the hashtag #PharmacyFutureLeaders in your post to become eligible and you can post as many times as you'd like to gain the attention of the PFL Podcast Contest Team. 

About the ASHP Midyear Event:

The ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting is the largest gathering of pharmacists in the world. With its focus on improving patient care, the meeting is attended by more than 20,000 pharmacy professionals from 86 countries. For four decades, the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting has provided health system pharmacy practitioners with a venue for updating their knowledge, networking with colleagues, enhancing their skills, and learning about the latest products and technologies.

The hundreds of educational activities at the Midyear Clinical Meeting are developed to maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of pharmacists and associated personnel in health systems. A dynamic venue for instruction on important issues relevant to contemporary pharmacy practice, the meeting’s five full days of continuing education sessions are unmatched anywhere. 

About the host:

Tony currently serves as the Pharmacy Technician Program Chair and Pre-pharmacy Advisor at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC). He is author of the audiobook Memorizing Pharmacology: A Relaxed Approach which has been on Science and Medicine Audiobook bestseller list. He is co-author for the forthcoming The Pharmacy Technician: Principles and Practice 5th edition for Elsevier, a national textbook publisher.

He regularly publishes videos on his TonyPharmD YouTube channel to help patients and students with medication pronunciation, memorization, and health literacy.  Dr. Guerra is a member of the national Phi Delta Chi pharmacy fraternity, a past board member of the Pharmacy Leadership and Education Institute (PLEI), an honorary Phi Lambda Sigma, Pharmacy Leadership Society (PLS) member, a Paragon Award winner with CVS and a member of the Pharmacy Technician Educator’s Council (PTEC).

Tony earned his B.A. in English from Iowa State University and Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Maryland.  

Contact Tony:  

Twitter @Tony_PharmD (preferred) or email

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American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL) - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 337

Pharmacy Podcast Show co-Host Erin Albert, PharmD, JD, interviews Aaron Moore, PharmD, JD, with The American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL) which is an organization of attorneys, pharmacists, pharmacist-attorneys and students of pharmacy or law who are interested in the law as it applies to pharmacy, pharmacists, wholesalers, manufacturers, state and federal government and other interested parties.  

ASPL is a nonprofit organization with the purposes of Furthering knowledge in the law related to pharmacists, pharmacies, the provision of pharmaceutical care, the manufacturing and distribution of drugs, and other food, drug, and medical device policy issues; Communicating accurate legal educational information; and Providing educational opportunities for pharmacists, attorneys, and others who are interested in pharmacy law. 

2016 Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXVII

November 10 – 13, 2016

Hilton Austin Austin, Texas

Erin Albert
Myers and Stauffer, LC
Work:  317-846-9521

Aaron Moore
Salsbury, Clements, Bekman, Marder & Adkins LLC
Work:  410-539-6633

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Customer Happiness Strategy creates Better Patient Care - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 336

Laura Liebers is a member of the iMedicare Customer Happiness Strategy Team. On today's Pharmacy Podcast Show - we interview Laura and investigate what it means exactly to drive customer service from the perspective of the customer's customer and how delivering a better experience creates healthier patients. 

Happiness Team  

704-769-0540 ext. 2

9 AM - 6 PM EST Monday - Friday

Laura Liebers Customer Happiness Manager: 

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Community Pharmacy & Point of Care Testing - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 335

Pharmacy Podcast Network Host Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD, interviews Dr. Ally Dering-Anderson, BA, PharmD, RP, who is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy. She coordinates and teaches the OTC & Self Care Products Course and the Point-of-Care Testing Course, does the didactic training for the immunization class, teaches in Pharmacy Law & Ethics and in Pharmacotherapy.

Dr. Dering-Anderson is also the preceptor for a Public Policy experiential rotation for senior level pharmacy students. A pharmacist immunization advocate, Ally has given more than 40,000 immunizations during her career. Ally was the 2015 Teacher of the Year for the College of Pharmacy. Ally is a mid-west radio personality with a live, call-in, radio show airing on 9 mid-western radio stations on a bi-weekly basis. The show is broadcast as a part of the KFOR AM 1240 Problems & Solutions Show, Alpha Media, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Ally is a graduate of Doane College in Crete, Nebraska and the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy. She has been a licensed and practicing pharmacist in Nebraska and Iowa for over 25 years. She served as the Assistant Executive Director of the Nebraska Pharmacists Association for 13 years and works on-call for Walgreens. Ally has spoken nationally and internationally on pharmacy topics. Her interests include: Community Pharmacy Issues including Point-of-Care Testing, Immunizations, Over-the-Counter and Behind-the-Counter medicines; Excellence in Education; Medical Marijuana; and Public Health Policy.

Dr. Ally may be found on Twitter @DrAllyRP Her office email is

The University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy may be found on Twitter @UNMCcop or on Facebook UNMC College of Pharmacy

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5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy Part 5 of 5 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 334

5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy Part 5, Erin L. Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD weaves together the full recap of all 5 Parts of the Series with special questions from our valued listeners directed at our series participants: 

Peter Dunn, Pete the Planner: 

Hazel Walker - Master of Networking: 

Anthony Guerra, PharmD. host of "Pharmacy Future Leaders" podcast segment: 

Please vote thumbs up for our 2 @SXSW panel pickers for 2017 before 9/2/16!


Erin Albert’s website: and Books

Erin’s career path and current career portfolio:

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5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy - Part 4 Pharmacy Podcast Episode 333

5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy Part 4, Erin L. Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD is the interviewee, with the tables turned with special guest podcast host Lauren Steinbach titled: Employing all 5 Roads Out (and back in) to Retail Pharmacy Guest – Erin Albert. 

Please vote thumbs up for our 2 @SXSW panel pickers for 2017 before 9/2/16!


Erin Albert’s website: and Books 

Erin’s career path and current career portfolio:

Books specifically mentioned:

The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice

The Medical Science Liaison: An A to Z Guide

Plan C: The Full-Time Employee and Part-Time Entrepreneur

Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.

Multipationals: The Changing World of Work, and How to Create Your Best Career


Mentioned on Erin’s Career Portfolio:

Tracker for Pharmacy Meetings:

Tracker for Pharmacist Certifications:

Women Leadership Programs:

Who’s the Helm in Healthcare:

The Know Thyself Kit:


Erin’s Social Media Channels and Hangouts:


Co-host of the Pharmacy Podcast 

Pharmacy Careers Articles 

Inside Indiana Business Stuff 

Snail mail: PO Box 335, Fishers, IN 46038 (my favorite)


Twitter: @ErinLAlbert @pharmllc @yuspie

Hash Tags I believe in: #STEMPrincess #Multipationals #SMDames




Anchor: @ErinLAlbert



Snapchat: @ea6603 (I freely admit that I have no idea what I'm doing here...)


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Medical Marijuana's Clinical Advancements - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 332

3rd time Pharmacy Podcast Show guest Joseph Friedman RPh., COO & Founder of PDI Medical, Inc., returns to the show with updates to medical cannabis progression and the advancement of leveraging a substance shown to have dramatic impact on thousands of patients suffering with numerous conditions. 

Previous podcasts with Joseph Friedman, RPh., 

Is the War on Medical Marijuana Over?

Medical Marijuana & the Clinical Pharmacist

The National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization (NMMAO), an Ohio-based accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the cannabis industry’s dispensaries, announced today that PDI Medical, an Illinois licensed medical marijuana dispensary, is applying for Dispensary Base Accreditation.

NMMAO’s Dispensary Base Accreditation encompasses nine (9) Standards of Excellence, each representing a different dispensary-related, quality- and safety-focused function. The Standards address the structures and processes that must be in place in order for state-approved dispensaries and compassionate care centers to meet the overall NMMAO Base Standard Accreditation.  

“Marijuana dispensaries throughout the United States are operated by a variety of names, personalities and faces. PDI Medical is a highly respected, clinically-driven dispensary,” PDI Medical owner and registered pharmacist Joseph Friedman commented. “The NMMAO documented accreditation process differentiates those dispensaries that are truly helping patients with their healthcare needs, from those that are simply getting patients high on THC. By passing NMMAO’s strict accreditation process, PDI Medical will further prove its healthcare value to patients, caregivers and the state of Illinois.”

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Introducing the Specialty Pharmacy Podcast Show - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 331

As the Pharmacy Podcast Network expands its verticals of subject matter intelligence we launch the SPECIALTY PHARMACY PODCAST Show with host Harry Travis, PharmD, MBA.

The Specialty Pharmacy Podcast Show will cover the vast business topics about the complex business of the specialty pharmacy sector of the pharmacy industry. 

Our host of the Specialty Pharmacy Podcast Show is Mr. Travis is CEO of etectRx, inc. The company has developed a breakthrough wireless system, the ID-Cap, that incorporates a tiny ingestible wireless sensor into oral capsules that definitively, reliably, and safely indicates when a patient has taken their medicine.  

Mr. Travis is an experienced healthcare executive with over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of specialty and non-specialty pharmaceutical channel management. He has held senior leadership positions with Baxter Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Accredo/Medco and Aetna. Most recently he held the position of Vice President of Aetna’s Specialty and Home-Delivery Pharmacy Business. This multi-billion-dollar business was ranked in the top five specialty pharmacies in the US. Upon graduating from pharmacy school, Harry practiced as a community pharmacist for Peoples Drug Stores before returning to graduate business school at the University of Virginia.  

Harry holds a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, and an MBA from The Darden School at the University of Virginia.  

Contact Harry:

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Non-Competes, Trade Secrets, Baked Beans, & Pharmacy - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 330

In the 2nd installment of the 'GAVEL & PESTLE PODCAST' with host Darshan Kulkarni we discuss employee rights, the employer's options, trade secret law, and Baked Beans.

Gavel & Pestle Podcast - on Twitter

Let's Roll that Beautiful Podcast Footage!

Darshan Kulkarni - on Twitter 

FDA Reg & Compliance Attorney | Visiting Professor | Author | International Speaker Editorial & Advisory Board Member 


All content provided on this "Pharmacy Podcast Network" audio-blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this podcast makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this show or found by following any link on this site. 

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