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PTR PODCAST Episode 7 IT Strategy with StrongCord IT Management

Pharmacy IT Strategy: With Special Guest - Chairman of StrongCord Infrastructure Systems Management Corporation - Dave Gilmore.

When it comes to Information Technology (IT) the term “Strategy” is a direct fit.

The leadership of your Pharmacy is similar to Command Central from which the ideas of growth, being better at what you do, and achieving targeted results find their start.

As we have all come to understand, IT is a critical component to a Pharmacy’s business success. Without it, the Pharmacy would be unable to meet the growing demands for quality fulfillment, compliance reporting, and operational performance.

As Pharmacy Owners and Operators think about their “Strategy” to meet particular business goals, the importance of their IT strategy takes center stage.

Knowing which technologies to choose, how they interoperate, how to manage them, what is a reasonable cost, and what’s coming down the road that could possibly impact a technology choice, are all critical parts of a successful IT strategy.

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