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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 90 Medfast Pharmacy Owner Doug Kaleugher on Loyalty Program Rxtra Cash

Doug Kaleugher is the owner of Med-Fast Pharmacies in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area. Doug and his team of over 300 dedicated employees serve their customers with every prescription need by offering top-notch customer service.  Med-Fast offers easy prescription transfer, automatic refills, free delivery and their RXtra Cash Rewards program that puts cash back in your customer's pocket. 

Customer Loyalty Program Features

  1. NO monthly transaction fees
  2. Access to FREE detailed reporting
    1. Reports break down by store, employee, customer and promotions
    2. Weekly, Monthly or specific date range options available
    3. You can choose cash back, in-store coupons, or customize it to fit your specific needs
    4. Flexibility to choose your reward amount
    5. Flexibility promotional capabilities
    6. Works with any Pharmacy Software System
    7. FREE marketing materials

This program will keep your current customers happy and help generate new business to your pharmacy.

It is time to BREAK the chains and support your Local Pharmacy!

How it works for Pharmacy Customers:

  1. Easy & Free Enrollment at your pharmacy counter.
  2. Scan your Rxtra Cash Card with each purchase at your Pharmacy.
  3. Get 2% Cash Back on your Pharmacy Purchases.
  4. Receive Cash in $5.00 increments when you spend $250.00.
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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 89 Social Media in Pharmacy with Mike Koelzer RPh.

About Mike Koelzer & Kay Pharmacy:

In 1940 Frank Koelzer, a drug salesman from Detroit, moved to Grand Rapids along with his wife Katherine.  In 1945 they bought Treat's Pharmacy and changed the name to Kay Pharmacy.

Jim Koelzer, the son of Frank and Katherine, began at the family business right from the start as a teenager.  After working at the store through high school Jim attended Purdue and served in the Navy.  Jim returned to the store in 1956 and served as President until 1997. 

Mike Koelzer (Frank's grandson) began at Kay Pharmacy in 1980 as an eighth grader.  Like his father Jim, Mike attended Purdue where he graduated from Pharmacy school in 1991.  Mike took over as President in 1997.

In 1992 the pharmacy increased its emphasis in medical supply to round out its commitment to health care.

In 1995 Kay Pharmacy completed its major renovation and expansion that increased the square footage of the building from 2,000 square feet to 4,300 square feet. This expansion increased the pharmacy work area, the customer care areas and gave more room for medical supply solidifying Kay Pharmacy's commitment to both the pharmacy and medical supply needs of Grand Rapids.

Kay Pharmacy's continued mission is to improve the quality of life of our customers through pharmacy and medical supply

Mike Koelzer, Pharmacist


Third Generation Owner

Socail Media in Pharmacy :

The term social media can refer to an Internet-based platform or application where users can create and share content interactively with other users. It provides an open forum in which individuals can express themselves and interact with others in the cyber world. Some examples of popular social media websites include Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. These forms of social media can be accessed through computers, mobile phones, PDAs, and tablets, and are capable of being utilized quickly and easily. While the use of social media is still relatively new in health care, there is no question that it will continue to be utilized and expanded as time goes on.

While the original intention of social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, was to connect individuals, it has evolved and grown as a means to provide health-related information. With Twitter, health agencies, pharmacies, and hospitals are able to post links to important services and functions that they can offer individuals. Facebook can serve both as an online version of the yellow pages for local businesses and services, as well as an online location where individuals can discuss specifics of a condition in a forum dedicated to a specific disease state.

Joel Claycomb

- See more at:

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 88 Pharmacy Future Leaders Mylan School of Pharmacy Duquesne University

The Right Prescription for a Promising Future

For more than 85 years, the Mylan School of Pharmacy has been recognized as one of the most respected schools of pharmacy in the nation. Our outstanding academic program, hands-on training, and nationally recognized research leadership prepare our graduates for successful, rewarding careers, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of patients and their communities.

At the Mylan School of Pharmacy, you’ll experience a diverse, mission-driven culture of academic excellence. Our innovative degree programs in the pharmaceutical and clinical, social-behavioral, and administrative sciences continue to advance our reputation as a global leader in pharmacy education.

Our hands-on approach, designed to promote problem-solving skills, is perhaps most evident in our Academic Research Centers. Here, cutting-edge research, teaching, and practice are integrated in a culture that will enable you to become involved in all aspects of professional education and pharmacy practice while directly having an impact on the lives of others.

As a student at the Mylan School of Pharmacy, you’ll gain invaluable experience in real-world settings through our experiential approach to education – working side by side with acclaimed faculty members who have gained national recognition. The Mylan School of Pharmacy ranks third among private pharmacy schools for National Institutes of Health research funding.

Your success is our primary objective, and for more than two decades nearly 100 percent of our students have gained immediate placement in employment and advanced studies. In addition, the Mylan School of Pharmacy was recognized as the first school in the nation to offer the weekend Pharm.D. and Health Care Supply Chain Management degrees — yet another example of our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our students.

We invite you to explore the many opportunities at the Mylan School of Pharmacy, where our first-class academic and research environment will equip you to grow academically, personally, and professionally with the skills and expertise you need to advance confidently in your future career — making a real difference in the lives of patients and improving the health of our communities.

Benjamin Andrick

Duquesne University Mylan School of Pharmacy

PharmD Candidate 2015

President Class of 2015

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 87 Process for Progress & Community Pharmacy


A different king of Credit Card Processing Company. On a mission - dedicated to helping your pharmacy business thrive while you service your community.  Independent Pharmacy owners have an opporuntiy to simplify their merchant services & save money. 

Process for Progress will directly donate 10% of their profits from your pharmacy business mercahnt account to a community assistance program called - Scripts-on-Wheels.  Period.  No loopholes, no cloudy sales agreements, no long list of extra fees, just  a little help for someone that you feel needs it.

Just because we are donating a portion of our profits, doesn't mean we can't save you money.  In fact, 99% of the time we can give you lower rates than you are currently being processed at. On top of that, we offer no extra fees including no contract  fees, cancelation fees, annual fees or monthly minimums. 

It's a small idea but we're no small processing company.  We're backed by one of the processing juggernauts,  Capital Bankcard,to guarantee  your business is in the best hands in the industry.  In fact, they were voted the "Best Credit Card Processing  ISO" in 2009 by the industry's largest independent association.  With them at our backs and you at our side, we feel we can make a big difference in your community.

We'll beat your current rates. 

We'd love to go over the details with you. 

Call the Pharmacy Podcast Show today to learn how to get invovled, cut credit car procdessing fees, and assist those in need of vital medications through Scripts-on-Wheels: (412) 486-0800 

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 86: Pharmacy Business Assessment Process: S&L Solutions

Pharmacy Business Profit Assessment


Increase your profitability and efficiency. Get the support your pharmacy business needs to stay competitive and profitable. Let our experience work for you to bring more $$ to your bottom line. Your completed, ‘confidential’ pharmacy profile will be reviewed by our operations staff and opportunities will be identified in key areas such as: Labor, Inventory, Pricing, Technology and Promotional Programs that will positively impact YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

YOUR SUCCESS is the basis of our ‘RESULTS DRIVEN’ programs. Take our confidential survey now to see how we can save you money.

Start Your Assessment HERE> $ 

About S&L Solutions: 

S&L Solutions LLC is a comprehensive Pharmacy Services Organization that provides Community Pharmacy Support Programs, Pharmacist Sourcing (Staffing and Permanent Placement) as well as proven Marketing Solutions utilizing our “Pathways to Good Health and Nutrition," TM Program.

S&L Solutions specializes in providing customized business solutions for privately owned pharmacies.

With a nationwide presence and a wide network of resources and contacts throughout the U.S. and abroad, S&L has the assets to fulfill an independnet pharmacy’s needs.

S&L Solutions Phone: (888) 273-0325

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