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The Patient's Podcast - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 349

Today - we release a new podcast to the Pharmacy Podcast Network dedicated to our patients. The Patient's Podcast, where the Voice of the Patient is the most important voice in healthcare. 

Our host Kristy Sobel is a dynamic Entrepreneur and sufferer of chronic pain & Autonomic Neuropathy.

Kristy writes: "I believe everyone is born with a talent. Some are blessed with more than one. It's not always clear what it is, so it begins with one foot in front of the other. With each challenge and task it becomes apparent. I've always been an out of the box thinker and somewhere along the way, I found my niche in the fashion world. I created something out of necessity that turned into a must have for busy women. One concept turned into many other wonderful branches. Once established, I created products for people with special needs. Then the bottom fell out of my life in an instant.

Everything I built became meaningless. I was given 2 months to live. The decision to give-up or find a way to not just exist or survive but find the strength to become a live-r again. I found the expert I needed to beat this incurable illness. The expert lived in LA but was retiring, so he didn't want to get involved.

With my life hanging in the balance, I bought a ticket and flew to LA and sat on his door step. I told him if I was going to die, he was going to watch. He decided to take me on. We put together the best of the best team of Drs. from all over the world. Drs. that deal strictly with modern medicine and other Drs. that practice out of the box medicine.

Seven years later, I've become the trail blazer in beating the illness. By sharing my story it proves anything is possible as long as you never let anyone steal your "Hope". I want you to share my story with other to stop those who are contemplating surgery and bring awareness to atrocity that has occurred in the United States. We need help reaching others who had this surgery and are suffering with similar complications as I am.

It's a must for them to be tested for Autonomic Neuropathy. It's a difficult illness to be diagnosed. We need funding for research and a law passed that All Artificial Disc's must be tracked in the human. As it stands right now in my medical records, the surgery was a success.

The claims that artificial discs are successful is baseless and unfounded. We have no way of knowing how many people who has had this surgery and are suffering. It's my crusade to be the voice for thousands who had their lives taken as I have. I have the strength to not let my life be in vain." 

Please reach out to the show and submit your story and help reach other's suffering with a serious disease or condition. 

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Doctors Without Borders - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 348

Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD interviews Jordy van Enkhuizen Pharmacist at Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Doctors Without Borders helps people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care. 

Jordy's publications: 

Via Twitter: 

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5 Roads Into Loving Your Retail Pharmacy Career - Part 1 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 347

Ok, Pharmacy Podcast listeners, I’m starting to feel a bit…guilty.

In writing an original post, then creating a 5-part mini series about the 5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy over at Pharmacy Podcast, I’m worried that I may appear to be discounting or even trashing retail pharmacy.

I’m not.


I learned a LOT of valuable lessons about managing people and caring for patients through my various retail pharmacy practice experiences. I also learned a lot of soft skills through those experiences as well – like patience, fortitude, endurance, creativity and problem-solving – that I never would have learned inside a classroom.

5 Roads Into Loving your Retail Pharmacy Career:

1. Own it – why not own your own store? It’s becoming a reality for many pharmacists these days. Shout out to one of the wholesalers in particular who helps pharmacy owners take their businesses and their professions to the next level. Many pharmacists long to be their own bosses. In fact, back in the day, EVERY pharmacist was a business owner, because there were no pharmacy chains. So, if you’re going to be in it to win it, why not own it? I’ve never owned a pharmacy, but I acted like an owner when I was the pharmacist in charge of my first pharmacy – so “ownership” doesn’t need to be literal–it can be a mindset here too!

2. Get out of the fishbowl – Just like Hazel Walker described this week on the Pharmacy Podcast, you need to build a network inside the profession of pharmacy and OUTSIDE. That INCLUDES networking in your local community, with the patients you serve. My first couple of pharmacy experiences had me surrounded by glass around the pharmacy – so we used to joke that sometimes, we needed to “get out of the fishbowl.” Examples of this: could you get out into the community and discover nursing homes that need adherence packaging for their patients that you could help with? Is there an acute facility in a rural setting that could use your pharmacy’s help? Do you have a hospice program in your community you could partner with? If you’re the new kid on the block, why not get out and say hi to the doctors in your local community? Get out of the fishbowl and investigate!

3. Niche it – I have a friend in retail (large chain) who created a really interesting niche for herself in community practice pharmacy, which led her to meeting the US Surgeon General! There are pharmacies (yes, even in chains) that specialize different areas of pharmacy practice. So, even if you work in a huge chain, ask yourself the following: what are my passions within this profession? Also, ask your CUSTOMERS what their needs are as well. Do you have an older population, a younger/new family population, or something else? Find and fill their needs, and in doing so, you may just have created yourself an amazing career corner in practice! Even better – once you become the “go to” guy or gal, can you help train others about it in your company? Who does compounding in your neck of the woods? If everyone is a hot potato with it, why not own it and run with it? What about wellness? What about preventative care?

4. Step up – Volunteer. Do extra work. Show upper management that you want to train/teach/beta test/write/speak/ manage/help/recruit others and grow within your company or chain. Be the liaison between your pharmacy school alma mater and your chain. Take students on rotation and precept. The more you do and do well, the more you’ll get noticed, which is critical if you want to move up in the company you’re working within.

5. Play nice with others – This is a combo of all the 4 previous steps, but ask yourself how you and your pharmacy business can play nicely with others. Is there a visiting nurse service you could partner with in the community? Is there a way you could organize a community task force for disaster relief if, God forbid, something happens to your community? What about a tox away day? Can you set up a phone tree with other pharmacists to prevent theft and diversion in pharmacy? What can you do with strong non profits in your area that would help the community? Can you bring the community IN to your pharmacy to hang out and be a spot of joy and hope for your neighborhood, instead of another icky task they have to check off of their list? Ask yourself one more time what your strengths are, and how you can add them to your world around you to create a better retail pharmacy world. Maybe that’s through a broader, interprofessional pathway that could lead you to feeling FANTASTIC about your career of pharmacy.

After all, you picked a great profession! The sky is the limit….!

Let's see what you all think about this post.  If it gains enough traction, I'll do another Pharmacy Podcast miniseries on it, because I know people who fit all 5 of these suggestions above.  Leave your thoughts below and we'll see if we need to create another mini series on this...until then, keep on rocking retail!

p.s. This is GAME ON! Watch for this over at the pharmacy podcast this fall, beginning in October, 2016.

Episode 1 - Introduction to the mini series

Episode 2 - Dr. Amy Lenell

Episode 3 - Dr. Kathy Campbell

Episode 4 - Dr. Chad Lesczynski

Episode 5 - Mr. Ron Snow

Other items I mention in this show:
-Healthcare Businesswomen's Association -
-American College of Sports Medicine -
-Indiana Rural Health Association -


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THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA DEBATE - OCTOBER 21st - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 346


On behalf of the Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy, we would like to cordially invite you to join us on October 21, 2016 for the event; Florida’s Future: The Medical Marijuana Debate. This is an opportunity for students, faculty members, staff and members of the community to learn about the health, political, legal and social issues related to Florida’s proposed Constitutional Amendment 2, or Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which will be up for a vote on November 8, 2016.

Presented by: Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy:

Hosted by- Scott Kjelson Pharm.D., C.Ph.

Register HERE:

About Scott Kjelson Pharm.D., C.Ph.

Scott Kjelson, PharmD, CPh, is a pharmacist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a strong advocate for pro-pharmacy legislation.  In fact, Scott has referred more than 80 of his pharmacy friends and colleagues to join the Pharmacists Provide Care campaign!  In his own words… “I chose to support the Pharmacists Provide Care campaign because I see a greater value in what we as pharmacists could be doing to help save lives. I work hand and hand with patients to see how I can improve lives and make lifestyle changes.”  

PDI Medical - Joseph Friedman, RPh

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Pharmacy Future Leaders - Anna Shields - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 345


Welcome to the Pharmacy Podcast Network, I’m your cohost Tony Guerra for the #PharmacyFutureLeaders podcast broadcasting from Ankeny, Iowa.

We’re going to talk with innovative new pharmacy practitioners and soon to be pharmacy graduates.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from prepharmacy and new graduate students about decisions they are making right now, feel free to connect with me on Twitter at Tony underscore Pharm D or subscribe to my YouTube channel at TonyPharmD where you can find over 700 videos on drug pronunciation, memorization, and the Top 200 that support my audiobook Memorizing Pharmacology.

If you’re a P-3 going to ASHP Midyear 2016, make sure to link your leadership accomplishments on Twitter to hashtag Pharmacy Future Leaders we’ll be providing a stipend for one student registration. We’ll announce that person on October 28th, 2016

Anna comes to Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group from NuCara Pharmacy in Pleasant Hill, Iowa where she served as an entrepreneurial pharmacy intern as part of Drake College of Pharmacy and Health Science Delta RX. Additionally, she served as a curricular development assistant for the pharmacy technician program at Des Moines Area Community College.

Anna grew up in Menasha, Wisconsin and graduated in May, 2016 with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree along with her Master’s in Business Administration from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. As a student, Anna served as president of Drake’s National Community Pharmacists Association Student Chapter and was an active member of Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity.

Everyone’s leadership road is different, let’s start with where you are today, and how you got into your current position?

Discuss how you first felt you became a leader at Drake University and how the opportunities you had there helped you. I think we first talked about NCPA and Phi Delta Chi and a summer internship.

The more I talk to students, the more I’m finding the activities they do outside of their regular classroom are the ones that are leading them towards the most satisfying opportunities. You seem to be a magnet for awards and opportunities, can you talk about winning that award for your P4 year and the other opportunities you had?

What activities are you doing at Kelly Ross Pharmacy Group? You mentioned some exciting work with keeping patients with cardiovascular conditions out of the hospital.

Washington State is gearing up for January provider status, can you tell us what Kelly Ross is doing to move forward with that opportunity?

My wife completed her community pharmacy residency at an excellent program at the University of Iowa and landed a very clinically focused job working at the VA hospital. I think many of our listeners are familiar with the residency match, but some very good residencies are outside the match including some community residencies, can you explain how you chose which residencies to apply to in and outside of the match?

What blanket advice do you have for the many residency hopefuls as they descend on New Orleans on October 15 to 19, 2016 for NCPA and Las Vegas this December 4th through 8th for ASHP?

LinkedIn - Anna Shields, PharmD, MBA 

Twitter @annashields4


Recording date: 10/10/16 @ AM/PM Central Time

The PharmD/MBA and PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency

Guest: Anna Shields, Pharm.D./MBA  (email:

PGY1 Resident Kelly Ross Pharmacy Group





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Are You a 'Fit Pharmacist'? - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 344

Dr. Christina Tarantola & Dr. Adam Martin -- are the "Fit Pharmacist" 

The Fit Pharmacists team strives to provide practical and fun tips to empower people to be the healthiest they can be. If you feel better, you can fully give to the ones you love, do what you are passionate about and enjoy life! Your wealth is in your health!

Dr. Adam Martin is a licensed pharmacist, having earned his doctorate of pharmacy degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy in 2012. Engaging with patients and seeing how they would continually seek out his guidance for improving their health without medications, Adam sought out resources to help them live healthier lifestyles.  Adam is a lifetime-natural competitive bodybuilder, competing only in drug-tested competitions for over 2 years.

He came to work with founder of The Diet Doc Dr. Joe Klemczewski in 2013, and seeing how well the directors combined science-based recommendations with strong support and guidance, joined The Diet Doc team as a licensed operator and weight loss consultant in 2014.  Having a passion for learning and serving his patients, when Adam is not at work he enjoys learning more about new therapy regimens and furthering his abilities, as he is currently studying to become a Certified Diabetic Educator (CDE). He is an inaugural member of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association’s Leadership Excellence and Advocacy Development (LEAD) program going on now through fall 2017.  

Dr. Christina Tarantola is a Licensed Pharmacist, Certified Health Coach, Reiki II Master and published author. She graduated from St. John’s University in Queens and loves New York (and she has the accent to prove it!). She incorporates nutrition/lifestyle modification, energy healing and stress reduction techniques into her personalized coaching approach. She is passionate about increasing awareness about disease prevention through personalized health coaching, having provided health talks around the NYC/Long Island area, creating educational YouTube videos and writing health articles. She now joins Dr. Adam Martin in a synergistic approach to best serve their patients and clients.

Website: the Fit Pharmacist 

Instagram: ADAM

Instagram: CHRISTINA 

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Delivering a Better Patient Experience with iMedicare - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 343

We interview iMedicare customer - Lateef Olaniyan, Owner of Southgate Pharmacy in Moses Lake, WA.

At Southgate Pharmacy Lateef considers it a privilege to be able to serve the people of Moses Lake, Mattawa, and the surrounding cities with all their pharmaceutical needs. Lateef believes his fundamental business model is simple: Provide fast, friendly, efficient pharmaceutical services at competitive prices.

Lateef says that he understands that patients do spend considerable amount of time at the physician waiting area. Lateef uses iMedicare because his goal is to not make his patients wait a long time before receiving their medications.

Southgate Pharmacy is a proud iMedicare customer. 

Lateef Olaniyan

Owner of Southgate Pharmacy

2709 W Broadway Ave

Moses Lake, WA 98837

PHONE  (509) 765-9332

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Pharmacy Future Leader - Tyler Dalton | Pharmacy Podcast Episode 342

Guest: Tyler Dalton, Pharm.D. (email:

Clinical Community Pharmacist for Walgreens Pharmacy

Snapchat: Tylerdalton

Twitter: @Tyler__dalton



Welcome to the Pharmacy Podcast Network, I’m your cohost Tony Guerra for the PharmacyFutureLeaders podcast broadcasting from Ankeny, Iowa.

We’re going to talk with innovative new pharmacy practitioners and soon to be pharmacy graduates.

You can connect with me on Twitter at Tony underscore Pharm D or subscribe to my YouTube channel at TonyPharmD where you can find over 700 videos on drug pronunciation, memorization, and the Top 200 that support my audiobook Memorizing Pharmacology.

If you’re a P-3 going to ASHP Midyear 2016, make sure to link your leadership accomplishments on Twitter to hashtag Pharmacy Future Leaders we’ll be providing a stipend for one student registration. We’ll announce that person on October 28th, 2016

Today we’re going to talk about nutrition and life just after pharmacy school with Tyler Dalton, PharmD, a 4th generation pharmacist and very recent graduate of the Harrison School of Pharmacy at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Auburn University in Biomedical Sciences in 2012 and PharmD from Auburn in 2016.

Professionally, he works as an outpatient clinical community pharmacist in Birmingham Alabama. He provides a bridge between traditional medicine and a next generation approach to health and wellness by promoting nutrition through social media. He also serves as a managed care, a motivational interviewing, and wellness training consultant.

We’ll find out how his experiences, especially those leadership opportunities outside the classroom, have allowed him to experience and share his passion for nutrition through social media and given him a very positive outlook on his pharmacy future.

Tyler, I want to get right to something that we talked about earlier this week and that’s your passion for sharing nutritional advice. Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you spread the information.

You said that you give this advice out on Snapchat, how does that work?

What feedback do you get from your viewers?

You mentioned you’d like to set up Facebook live as well?

How can people get to see you? How do they know when your show is on?

I know allows you to create your own book and publish to Amazon, maybe you’ll put together enough recipes to start a career as an author slash nutritionist.

You recently graduated, what made you decide to become a clinical community pharmacist instead of a residency or a post-PharmD MBA?

You mentioned some other work you do as a clinical consultant with pharmacoeconomics on your off hours, how does that work?

How does that experience help you see a more global patient care effort than in maybe a single location?

You also mentioned motivational interview training, could you talk about what that is and how a pharmacist would get into that?

Are you eventually looking to own your own pharmacy?

Tell me about the family ties you have to Auburn University and the Auburn experience.

I know the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) is having their national meeting on Oct. 15-19, 2016 in New Orleans this year, tell me about your leadership role within the student chapter especially those last two years.

The Iowa Pharmacy Association is very active in keeping us up to date and connected to other pharmacy associations. You were active with the Alabama Pharmacy Association as a student, what were your roles there and how did you get into those positions?

Could you present continuing education on nutrition with the state association and stream it live? I feel like this would be a CE that would reach outside the state.

These next months students are looking to do APPEs and choose APPEs tell us a little bit about your “method” of choosing those experiences.

You had an interesting approach to choosing clubs and leadership activities in undergrad and especially pharmacy school, tell us about that.

What’s the best piece of advice you would give to a person looking to get into the pharmacy profession today?

Again, If you’re a P-3 going to ASHP Midyear 2016, make sure to link your leadership accomplishments on Twitter to hashtag Pharmacy Future Leaders we’ll be providing a stipend for one student registration. We’ll announce that person on October 28th, 2016

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the Pharmacy Future Leaders podcast please go to

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What You Need to Know about Whistleblowers - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 341

We return to the Gavel & Pestle Podcast with Darshan Kulkarni, PharmD, MS, Esq. to discuss the sensitive topic of Whistleblowers in healthcare & pharmacy.

What is a Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is effectively an individual who has witnessed or been part of an unethical or illegal process, often against their will as a condition of employment, and decides to submit the incriminating evidence to the proper authorities. Whistleblowers begin the indictment process in cases that are criminal. Whistleblowers are not just restricted to the private sector, but the dynamics of retaliation from cases arising from the public sector can be different. Congress understands the precarious situations that whistleblowers are in and have established legislation for retributive protection.  

Cases in the private sector are covered by The Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability Act and are enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor. A subset of the Zarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the law allows whistleblowers to enjoin the government in any civil claim that the Attorney General will advance to prosecution.

The legislation essentially protects employees of publicly-traded companies from the employer and criminalizes retaliation.  In addition to employee protections, the law requires employers to establish a company policy and reasonable protocol to allow whistleblowers an opportunity to present situations occurring within the company that may have been overlooked in normal operations. Conditions of the legislation also require attorneys to become whistleblowers in the event of illegal activity.  

The Equal Employment Opportunity Act provides additional protection for cases involving discrimination and retaliation, effectively giving a discriminated individual more legal leverage. The legal protections of remedies in this legislation allow for protections in legal standing for the witness of a discriminating act as well as the victim if the employer retaliates against the informant.

Dr. Kulkarni is the Principal Attorney at the Kulkarni Law Firm. He provides regulatory and legal advice to pharmacies and other FDA regulated entities and their service providers.  He speaks and regularly advises on currently legal and compliance related matters including the physician payment sunshine act,, the False Claims Act, the Anti-Kickback Law and other developments of laws and regulations that affect the life sciences industry and compounding facilities.  He has worked as a pharmacist for more than 14 years in multiple capacities, including hospitals, retail pharmacies, managed care, and has even participated as a clinician in clinical trials.  

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Transforming to Value Based Pharmacy Care - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 340

On this episode of the Pharmacy Podcast Show, sponsored by Omnicell, we listen in to a presentation by DAVID HARLOW, III BS, Pharm. D. with Martin Health System. 

Dr. Harlow received his B.S. in Pharm in 1992 from the Medical College of Virginia and completed his Doctoral work at the University of Florida. Professionally, Dr. Harlow joined the Martin Health System as the Chief Pharmacy Officer, coming from Carilion Clinic’s ACO as the Regional Director of Pharmacy Operations for Southwestern Virginia.

Additionally, Dr. Harlow is the executive officer of PharmaDym, a clinical pharmacy consulting firm. His experience also includes retail pharmacy ownership, home infusion and pharmacy benefit management.

Omnicell is recognized as a leading provider of comprehensive, technologically advanced automation that enables health care facilities to acquire, manage, dispense, and deliver medications and supplies more effectively. Omnicell automation is used from the point of entry into the hospital through the central pharmacy, nursing units, operating room, procedural areas, and patient bedsides – as well as in long-term care sites.  

For over 20 years the mission of Omnicell has focused on improving the medication and supply distribution process. More than 4,000 acute care customers worldwide have used Omnicell’s medication automation, supply chain, and analytics solutions to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and lower costs.  Omnicell non-acute care solutions, including the MTS brand, enable approximately 7,000 institutional and retail pharmacies worldwide to optimize productivity and control costs. Moreover, the innovative medication adherence packaging solutions can reduce costly hospital readmissions.  

At Omnicell, delivering our technology is just the beginning. We are also committed to delivering the best customer experience. To ensure our customers gain the most utility from their Omnicell systems, we offer a suite of analytics software, a comprehensive training and education program, and first-rate customer support. Omnicell has been recognized with KLAS award every year since 2006.

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