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Pharmacy Episode 167 Pharmacy Automation Pioneers - Kirby Lester
About KirbyLester
Our Mission: Always Accurate, Affordable, Reliable, Simple.
Since 1971, Kirby Lester has been reducing counting errors at a fraction of the cost of other automated dispensing devices. In fact, with systems that pay for themselves in months instead of years, Kirby Lester delivers the best quality control and return on investment possible.
But accuracy and ROI aren't the only things on which we hang our lab coat. Our systems also make good sense because they are remarkably easy to use. All you need is a little counter space, a short tutorial, and you're in business. No other pharmacy technology company offers such practical, affordable, no-nonsense solutions. That makes us unique.
Along with our simple, world-renowned tablet counters/pill counters, we offer systems that feature the latest in efficiency and dispensing safety like cassettes that automatically double-count, workflow software, onscreen drug imaging, order tracking, pharmacy management system interfacing, and other features previously only available on more expensive and complicated systems. We not only help improve counting accuracy and reduce labor time, but we also help eliminate errors. We offer a full line of durable tablet counting and bottle filling systems for settings as diverse as pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing, agriculture, even law enforcement.
But the thing that really makes us beam with pride is you. Today, more than 40,000 retail, hospital, specialty and mail order pharmacies and manufacturers in almost 40 countries rely on Kirby Lester. That's an amazing vote of confidence in our people, our technology and our company. And as long as our customers have a need to operate safer, simpler and smarter, we'll provide the means. You can count on it.
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UVANTA Healthcare is America’s first and only long-term care pharmacy company that unites the advantages of local ownership with the capabilities and resources of a national company. UVANTA Pharmacies offer you the close personal touch of a neighborhood pharmacy and the capabilities and array of services of a large organization, giving you the personal care you deserve and the strength and resources you need.

UVANTA was founded in 2004 on the principal that expert knowledge, trust, and local relationships are the driving-force to delivering the best quality pharmaceutical care. We believe that important health care decisions need to be made close to home and the delivery of that care is best when it comes from local independent pharmacies that are vested in your community and committed to you as their customer. Based on these principles and beliefs, UVANTA gave birth to the concept of empowering the local independent pharmacy with the tools and resources needed to compete with the corporate pharmacies, enabling them to provide the best available care and overall value.

Each UVANTA Pharmacy is independently owned and operated and dedicated to serving the needs of long-term care and assisted living facilities, hospice organizations, and other post-acute health care providers. Our services are built around your desire to improve quality of care, raise productivity and control costs. We custom design our pharmacy services to align with your goals and objectives in achieving clinical and financial results.

UVANTA Healthcare supports our UVANTA LTC Pharmacies with group buying power, operation economies of scale and business management expertise that would otherwise not be available to an independent pharmacist. Our UVANTA Healthcare support team, whose biographies you can find to your right, are with our franchisees every step of the way. We offer UVANTA LTC Pharmacies management and operations advice, along with accounting, payroll and sales and marketing support.

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 165 Let's Help P.U.N.C.H. Catamaran PBM

About Pharmacists United to Necessitate Change (PUNCH)

Pharmacists United to Necessitate Change (PUNCH) is a LLC formed for the sole purpose of contemplating a lawsuit against Catamaran, one of the largest Prescription Benefit Managers (PBMs), and their onerous business practices towards Independent Pharmacy. PUNCH has engaged the law firm Williams Cuker Berezofsky, who are skilled in handling national mass action lawsuits and arbitrations.  All communications with PUNCH and Williams Cuker Berezofsky are for purposes of obtaining legal advice and prospective representation and such are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

About Keystone Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance

Established in 1996, Keystone Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (Keystone) is a Group Purchasing Organization headquartered in Philadelphia  and wholly owned by a non-profit association of community pharmacies established in 1898, the Philadelphia Association of Retail Druggists (PARD). Together both groups work hand-in-hand on legislative issues and on lowering a store’s cost of goods. Keystone’s commitment is to Independent Pharmacy as they work in cooperation with their State Association (PPA), the Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN) and other Pharmacy organizations throughout the country.

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The Massachusetts Independent Pharmacists Association (MIPA) is comprised of independent community pharmacists and those interested in independent community pharmacy throughout the State of Massachusetts. The Association's mission is to promote the practice of independent community pharmacy.

Massachusetts Independent Pharmacists Association
20 Paul David Way
Stoughton, MA 02072


Fax: 866-475-6284


Todd Brown, Executive Director

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 163 Physician Pharmacist Interaction & ApproRx PBM

Kyle Fields - with ApproRx discusses how to leverage a transparent PBM with Physicians to expand your business: 

What conditions can be treated by a telephone consultation with a physician?

You are provided access to physicians through the AmeriDoc Physician Network for the treatment of non-emergent, common conditions involving routine primary care. Specific examples include allergies, throat infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, and many other every day ailments. Should a member present a case that in the judgment of the consulting physician requires further examination, the consulting physician may recommend that the patient see a primary care physician.

What are the different types of consultations offered?
There are two different types of service: Informational Consultations (by telephone or email) and Diagnostic Consultations (only by telephone).

•Informational Consultations: Convenient, 24/7 telephone or email access to physicians for general advice and recommendations regarding routine medical conditions.

•Diagnostic Consultations: Comprehensive telephone medical consultation, often resulting in diagnosis and specific treatment recommendations. A complete medical assessment is required prior to consult. Medication may be prescribed as appropriate. These consults occur within 3 hours of the patient's requested consultation time.

•Secure Email Consultation: Secure email communication with a physician for information and advice about common conditions. Appropriate for discussing sensitive medical issues in a discreet fashion.


CALL US TODAY: (412) 735-1080 

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