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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 108 RxWiki - for Patients by Pharmacists

RxWiki publishes the leading digital medication encyclopedia for patients, created and edited by pharmacists.

From patient-centric medication news to updates and alerts from the FDA, pharmaceutical, OTC, and natural supplement manufacturers, is the destination for trusted information that empowers patients to be active in managing their health.

Timely, Trusted and Accessible

RxWiki's publishing model focuses on velocity, transparency, and patient-friendly language. Our editorial team strives to publish easy-to-understand news and updates to medication pages within minutes, not weeks, of when new research is released.

RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist™ Network collaborates with patients to promote informed decision making, self-management, and improved medication adherence. RxWiki offers digital solutions that enable pharmacists to deliver the latest medication information to patients at any time, on any digital device.


RxWiki's mission is to be the premier digital platform empowering pharmacies and pharmacists to deliver trusted, actionable medication information to patients.

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 107 National #Pharmacist Tweet-a-Thon

October 3rd Tweet-a-Thon: Pharmacists Helping Patients

Tweet a Thon!Please join pharmacists around the world for a day of celebrating their contributions to health care and our communities. Every day, pharmacists quietly and efficiently help patients in many ways and in many diverse practice settings. For one day, the world will hear about it on Twitter.

On Thursday, October 3, pharmacists will tweet about the real things they are doing or did that day to help patients, other health professionals, and their communities. While every pharmacist faces challenges in the course of his or her practice, this is a day to highlight through social media the positive impact that pharmacists have on their patients and bring attention to the good work they do to help patients live healthier lives.

  • Did you help a patient save money on their expensive prescription medication?

  • Did you catch a wrong dosage on a doctor's prescription, avoiding a potentially dangerous drug interaction or reaction?

  • Did you resolve an insurance issue for a patient?

Share your experiences with others around the world by tweeting them on Thursday, October 3.


A Tweet-a-Thon is an online event on Twitter where participants focus their tweet content for a specific time period on a particular issue.

On Thursday, October 3, 2013, join thousands of pharmacists across the country and around the world in tweeting about the real things you are doing or have done that day to help patients, other health care professionals, and your community.


    • On Thursday, October 3, send one or more tweets from your Twitter account describing an action you took that day to help a patient, a health care professional, your industry, or your community.

    • Be sure to include in your tweet the hashtag used specifically for this event: #Pharmacist.

Tweet Examples (remember to keep your tweets under 140 characters):

    • I just saved a patient $78 by switching to a generic version #Pharmacist

    • I taught a mother an easy way to give liquid antibiotics to her daughter. #Pharmacist

    • I delivered an emergency medication to my patient in the nursing home at 10 pm last night. #Pharmacist

    • I answered a dr's question about the best treatment option for allergies. #Pharmacist

    • I spent 20 min. on the phone w/an insurance company to help my patient save money on his prescription.#Pharmacist

  • Not on Twitter? Signing up is free and easy. Click here for a brief how-to manual to get started.

We hope you will join us in telling the world your pharmacy success stories on October 3rd.

For more information, please contact Stephanie DuBois at

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 106 What is CoverMy Meds?

CoverMyMeds helps physicians and pharmacists complete Prior Authorization and other insurance coverage determination forms for any drug and almost all drug plans.


We get patients on the drugs they need by making the prior authorization (PA) process easier and more efficient using proprietary technology and industry knowledge.


10574 Ravenna Rd

Twinsburg, Ohio  44087

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 105 National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP)

About NASP

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2012, represents specialty pharmacy professionals in all practice settings and highlights the unique value its members bring to patients and the healthcare system. NASP is collaborating with other professional pharmacy associations, certification boards, accreditation organizations, special interest groups, specialty pharmacy organizations, academia, and researchers to create a unified voice for specialty pharmacy. 

Sponsored by: New Leaf Rx

Leverage the power of order-based, exception-driven workflow with New Leaf Rx. This unique combination enables custom configuration of your software to support ideal throughput and enforces best practices for single or multi-location pharmacy environments. New Leaf Rx software, combined with our consultative and comprehensive implementation approach, offers pharmacies a level of resources and service unlike anything else available in the industry. New Leaf Rx’s easy to use, fully customizable workflow and order manager are tailored for pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers that are looking to innovate, increase efficiencies and maximize their footprint in the specialty and more advanced high margin pharmaceutical market. For more information, visit 

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 104 Carl D. Britton, Jr - In Their Face Marketing

Facebook for Independent Pharmacy is a book written by Carl D. Britton, Jr., President and Founder of In Their Face Marketing. As Carl began working more and more with Independent Pharmacists, he recognized the need for a quick read book that outlined some of Facebook’s most valuable features.

This book provides a great outline for the less experienced user and it also delivers great ideas for the more experienced user. There are step by step processes and detailed tactics in this must have resource.

Carl Britton, Jr

In Their Face Marketing


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