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Roland Thomas began his career with a national wholesale drug company. He became the youngest Pharmacy Design Consultant in the company’s history. He left the company in 1970 to begin his own company. He sold his interest in Display Options, Inc. in 2001 and at the writing of this book is a pharmacy planning specialist with their Rx Planning Solutions division. He served as president of both the North Carolina and South Carolina Traveling Members Auxiliary that were created to support each state’s Annual Pharmacy Conventions. Roland served on the South Carolina Board of Pharmacy in 1987 1988 as an ex-officio member. He has written several articles for The Southern Pharmacy Journal and The Palmetto Pharmacist. Many of his projects were featured in the SPJ with cover stories, one of which was shown on the front cover. Roland searched far and wide, without success, to find a handbook covering many of the topics covered in his book. That further inspired him to create one that could possibly help independent pharmacists make better choices.

A complete overview of how the Independent Pharmacy Owner can achieve the most from his or her business by creating a unique business model based on the owner’s individual passion and circumstances.

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The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) is a health policy research organization dedicated to the advancement of good evidence and science, and to fostering an environment in the United States that supports medical innovation.

Founded in 1953 and supported by the nation’s major research-based biopharmaceutical companies, NPC focuses on research development, information dissemination, education and communication of the critical issues of evidence, innovation and the value of medicines for patients. The issues we select for examination and the researchers and academics we partner with position NPC as a uniquely credible and trusted voice in the biopharmaceutical research and health policy communities. Much of our research is published in peer-reviewed journals.

NPC is working to:

  • Ensure that sound evidence is recognized by independent experts, considered appropriately by private and public payers, reflected adequately in benefit designs, and incorporated into clinical practice
  • Demonstrate and promote the contribution of innovative medicines to optimizing health and wellness for patients and the entire health care system through scientific analyses and fact-based communications
  • Maintain a focus on the issues related to advancing the science and research aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry and preserving and improving an environment supportive of innovation.

Our Board of Directors consists of a representative from each member company. The annual dues paid by our members make up NPC’s core budget, which funds research-based projects, ongoing educational activities and our day-to-day operations. NPC does not engage in lobbying activities.

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 155 #RxChat Dealing with PolyPharmacy

Today's #RxChat is sponsored by co-founders RxWiki. We are pleased to be co-hosting today's podcast with Pharmacist Anyssa Garza, PharmD. 

1) What seems to be the main cause for the polypharmacy cases you see?

2) What are the main reasons we are seeing an increase in polypharmacy?

3) How can you as a pharmacist reduce polypharmacy?

4) Are older patients aware of the risks associated with polypharmacy? How can we make them more evident?

5) How can you as a pharmacist reduce OTC polypharmacy?

About Anyssa Garza: 

Anyssa Garza is an experienced researcher, pharmacy administrator, and psychiatric pharmacist. As a cross-disciplinary expert, Anyssa helps develop RxWiki’s growing content and service offerings.

As a published scientist, Anyssa has been recognized for her research in the area of pharmacology having produced primary literature modeling the neuromuscular effects of alcohol and alcohol addiction.

She was formerly the Director of Pharmacy for a Central Texas Department of Aging and Disability facility and brings years of experience in caring for complex, underserved patients. She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Texas. 


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The mission of capwoRx is: To create apps which propel compounding pharmacists towards success.

Formulating compounds properly can be the most time consuming process in a pharmacist’s day - but it doesn’t have to be that way. Founded upon the core values of efficiencysimplicityaccuracy and speedcapwoRx aims to assist compounding pharmacists in all facets of the formulation process. Each and every app produced by capwoRx combines practical experience with innovative technology. The results are apps which help compounders create better formulations while carving out extra time in their workday to focus on growing their businesses.

About the Founder

Kyle T. Panter, PharmD, is the owner and founder of capwoRx. His role is to oversee the direction and development of each app produced by the company. He is currently the Pharmacist-in-Charge of a growing compounding pharmacy in the Tulsa, OK area. An alumnus of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, Dr. Panter has nearly 14 years experience in the compounding arena. Dr. Panter is passionate about solving practical problems with innovative ideas and methods to advance the practice of compounding.

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Tammy Devine - QS1

Tammy joined the J M Smith Corporation, in 1982, as an applications programmer before QS/1 became a separate division. She then became a systems programmer and was subsequently promoted to director of systems programming in 1991. In 1998, Tammy transitioned from the development side of QS/1 and became director of national marketing. Tammy gained national visibility as the chief marketing officer for QS/1’s healthcare-related products and services. In 2004, she was promoted to vice president of marketing and sales. She became executive vice president in July 2008, assuming responsibility for all day-to-day operations at QS/1. In May 2011, Tammy was named president of QS/1. Tammy holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina; she is also a graduate of Duke University’s Advanced Management Program at the Fuqua School of Business. She has a MBA from the Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina. She is active in community affairs and is on the boards of Converse College and Spartanburg Community College, the J M Smith Foundation and the American Society for the Automation of Pharmacy (ASAP).

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