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Pharmacy Podcast Show Year in Review 2012

We want to thank our show sponsors, the terrific interviews, and especially our listeners for a great year. The Pharmacy Podcast Show has experienced tremendous growth in 2012 and we're excited about 2013. 

A lot has happend in 2012. We'd like to start by thanking our sponsors. 

  • Parata Systems 
  • MatchRx 
  • RJ Hedges & Associates
  • PHSI Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions
  • S&L Solutions
  • PharmacyGPO, Inc. 
  • Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly PMQ
  • RMS Retail Management Solutions

Other note worthy pharmacy industry news & points:

To the drug industry, November 30, 2011, is the landmark date that Lipitor, the most successful drug ever, will began to face generic competition. Lipitor’s loss of patent exclusivity is a sharp reminder of the patent expiration wave making its way through the industry, increasing pressure to cut costs and improve productivity and innovation. As The Wall Street Journal said on June 15, 2011, “white-knuckled investors have been hoping that drug makers would have found replacement products by now or adequately diversified themselves to withstand the impact.”

Expresss Scripts & Medco Merger. Yikes. 

SXC-Catalyst Merger 

Specialty Pharmacy Business Market Explosion. 

Pharmacy Owners must diversify to stay profitable. Multiple services are a must. 

H.R. 1839: The Pharmacy Fairness Act of 2011 would allow independent community pharmacies to collectively negotiate terms and conditions of insurance contracts. Sponsor- Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

Transparency is Here! CMS Exposes Pharmacy Prescription Profit Margins

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Pharmacy Podcast Show Episode 69 Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Adam C. Welch, PharmD.

We talk with past president of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Adam C. Welch, PharmD. 

We cover Pharmacist Administered Immunization & PA State House SB 254, which would remove the 18 year age restriction on pharmacist administered immunizations. The bill also would allow licensed pharmacy interns to administer immunizations under the direct supervision of a licensed immunizing pharmacist. Also, Representative Seth Grove has introduced HB 817, which is identical to the Senate version of this legislation. It’s important that you remember to contact both your Senator and Representative when voicing your support for this issue! 

Increase Access to Preventative Vaccines!

PPA Contact Information

508 North Third Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101- 1199

Telephone Number: 717-234-6151

Fax Number: 717-236-1618

General Email:

Adam C. Welch, PharmD, MBA, BCACP

Associate Professor, Acting Chairperson

Department of Pharmacy Practice

Wilkes University 

Nesbitt College of Pharmacy and Nursing 

84 W. South St. SLC 336

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766

ph: 570-408-3291

fx: 570-408-7729


Pharmacy Podcast Episode 68 Catalyst Healthcare & Pack4U Pharmacy Business Technology Solutions

Catalyst Healthcare & Pack4U Pharmacy Business Technology Solutions

Shane Bishop

·         President & CEO of Catalyst Healthcare (leading eMAR provider in US & Canada) & Creator of Pack4U concept and company founder

·         Scott Hansel

·         Managing Director, Pack4U

·         The Pack4U Concept – high level explanation of the concept, who it services, where, how, etc.

·         Service provided

·         Target markets/segments

·         Location 

The Vision – how it came about? why? how? when?

·         Origin of idea

·         Need in marketplace

·         Early development / technology


Offering  - why should the industry care?

·         Benefits to market segments


Success so far

·         Retail pharmacies packaging

·         LTC pharmacies on the verge

·         Interest from Providers


Current Structure

·         Physical location

·         Employees

·         Technology


Future plans

·         Grow the pharmacy network across the US

·         Add key Pack4U locations



·         Meredith Sweeney, Director – Strategic Accounts

·         Phone: 919-500-9757

·         Email:


Pharmacy Podcast Episode 67 American College of Apothecaries

We interview the Executive Vice President - Ed Hesterlee PharmD. with the American College of Apothecaries. 

The ACA was founded on May 9, 1940 in Richmond, Virginia. In 1978, the Research & Education Foundation was established, and in 1998 the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists began. The existence of these three separate entities allows for the provision of numerous benefits to the Fellowship and the profession. Our Research & Education Resource Center was founded in 1998 in Bartlett, Tennessee.

The basic purpose of the American College of Apothecaries is the translation and dissemination of knowledge, research data and recent developments in professional pharmacy practice for the benefit of pharmacists, pharmacy students and the public. This is achieved through regular distribution of periodicals, development of major publications and continuing education courses on clinical and administrative topics and conducting educational conferences.

Dr. Hesterlee is the Executive Vice President of the American College of Apothecaries, and part-time consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, national pharmacy associations and small business operations interested in entrepreneurship, improved customer service and relationship marketing.  

American College of Apothecaries

Research & Education Resource Center

2830 Summer Oaks Drive

Bartlett, Tennessee 38134

Phone: 901-383-8119

Fax: 901-383-8882


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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 66 Power of MatchRx & Impact on Your Pharmacy's Bottom Line


A web-based marketplace which allows pharmacists across the country to buy and sell overstock prescription drugs to one another for 10%-90% off WAC.

MatchRX is a web based marketplace that was developed exclusively for the independent pharmacist. At MatchRX, we provide a simple, secure way for you to better manage inventory on a daily basis. By connecting neighborhood pharmacists across the US, we enable our members to buy and sell overstocked prescription drugs at discounted prices. The result is an easy way to minimize waste and improve your bottom line.

MatchRX Inc. 

210 E. 3rd St., Ste. 100 

Royal Oak, MI 48067 

(877) 590-0808 Toll Free

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 65 LTC Pharmacy Business co-Host & Expert: Ms. Dana Saffel PharmD

Our LTC Pharmacy Business co-Host & Expert: Ms. Dana Saffel, President PharmD, DPh, CGP

Dana is the CEO of PharmaCare Strategies: 

Dana Saffel, PharmD, DPh, CGP, FASCP, is President and CEO of PharmaCare Strategies, Inc., a market development firm that specializes in assisting pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy providers in positioning key products in specialty channels such as long-term care, managed care, Medicaid/Medicare and hospital markets. As a part of this role, Dr. Saffel coordinates various brand management activities in conjunction with clients’ internal staff and oversees the development of customized sales training programs for the life sciences industries and product-focused disease management initiatives. She also moderates industry-related advisory boards, and provides educational programming to healthcare professionals. Prior to starting PharmaCare Strategies, Dr. Saffel was Vice President of United Pharmacy Services, a long-term care pharmacy serving over 12,000 residents throughout Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. She has also practiced in retail, hospital, home infusion, and nuclear pharmacy settings. She received her BS degree from the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences in Memphis and her PharmD degree from Rio Grande College of Pharmacy. Dr. Saffel was among the first group to successfully complete the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy.

 Dr. Saffel is active in many state and national associations and has served on the ASCP Public Affairs Council and Government Affairs Council as well as the Development Committee for ASCP's Research and Education Foundation. She takes an active role in the legislative and reimbursement arena, having served on the Georgia Medicaid DUR board and on the DUR board ad hoc long-term care committee. She is also active in state Pharmacy Associations, having served as President of the Academy of Consultant Pharmacists, Chairman of the Continuing Education Committee, and a member of the association's Board of Directors in Georgia. She participated on the national X12N Committee, a coalition of 5 pharmacy organizations, working to develop clinical reimbursement CPT codes for expansion of billing opportunities generated through HIPAA legislation. She is a past member of the Board of Commissioners for the Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy (CCGP).

The professional staff of PharmaCare Strategies is regularly invited as guest lecturers and facilitators at professional meetings across the US. They take an active role in associations that support the health care industry including: Association of Managed Care Pharmacists (AMCP) 

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) 

American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) 

American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) 

American Geriatrics Society (AGS) 

American Health Care Association (AHCA) 

American Association of Homes & Services for the Aged (AAHSA) 

National Community Pharmacist's Association (NCPA)

Dana Saffel, PharmD

President, CEO

PharmaCare Strategies, Inc.

230 Sea Winds Drive

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 

770.366.3632 cell 


Pharmacy Podcast Episode 64 Pharmacy Future Leaders Fairleigh Dickinson University's School of Pharmacy

We interview Pharmacy Future Leader PharmD Student Nicholas Albano & Student Affairs & Admissions Director Beth Fisher with Fairleigh Dickinson University's School of Pharmacy

FDU School of Pharmacy

New Jersey's First Pharmacy School Associated with a Private University

Located in the heart of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, Fairleigh Dickinson University's School of Pharmacy in Morris County, New Jersey, is unveiling a dynamic curriculum incorporating technology, a global perspective, and multiple master's degree options.

The time is right for an innovative approach to pharmacy education because revolutionary developments are changing the field. The role of the pharmacist is expanding following health care reform legislation and the advent of personalized medicine. Pharmacists are increasingly charged with roles of medication safety experts, public health officials, scientists, clinicians, communicators, managers, and patient advocates across many areas of the health care community.

Only the second pharmacy school in the state of New Jersey, FDU's School of Pharmacy offers a variety of classroom, lab, and experiential opportunities to meet the learning styles of today's students and prepare them for exciting and successful careers in the 21st century. 


Pharmacy Podcast Episode 63 Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly Founder Scot Maitland

Scot Maitland - Editor/ Founder Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly

Founder and publisher of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly. PMQuarterly is the only publication solely dedicated to the marketing needs of independent pharmacy. 

Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly is your one stop shop for picking up pearls of wisdom for your independent pharmacy! Log on today to read the magazine online! Have a pearl to share with the community? Tweet us @PMQuarterly

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 62 Parata Systems CEO Tom Rhoads Pharmacy Business Call to Action

Interview with Tom Rhoads, CEO Parata Systems

Tom & I discuss a five step success program for Independent Pharmacy.

Number 1: Review your patient data, and identify your chronic medication users, those taking three or more prescription meds a month. Based on trends we see nationally, and across Parata’s pharmacy customers, about 10 percent of your multiple medication patients represent about 50 percent of your revenue. Get a plan together now to help them remain more adherent, and thus healthier. If you do that, your chances of losing them to a competing provider – whether a hospital, chain or other outlet – will be greatly diminished. (And if you don’t have a solution, contact Parata and ask to learn about Parata PASS and the Companion PASS business training program I mentioned earlier.)

Number 2: Conduct some research to find out if hospitals in your area have launched either accountable care organizations or patient centered medical homes. (, the Medicare website, is a good place to start. Search for Medicare Shared Savings Program, Advance Payment Initiative or Pioneer ACO Model.)

 Number 3: Identify employer partners for your business. Talk to their HR and health insurance resources about their interest in collaborating to manage medication adherence for their chronic patients.

Number 4: Reach out to your Medicare Advantage insurers, and begin a dialogue about the opportunity for your pharmacy to help them bring down the cost of care for the three disease states targeted by CMS: hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia.

Number 5: Research the institutionalized group quarters (a U.S. Census term) in your area to understand the density of independent living, correctional facilities, group homes, hospice  and other providers of residential care. Most of these organizations are challenged to assist with medication management effectively, and would welcome a strong pharmacy partner.

Our company’s tagline is Parata Puts You Out in Front.  I hope what I’ve shared with you today reflects that we as a company are striving to live up to our vision to collaborate closely with customers, understand and respond to their needs and define our success by our ability to help pharmacies meet their service and growth goals.

We invite you to visit to take advantage of the webinars, insights and programs offered on a continuing basis in support of our vision.


Dave Walker Pharmacist: Background in pharmacy with over 20 years of pharmacy management experience in retail, hospital and long term care settings. Experience and expertise in pharmacy, pharmacy marketing, community pharmacy clinical outreach programs, medication therapy management MTM, health care sales and marketing, technical and computer skills including personal health records, leadership and team building, business and community networking.


Emergi-Tube Standard Kit with QuickStart ePHR

Use our emergency personal health record system to keep track of your family's medications, medical conditions, allergies and personal emergency contact information:

Emergi-Tube Standard Kit contains:

1 (one) Emergi-Tube personal health record storage unit for use with QuickStart ePHR, unlimited downloads for personal use of QuickStart ePHR and emergency identification wallet cards, 2 (two) blank copies of QuickStart ePHR forms.

  • Download the emergency personal health record system
  • Enter your personal health information
  • Print copies for your use - share with your physicians
  • Print wallet cards for each family member - update regularly
  • Easy to save, update or edit information for future use
  • Save files on your computer, USB drive or other device

A private, safe and secure way to keep track of your personal health information.