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PTR PODCAST Episode 14: Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management Interview with NCPA's Douglas Hoey

Interview with Douglas Hoey, R.Ph., M.B.A., Senior VP & COO, NCPA

Douglas Hoey is the Chief Operating Officer for the National Community Pharmacists Association. Hoey joined NCPA in 1996. Prior to NCPA, Hoey spent 14 years working in community pharmacies that provided home infusion, long term care consulting, compounding, and full-line DME services.

Hoey is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Pharmacy and has an M.B.A. from Oklahoma City University.

Topics/ Discussion Points:


Medication Management today and tomorrow: Project Destiny & the Independent Community Pharmacy

  • Independent Community Pharmacy in 2010 / MTM, reimbursement, and the Patient Care Continuum
  • Pharmacists are well positioned to address unmet needs – how can these healthcare providers capitalize?
  • The medication management market is being defined, as community pharmacy, nurses, physicians, payers and pharmacy benefit managers all are engaging to some degree:
    • Where are we today?
    • Next Steps? 
  • Industry stakeholders are interested in assisting pharmacy in the process of developing service offerings and bringing the services to market.
    • Who are these stake-holders?
    • Who else needs to become aware/ involved to ensure the program’s success in helping the community independent pharmacy?

Significant hurdles exist, and these range from the magnitude of the industry-wide effort, to regulatory restrictions related to pharmacists and pharmacist extenders, and time constraints on pharmacists currently. 


One key concept that emerged from the first phase of the project is that of a “primary care pharmacist,” who would work collaboratively with the healthcare delivery and financing systems and focus on managing medications, positively impacting health outcomes, reducing overall healthcare system costs and empowering consumers to actively manage their health. Putting this concept into practice would require the development of pharmacy-based Patient Care Management Services that are interoperable, while maintaining the autonomy of individual pharmacies.


The Patient Care Management Services envisioned go beyond a narrow definition of medication therapy management and include interventions targeting 15 conditions plus polypharmacy (the use of multiple medications by a patient) that drive demand for avoidable healthcare utilization. Project Destiny would seek to leverage, and not reinvent, the work of entities already demonstrating value in some segments.


PTR PODCAST Episode 13: Pharmacy HIPAA Compliance interview with accreditation expert Jeff Hedges

Pharmacy HIPAA Compliancy & the increased concern for patient privacy in 2010: An interview with HIPAA Compliancy Expert & Consultant – Jeff Hedges


The importance of an independent pharmacy being HIPAA compliant is more relevant and important than ever before. With the signing of the HITECH Act as part of the federal stimulus plan pharmacy owners may be inspected for HIPAA violations at anytime.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act provides a tiered system for assessing the level of each HIPAA privacy violation and, therefore, its penalty:

  • Tier A is for violations in which the offender didn’t realize he or she violated the Act and would have handled the matter differently if he or she had. This results in a $100 fine for each violation, and the total imposed for such violations cannot exceed $25,000 for the calendar year.
  • Tier B is for violations due to reasonable cause, but not “willful neglect.” The result is a $1,000 fine for each violation, and the fines cannot exceed $100,000 for the calendar year.
  • Tier C is for violations due to willful neglect that the organization ultimately corrected. The result is a $10,000 fine for each violation, and the fines cannot exceed $250,000 for the calendar year.
  • Tier D is for violations of willful neglect that the organization did not correct. The result is a $50,000 fine for each violation, and the fines cannot exceed $1,500,000 for the calendar year.

The HITECH Act also allows states’ attorneys general to levy fines and seek attorneys fees from covered entities on behalf of victims. Courts now have the ability to award costs, which they were previously unable to do.

RJ Hedges & Associates will develop policies and procedures that incorporate your work practices; address Medicare Quality Standards; and meet the accreditation board’s requirements.


R. J. Hedges & Associates

978 Pumphouse Road

New Florence, PA 15944

814-446-4176 Office

814-659-9989 Mobile




·         will include policies and procedures that are required from other regulatory agencies (e.g. Fire and Safety; Fraud, Waste and Abuse, MSDS requirements)


·         will provide computer based video training, addressing specific areas of the Medicare DMEPOS Quality Standard


·         will prepare and assist you in the submission of your accreditation and Medicare applications


·         There are no surprises, no writing of procedures, no upfront fees. Just a questionnaire to complete.


·         100% accreditation success rate.


·         Accreditation program is prepared in its entirety for your individual organization and is backed with train


·         This accreditation program is prepared in its entirety for your individual organization and is backed with training, updates and expert support.

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