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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 81 The Reach Initiative & Unique Opportunity for Independent Pharmacy

We interviewed Tim Sandlund - founder of The Reach Initiative.

The REACH Initiative was started by Tim Sandlund, a marketing professional who wanted to do to good with the gifts that God gave him. Tim spent four weeks in Kenya his freshman year of high school during a family medical missions trip. The family returned again two years later for six weeks. Both trips were life-changing experiences. The culture and people are beautiful. Spending time at the hospital and surrounding communities, the need for basic healthcare was seen throughout the country.

Tim went on to become Director of Marketing and Communications for a local chain of nine pharmacies. The opportunity for social good products within the healthcare market was wide open. Vitamin deficiency among children 0 to 5-years-old in developing countries is a critical issue. Pharmacies are full of vitamins - but no products did any good for those children. This is where the idea for The REACH Initiative was born. By providing consumers an opportunity to buy differently on their high-quality vitamins - they can give life-saving nutrients to five children for an entire year. Buy differently and do good.

REACH Vitamins is the first product line of the parent company, The REACH Initiative. The REACH Initiative is a for-profit social good brand – we sell healthcare related products that do good.


One in three child deaths worldwide are caused by malnutrition. It is estimated that 190 million children under five suffer from Vitamin A deficiency, a major underlying cause of child mortality and blindness around the world.

We are a vitamin company that offers five unique high-quality vitamins that do good.  We have a Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin A, B, C and D. Your purchase of REACH Vitamins will help bring an end to global malnourishment.



We support healthcare related causes by providing consumers with the opportunity to buy differently and do good. We want to help bring an end to global malnourishment.

Further Your Reach 
Tim Sandlund
Founder // The REACH Initiative

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 80 Reducing Drug Costs and Eliminate Abuses by PBMs

We interview our 4th time guest - Dave Marley, founder and board memebr of Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency. (PUTT) 

Materials from Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency Aim to Reduce Drug Costs and Eliminate Abuses by Pharmacy Benefits Managers 

Produced by Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency (PUTT), the tool offers an in-depth look at the complexity of negotiating pharmacy benefits and includes information on the role of PBMs, common problems employers face, definitions of industry jargon, and information on rebates, verification and plan services. More information is available at

"We're proud to outfit employers with the tools they need to make sure contracts are fair and that they're not paying more than they should for prescription drugs," said Dave Marley , President of Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency.  "PBM contracts are complex.  They routinely fail to ensure that employers receive the cost savings that they expect when they pay for PBM services."

The difficulty of navigating employer-PBM contracts is compounded by similarly lopsided contracts between pharmacies and PBMs.  Often, pharmacists are contractually forbidden from telling the PBM's clients how much they receive for the same drug.  That lack of transparency gives the PBMs increased confidentiality to mark-up employers' prices.

Amidst the merger in April between two of the nation's largest pharmacy benefits managers, Express Scripts and Medco, and growing PBM involvement in Medicaid programs through "managed care" models, PUTT has advocated for increased PBM transparency and worked with benefits managers to construct and implement contracts which prohibit PBMs from marking-up drug costs.

PUTT produced the tool kit with research contributions from the Harrison Institute for Public Law at Georgetown University. The Institute has 40 years of experience assisting nonprofit organizations with their legal and policy needs.


Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency (PUTT) is an independent watchdog organization dedicated to exposing the role pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) play in driving up prescription drug costs for consumers and employers. PUTT is a growing coalition of independent pharmacists and pharmacy owners and a resource for employers, policy makers and members of the media. It is a not-for-profit organization funded by individual members, not corporations or other special interest groups. For more information visit

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 79 Pharmacy Computer Services Inc.

We return to the roots of the Pharmacy Podcast Show - and interview a fellow Pharmacy Technologist - Charlie Simons, Products Manager with Pharmacy Computer Services, Inc.

Pharmacy Computer Services, Inc. (PCSI) was founded in 1978 when five practicing pharmacists and a software developer sat down with one goal in mind - to make pharmacy operations simpler through the use of software. Over 30 years later PCSI continues to develop complex pharmacy management software and pharmacy systems for University Medical Centers, County Clinics, and hospitals.

Today, clients across the United States and Canada use the Rx3000 pharmacy system to enter orders, adjudicate claims, check interactions, manage drug inventory, and more. Over 50,000 prescriptions are processed through the Rx3000 pharmacy system each day. It currently interfaces with over 40 industry partners including robots, filling machines, electronic health records, and more.

Our staff, which includes pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, understands that each customer has demands and workflow challenges exclusive to their pharmacy. Once we are able to document these challenges, we work closely with our customers leadership to develop a program that suits their needs. We are a nimble and non-bureaucratic organization that knows our customers by namen.

Charlie Simons

Products Manager

Pharmacy Computer Services, Inc.

129 NW E Street

Grants Pass, OR 97526

Office: (541) 471-7274 ext. 215

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 78 Interview Chad Worz with Medication Managers, LLC

We interview Chad Worz - President of Medication Managers, LLC. 

Medication Managers is a group consulting pharmacy practice serving long term care facilities and long term care pharmacies in 22 states, representing over 18,000 LTC beds. Medication Managers is dedicated to helping ease the medication burden in long term care facilities through utilization management, formulary controls and medication reduction. Medication Managers succeeds by choosing pharmacists with high communication and customer service skills and provides clients with state of the art access to reporting, schedules and long term care resources. Medication Managers' clients save significant dollars in their Medicare Part A populations through formulary and protocol development and implementation and improve quality of life for resident's and nursing staff by ensuring the LEAST amount of needed medications are utilized.

About our host:

Dr. Dana Saffel is responsible for development and implementation of strategic marketing initiatives, educational programs, and industry-specific sales training for the life sciences industry and for provision of operations consulting to LTC pharmacies and other healthcare providers. Innovations include:

• Strategy and tactics for broadening product penetration in geriatric markets
- Full SWOT analysis of product potential in geriatric markets
- Identification of competitive advantages for products in LTC
- Reimbursement strategies with a focus on Medicare Part D
- Specialty market contracting strategies & modeling
- Sales force deployment strategies
- Product awareness and provider education strategies

PharmaCare Strategies, Inc. • 230 Sea Winds Drive • Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 • P: 770.366.3632

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