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PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 32: Pharmacy Industry Consultant Dave Schuetz PHSI

About PHSI: Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions Inc. (PHSI) consults with pharmaceutical manufacturers, PBMs, retail pharmacy chains, and software companies on strategic business and marketing issues. Consulting projects across these market segments provide PHSI with the latest information on emerging trends as well as new products and services. Our consultants have extensive retail, mail service and managed care experience to create actionable recommendations for our clients' pressing business issues.

PHSI Mission Statement: PHSI provides innovative consulting solutions that improve the profitability of our healthcare clients. Integrity and respect is imperative in all relationships with clients and employees. We strive for excellence in all projects and endeavor to become invaluable advisors by continually expanding our industry knowledge.

David Schuetz, R.Ph.
Consultant | Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
968 Perry Highway | Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: 412-635-4650 | Fax: 412-635-4651 |


PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 31: John Kello with MatchRx Inventory Technology Advantage

Interview with CEO John Kello with MatchRx.

MatchRX is a web based marketplace that was developed exclusively for the independent pharmacist. At MatchRX, we provide a simple, secure way for you to better manage inventory on a daily basis. By connecting neighborhood pharmacists across the US, we enable our members to buy and sell overstocked prescription drugs at discounted prices. The result is an easy way to minimize waste and improve your bottom line.

210 E. 3rd St., Ste. 100
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(877) 590-0808
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PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 30 An Interview with NCPA’s CEO Douglas Hoey.

An Interview with NCPA’s CEO Douglas Hoey.


Douglas Hoey has spent 20+ years working in and representing community pharmacies. Doug grew up in the pharmacy working at his family's pharmacy from junior high through completion of his pharmacy degree at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Doug went on to complete his Master's of Business Administration from Oklahoma City University. During the first five years of his career, he worked in community pharmacies providing traditional dispensing and counseling services as well as long term care consulting, home infusion, hospice care, and durable medical equipment. In 1996, Doug joined NCPA as Assistant Director Management and Student Affairs and in 2005 he became NCPA's first Chief Operating Officer reporting directly to the CEO. In April of 2011 the NCPA's Executive Committee appointed Doug as NCPA’s CEO.


We discuss with Doug his views on the proposed merger of Express Scripts and Medco, legislation designed to regulated the PBM industry that is pending in Congress, the current state of independent community pharmacies, NCPA efforts to make medication adherence a core competency, and continued plans to help members be more successful with front-end sales.


Douglas Hoey RPh, MBA

Chief Executive Officer


National Community Pharmacists Association

100 Daingerfield Road Alexandria, VA 22314



PTR Pharmacy Podcast 29 Take Charge Healthy Life Styles Terry Forshee

TAKE CHARGE® In Your Independent Pharmacy
In recent years, it has become more and more difficult for independent pharmacies to rely on prescription sales to make ends meet.  Competition with the chain pharmacy is tough, so are state cutbacks and mail order mandates. But one of the greatest advantages we have as business owners is the choice to do something new and different in our communities. We have the freedom to explore new business opportunities and take action in a way that will set our independent pharmacies apart from all others.

Patient Care That Works.
Despite obesity becoming America's number one health problem, few healthcare professionals know how to effectively deal with it.  We see it in our pharmacies every day...  Our patients are taking prescription medications for High Cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis and several other lifestyle-associated diseases.  Meanwhile, they're skipping breakfast, eating lunch on the go and stopping for take-out on their way home for dinner. Most of these patients have spent hundreds of dollars trying countless mainstream diets and failed.

TAKE CHARGE® is NOT a diet.
TAKE CHARGE® is a program of lifestyle modification that will not only make a difference in the lives of your patients but will also make a difference in your pharmacy's bottom line.  With TAKE CHARGE® in your pharmacy, you can grow your business and help your community by teaching your patients healthy lifestyle strategies that will help them live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Marvin Babb
1690 25th Street NW
Cleveland, TN 37311
Website :
Toll free: 800-782-3444
Phone: (423) 559-3014
Twitter: @takecharge_rx

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PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 28 The Pharmacist Film with Michael Cassidy

Interview with Michael Cassidy Writer / Co-Executive Producer of The Pharmacist.

The Pharmacist is a short narrative film that shows the limits of technology for the modern, suburban lifestyle. It follows an overwhelmed community pharmacist, Hal, as he confronts a new in-store rival: a pharmaceutical vending machine named Green Cross. 

Michael Cassidy

President, Praetorian Pictures LLC

(202) 664-4370 Twitter: @PraetorianPics



PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 27 Dave Marley Pharmacists for Truth and Transparency

For more information email visit us at

Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency is a growing coalition of independent pharmacists and pharmacy owners dedicated to exposing widespread abuse and manipulation by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).

PBMs are remarkably effective at increasing their profits and market shares. The pending $29.1 billion merger of Express Scripts and Medco Health Solutions would create the largest PBM in the nation. If approved by the federal government, potential for widespread PBM abuse would grow to an alarming new height.

We created Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency to expose the PBM myth by illustrating the ways they inflate prescription drug costs. Their greed hurts all Americans by draining the economy and obstructing Americans’ access to medicine.

Our coalition is comprised of nearly 200 pharmacists and pharmacy owners from coast to coast. As major players in the prescription drug market, we have extensive inside knowledge of the PBM industry to share. Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency is a resource for employers, policy makers and members of the media. We are here to explain the intricate PBM business model designed to camouflage their scam.

Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency is a growing group of nearly 200 pharmacists from more than 35 states

About Dave Marley, PharmD.
Marley Drug, Inc.
5008 Peters Creek Parkway
Winston Salem, NC 27127
Ph: 336-771-7672


PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 26: Jeffrey Hedges - The HIPAA GUY - Medicare Audits & Independent Pharmacy

1.     Medicare Audits

a.     Diabetic Supplies (Strips & Lancets)

                                          i.    Must have Proof of Delivery

                                         ii.    Proof of Delivery must match the claim to Medicare and the EOB

                                        iii.    Patient Testing logs

                                        iv.    Patient acknowledgment that they received education and demonstrated proper equipment usage

                                         v.    Physician notes

                                        vi.    If patient did not sign for the product, the patient representative must state why and provide name, address and relationship to patient


b.    Respiratory (O2 & CPAPs)

                                          i.    Respiratory Therapist must be sign off on all respiratory products

                                         ii.    O2, Pulse Ox

                                        iii.    CMN signed by physician before claim is submitted to CMS


2.     Medicare Accreditation

a.     Accreditation Organizations will be checking the following:

                                          i.    Personnel Folders

1.     Training accomplished

2.     Hep B vaccine or declination

3.     Employee Evaluations

4.     Signed Job Descriptions

5.     Valid licenses and certifications

                                         ii.    Patient Folders

1.     Proof of Delivery

2.     Prescription

3.     CMN or Detailed Written Order (if required)

4.     Proof of warranty & education

5.     Assignment of Benefits

6.     Collection of the 20% of Medicare allowable with evidence of collection (reconciliation)

                                        iii.    Performance Management

1.     Patient Satisfaction Surveys

2.     Patient complaints

3.     Adverse Events




R. Jeffrey Hedges



R.J. Hedges & Associates

P.O. Box H

New Florence, PA  15944


Office:  724-357-8380 

Fax:      814-446-6336


PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 25: Interview with George Van Antwerp - Silverlink Communications

George Van Antwerp
General Manager, Pharmacy Solutions
Silverlink Communications
m: 314-517-8915

Interview with Industry Expert & Avid Blogger George Van Antwerp - Silverlink

•A more outspoken push for pharmacist involvement in ACOs.
“I really think that CMS was remiss in not explicitly including the drug benefit in the Shared Savings model. Because the industry recognizes that it’s important, what we are seeing is that the people who are planning on participating in the ACOs are already reaching out to the PBMs to lean on them to develop programs. So by default, we will end up being participants in it indirectly versus directly…. It’s the most frequently used benefit. It’s hard to imagine that you’ll be able to have a successful ACO model without considering the effects of somebody involved in health outcomes.”  Brit Pim, VP and general manager of the Medicare/Medicaid division of Express Scripts, Inc. (from Drug Benefit News)

•MTM moving from a required program in Medicare to an optional program for commercial populations.
The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) recently conducted a survey of its members to get an update on current MTM programs being offered by payers. Out of 57 respondents — which included 43 health plans, six PBMs, five integrated delivery systems and three other organizations — only six reported using MTM programs for their commercial populations alone. Another 17 said they use MTM programs for both Medicare and commercial populations. (from Drug Benefit News)

•Continued focus on pharmacists and distribution of vaccines.
Immunizations are crucial to protecting patients from developing and dying from vaccine-preventable diseases, and in order to be successful, a team effort is required for all health care professionals to increase immunizations.29 Pharmacists are in a pivotal position to increase awareness about the importance of vaccinations and identify those patients who may benefit from specific vaccinations. By continually increasing awareness about the availability and importance of vaccinations, patients can make informed decisions to protect themselves and their family members. (Pharmacy Times article)

•The correlation between adherence and medical cost savings and ongoing focus on adherence as a critical issue. (see also post on 15 Things You Should Know About Medication Non-Adherence)
Up to 50 percent of chronically ill people stop taking their medication within the first year. Pharmacists understand many of the contributing factors, which range from cost and side effects to the inherent challenges of taking multiple medications, and can help address them. In fact, CVS Caremark research shows a pharmacist in a face-to-face setting is the most effective healthcare professional at encouraging patients to take medications as prescribed. (CVS Caremark press release)

•The increasingly public (or legislative) debates about the value of pharmacy and how and where to capture value.
•See Express Scripts / Walgreens current dispute


PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 24 On the Road with Chris Gage with RMS Pharmacy POS

Chris Gage
Retail Management Solutions
Vice President of Operations
(360) 339-5003

The Roadshow is a grassroots customer service campaign that will take RMS’ Vice President of Operations, Chris Gage, around the country for the next 2 years in her RV to personally meet our customers. The goal is to ensure we truly hear, understand and address their needs.

While technology has improved our lives and businesses in many ways, it has also created communication barriers. Anyone who uses email has probably experienced a situation where their words were misunderstood or their messages went unread. The Roadshow pays tribute to “old school” service where nothing could replace actually standing inside the walls of your customer’s business, having a face to face conversation and then shaking hands until next time.

RMS Misson:

To be recognized as the industry-leading information technologies provider in the markets we serve by:

  • Offering full-featured systems that are easy to use
  • Delivering unparalleled service and support
  • Developing true business partnerships with our clients
  • Providing the most complete training and tools
  • Ensuring individual and company accountability

PTR Pharmacy Podcast Episode 23 ASCP Technology Summit Intro w Shelly Spiro

Interview with Shelly Spiro - Pharmacy e-Health Information Technology Collaborative, Director Immediate Past & Present ASCP Board of Directors

The Pharmacy Technology Summit, hosted by ASCP, in conjunction with Pharmacy Technology Resource, Inc, is about delivering a specialized meeting which will precede the 2011 ASCP Annual Conference and Exhibition as a separate and distinct education / collaboration during the conference. The ASCP Technology Summit will be comprised of several key subject matter experts on the topic of technology today and how to best leverage these technologies in the competitive landscape of institutional pharmacy business.

PERSONNEL TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: Attendees will understand the importance of Personnel Technology Solutions and leveraging modern technologies to better organize and direct their teams.

PHARMACY SECURITY & NETWORKMANAGEMENT (PHYSICAL & IT) Management are subjected to the current external and internal crime statistics on pharmacy operations / businesses. The subject matter reviews the modern technologies in place to prevent and lessen the impact on the pharmacy business of employee theft, external breakins, mis-management of security policies and procedures, and the teeth of HIPAA.

PHARMACY INTELLIGENCE /DATAMINING & DATA ANALYTICS Attendees will learn and understand the power of their business data and the fundamental educational data available to them for strategic decisions about their inventory and buying patterns; cost per script completed through their internal workflow processes; compliancy tracking; and missed revenue opportunities.

For more information on attending or exhibiting at this event, please contact ASCP - Tony Manigross at 703-739-1316 X155 or

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