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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 136 - #RxChat Pharmacist Provider Status

Today's #RxChat Pharmacy Podcast is co-hosted by the American Pharmacist Association. We are pleased to have the direction and insight of Stacie Maass, Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Practice and Government Affairs with APhA. 

#RxChat Questions: 

1.     Which services best illustrate the value of pharmacists to the health care team?

2.     What does the term “provider status” mean to you?

3.     Why do you feel provider status is important?

4.     How will provider status affect you as a practitioner?

5.     How will provider status affect your patients?

6.     What is the most significant barrier to achieving provider status for pharmacists?

American Pharmacist Association
Pharmacist Provider Status
Provider Status
Pharmacy Podcast
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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 135 Healthcare IS - about the Pharmacy Podcast

In today's episode, we're joined by the founder of Pharmacy Podcast Show, Todd Eury. Todd has spent the last five years providing the pharmacy industry with firsthand knowledge from professionals he considers subject-matter experts.

Healthcare IS has been fortunate enough to appear on his show to discuss consulting in pharmacy informatics, and today he shares with us the inside story of the Pharmacy Podcast Show — how it evolved and where it’s heading. "The Pharmacy Podcast Show is dedicated to the profession of the pharmacy industry.

The podcast is currently audio information, interviews with industry subject-matter experts, and innovative ideas about the businesses of pharmacy. We dedicated our programming to Independent Retail, Long-Term Care, Specialty, Small Chain [pharmacy businesses] . . . with dedicated content for each of these specific pharmacy business models. The Pharmacy Podcast Show is about dynamic people in the pharmacy industry making a difference for our profession." — Todd Eury 

Listen -> HealthcareIS Podcast with Todd Eury

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The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy™ (NASP™), founded in 2012, represents specialty pharmacy professionals in all practice settings and highlights the unique value our members bring to patients and the healthcare system. NASP is focused on building collaboration among all organizations involved in specialty pharmacy to deliver the benefits and services needed to improve patient outcomes.

NASP has a strong vision, innovative and motivated leaders, and an inspired mission—exactly what the specialty pharmacy industry needs.


Specialty pharmacy is the fastest growing segment in the industry today. Innovations in drug discovery, drug delivery systems, advanced monitoring techniques, and informatics have all increased the need for advanced specialty pharmacy. NASP provides the platform for clinical, scientific, and business exchange for all specialty pharmaceutical stakeholders and fosters collaborative initiatives to align the goals of all stakeholders.
As an organization, we are committed to advancing the profession by supporting the importance of professional certification through the Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board (SPCB). NASP meets the needs of a growing membership by creating a strong, unified voice for the industry. Members receive unmatched educational and networking opportunities through the Specialty Pharmacy Conference and Specialty Pharmacy Education Center (SPEC), which offers more than 300 hours of education specific to specialty pharmacy. Learn more about the benefits for individual and corporate members.

NASP is a not-for-profit, 501 (c)6 organization that offers both individual and corporate members. NASP does not promote or endorse corporate products or services.

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Today's #RxChat Pharmacy Podcast discussion is co-hosted by Eric Ho PharmD serves as RxWiki content development lead with responsibilities concerning information portfolio quality, distribution, and expansion. 

Making the Impact: Pharmacy Success Stories

  • Do you think pharmacists are properly recognized for their day-to-day impact? 
  • Are there are any particular pharmacist stories that inspire you to make a bigger difference?
  • What drives you to excel, what keeps you motivated to do more for patients?
  • What do you feel is the greatest victory pharmacy has achieved in the last 10 years?
  • How do you measure success in pharmacy into the future?

RxWiki has launched a new website - be sure to check it out. 

Check out the #RxChat  directions page with questions! 


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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 132 Business of Pharmacy 2014

On episode 132 we talk with Mike Gross - Vice Presient of Sales & Marketing with Retail Management Solutions - Pharmacy Point of Sales Technologies. 

We talk about: 

  • The Pharmacy Development Services Conference 
  • Pharmacy Business Trends for 2014 
  • Big Data in Pharmacy Business 
  • Updates from RMS 

Mike Gross|Retail Management Solutions
VP Sales and Marketing | direct 360-339-4985 | fax 419-730-9519 | cell 407-766-7991|

Check out the RMS Blog for great pharmacy industry content:


Check out the 100th Episode of The Pharmacy Podcast feature our CEO, Brad Jones:

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 131 Pharmacist of the Future: Bridging Technology and Pharmacy

Today's #RxChat Twitter Discussion Podcast is co-hosted with RxWiki's VP of Medication Information - Eric Ho. 

Call in to speak with the hosts (646) 378-1452

The Pharmacist of the Future: Bridging Technology and Pharmacy

  •       How have you seen technology change pharmacy and patient care?
  •       Do you think pharmacists are generally quick to adopt new tools and techniques?
  •       How do you feel that advances have made the biggest impact? 
  •       Where would you like to see the next big pharmacy technology breakthrough? 
  •       What are your favorite tech resources and most closely watched areas of change?
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