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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 60: Pharmacy Future Leaders Temple University School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Future Leaders Temple University School of Pharmacy:

We talk with PharmD Student Molly Hayes about her future in Pharmacy and the next generation leadership within our prefession. 

Temple University School of Pharmacy:

Temple's Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program meets the professional challenges of all areas of pharmacy practice. Our guiding philosophy is to inculcate values necessary for students to serve society as caring, ethical, and learning professionals while making them enlightened citizens.

Temple's Pharm.D. program requires six years of study divided into two components. The first requires the completion of two years of pre-professional education at Temple University or at an accredited institution of higher learning. The professional education component requires four years of study at the School of Pharmacy. 

Temple also offers a Ph.D. and M.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a non-thesis based M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry or in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.


Pharmacy Podcast Episode 59: Cash Pricing Strategy with PHSI David Schuetz, R.Ph.

Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, Inc.


In a time when statistics say about 95% of the prescriptions filled are for patients with a prescription insurance benefit, why does the formula for cash prescription pricing matter?

·         PHSI is a pharmacist led consulting firm that was formed over 15 years ago in 1996.  The consulting team is made up eight pharmacists who are supported by administrative personnel and student interns.  Our consultants have extensive retail pharmacy and managed care experience.


·         PHSI consults to all segments of pharmacy industry – retail and specialty pharmacy, software vendors, managed care and PBMs, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Work in these areas provides insight into the other segments and perspective on industry issues. 


·         PHSI’s strengths are creating business strategies for clients, along with resolving their marketing issues, and we do this with the goal of improving our client’s profitability.



David Schuetz, R.Ph.
Consultant | Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
968 Perry Highway Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: 412-635-4650 Fax: 412-635-4651

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R. J. Hedges & Associates Pharmacy Immunization Compliance Program provides your pharmacy with the proper policies and procedures needed to remain compliant with immunization guidelines.

Pharmacy Immunization Compliance Policy and Procedure Program includes:

  • Easy to read and follow policies and procedures with necessary documents needed to implement an immunization program
  • An outline/plan to implement a 10 - 15 minute vaccination process
  • Guidance to help you and your staff perform efficient, compliant and professional immunizations
  • Instructions for properly documenting and recording physicians’ standing orders
  • A Bloodborne Pathogen Plan that specifically addresses applicable OSHA Rules and Regulations
  • A Hazard Communication Plan that specifically addresses applicable OSHA Rules and Regulations
  • Facility Safety Program
  • Training videos
  • Workflow management 


Pharmacy Podcast Episode 57 Nates Pharmacy and the Power of Pharmacy-POS RMS

Nate's Pharmacy and Surgical Supplies is one of New York's largest full service independent pharmacies. Owner Boris Natenson is dedicated to his community and the pharmacy profession and provides services through 6 locations. Nate's Pharmacy can serve all pharmacy needs, including a specialty compounding laboratory where we can modify or customize medication to better suit a patients' needs.

The mission at Nate's Pharmacy and Surgical Supply is to redefine what customer expectations should be from your neighborhood drugstore. Once you enter the drugstore the customer will experience the highest level of services through unique access to our highly trained pharmacists, technicians and customer care specialists.

Boris shares about the importance of balancing the right technology and pharmacy operation process. Boris talks with us about Retail Management Solutions Point of Sales Pharmacy Technology.

Boris and his teams strive to be the leader in pharmacy customer service. They pride themselves on conducting business with the highest regard for moral and ethical principles without sacrificing legal conduct.

Nate's Pharmacy focuses on wellness, not sickness. 

Boris Natenzon
Nates Pharmacy
7124 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11204-6016


Pharmacy Podcast Episode 56 LTC Pharmacy Champion Bent Gay with Gayco Healthcare

We interview LTC Pharmacy Owner and patient care advocate - Bent Gay BSPharm with Gayco Healthcare

Gayco Healthcare
Dublin, GA

When opening his longterm care pharmacy in 1993, Bent Gay had a simple mission: serving 4 longterm care facilities with integrity and good customer service.

Since its beginnings, the operations of Gay’s company, Gayco Healthcare, have expanded 10-fold, but the focus on quality and comprehensive care remains the same. This commitment is reflected in the company mission statement, which states that Gayco Healthcare strives “to add value to each of our longterm care facilities through our focus on quality and comprehensive resident care.”

Today, Gayco Healthcare serves more than 10 longterm care facilities, including skilled nursing, hospice, and correctional institutions. Gay strives to reduce the risk of medication errors by streamlining operations and by promoting open communication between the pharmacy and the facilities it serves. In addition, Gay promotes quality care by encouraging the use of clinical tools to ensure appropriate medication regimens and to help improve patient outcomes.

The pharmacy offers services that extend beyond the delivery of prescription medications, including pharmacist reviews, nurse medication pass reviews, and nurse regulatory reviews. The company also offers consulting and strives to maintain clear, concise, and easy-to-understand medical records.

Gayco Healthcare opened a 13,500-square-foot building to accommodate the expansion of its operations. The facilities offer a state-of-the-art IV room, stations for 22 pharmacists, and on-site day care.