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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 41: Retail Management Solutions Mike Gross Pharmacy POS Interview

Retail Management Solutions is an industry leader in point-of-sale technology for retail pharmacy. Having installed more POS systems in the independent pharmacy market than any other company, RMS has become the industry standard.

RMS has a solution for you, whether you own a single-register apothecary or clinic pharmacy, or a 15-register superstore. If you have multiple locations, our enterprise solutions give you the power to centrally manage any number of sites.

You can count on us for prompt service in all 50 states, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are a privately held company, with employees throughout the country – pharmacy technology professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience.

Our Mission

To be recognized as the industry-leading information technologies provider in the markets we serve by:

  • Offering full-featured systems that are easy to use
  • Delivering unparalleled service and support
  • Developing true business partnerships with our clients
  • Providing the most complete training and tools
  • Ensuring individual and company accountability

Pharmacy Podcast Episode 40 Interview Ron Lanton Government Affairs Counsel H.D. Smith

Ron Lanton is Government Affairs Counsel at H. D. Smith.

Ron's responsibilities are to oversee the Government Affairs Department and related activities for the corporation. Ron's government affairs and legal experience includes activities on the municipal, state and federal levels of government. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University and a Juris Doctor from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. He is currently admitted to practice law in Illinois and the District of Columbia with a NY license pending.  

Widely regarded as the nation's independent wholesale leader, H. D. Smith provides a full range of products and business solutions to serve the unique and growing needs of community pharmacy. Understanding that independent pharmacies need more than just brand and generic pharmaceuticals, H. D. Smith remains committed to stocking a full and diverse line of DME, home healthcare and health and beauty products that equip independent pharmacies to differentiate themselves from big-box retailers and mail order pharmacy. H. D. Smith takes seriously its role as a vital part of the healthcare product distribution channel, requiring second-to-none delivery and security for the benefit of its customers and ultimately the patients being served.


Pharmacy Podcast Episode 39: Scalable Social Media and Independent Community Pharmacy

Using Social Media in your Community Pharmacy Business

It all started with a question:

“Why is it so difficult for franchises and other businesses to use social media, and how can we make it easier and more affordable?” 

The answers came after speaking with hundreds of individual franchise owners from a variety of industries.  The result? A low-cost, high value,  product that would work for any group of businesses, franchise or not.  Our “scalable” approach means that we become intimately acquainted with a small number of industries, build a platform for each, and use frameworks (but not cookie-cutter solutions) for each.  By focusing on select business types, we can offer a higher level of service at a reduced cost.

To this end, Scalable Social Media acquired the services of the best web development and design professionals around, teamed up with individuals who have used social media for business and formed what we now consider to be, one of the best approaches available. Our dedicated writers, editors and Community Managers are of the highest caliber – passionate and skilled.  It’s our very great pleasure to use all these assets to make yours a successful social business!

Contact us today for more information: (412) 486-0800



Pharmacy Podcast Episode 38 Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions Inc., Consultant Michael Bunn

Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions Inc. (PHSI)

Consultants for pharmaceutical manufacturers, PBMs, retail pharmacy chains, and software companies on strategic business and marketing issues. Consulting projects across these market segments provide PHSI with the latest information on emerging trends as well as new products and services. Our consultants have extensive retail, mail service and managed care experience to create actionable recommendations for our clients’ challenging business issues.

Holding Gains

·         For years pharmacy management 101 has dictated to pharmacy owners to improve their efficiency and margins by reducing their inventory and increasing their number of inventory turns.

·         PHSI evaluated the financial impact of lowering inventory and found that lower is not always better. 

·         Economic downturn has resulted in lower cost of money (i.e. low interest rate and lower returns on investments)

·         Reduced number of small molecule blockbusters from brand manufacturers and the current generic patent cliff has increased the brand inflation rate. 

·         With interest or returns on investments at 3-5% and brand price inflation rates of around 9%, there is financial benefit to holding brand inventory on your shelf. 

·         Low opportunity cost and high price inflation

·         We worked through some typical pharmacy numbers.  All of these numbers are available on our PHSI website which listeners can access at

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 37: Dave Marley Returns Pharmacists United for Truth & Transparency

Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency is a growing coalition of independent pharmacists and pharmacy owners dedicated to exposing widespread abuse and manipulation by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).

PBMs are remarkably effective at increasing their profits and market shares. The pending $29.1 billion merger of Express Scripts and Medco Health Solutions would create the largest PBM in the nation. If approved by the federal government, potential for widespread PBM abuse would grow to an alarming new height.

We created Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency to expose the PBM myth by illustrating the ways they inflate prescription drug costs. Their greed hurts all Americans by draining the economy and obstructing Americans’ access to medicine.

Our coalition is comprised of nearly 200 pharmacists and pharmacy owners from coast to coast. As major players in the prescription drug market, we have extensive inside knowledge of the PBM industry to share. Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency is a resource for employers, policy makers and members of the media. We are here to explain the intricate PBM business model designed to camouflage their scam.

Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency is a growing group of nearly 200 pharmacists from more than 35 states

For more information email visit us at

About: Dave Marley, PharmD.
Marley Drug, Inc.
5008 Peters Creek Parkway
Winston Salem, NC 27127
Ph: 336-771-7672



Pharmacy Podcast Episode 36: The Value of Pharmacy with Retail Pharmacy Podcaster Jean-Marc Bovee

Fellow Pharmacy Industry Podcaster Jean-Marc Bovee PharmD., talks about our industry and the true value of pharmacy within our struggling healthcare system. 

Topics discussed:

Drug Shortage

Jean-Marc Bovee earned his doctor of pharmacy degree from the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy and has worked in more than thirty pharmacies, as both a pharmacist and pharmacy technician. He and his wife—who is also a pharmacist—live in southwest Florida with their two children.

A Prescription for Retail Pharmacy
A Guide to Retail Pharmacy for Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Technicians

Jean-Marc's podcast show: