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3rd Spaces in Independent Pharmacy 

Community Pharmacy as a Third Space  

Pharmacy Podcast September 2014 – Erin Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD


Background on topic:

Historically, pharmacies were independent, community-based hubs for healthcare. As well, pharmacies also sprung soda fountains and diners as a “hook” for people to hang out within a local community. However, pharmacy to some extent has removed itself from being a third space hangout.

What is a Third Space?

A “third space” is a place other than home, school or work that people can meet and hang out in within a local community. With more and more people working as freelance professionals, along with the Affordable Care Act emphasizing a decrease in hospital readmissions and increase in wellness and preventative care, pharmacies now are positioned to seize this opportunity, by creating “hubs” for the community and its citizens to not only purchase goods around healthcare and wellness, but also become part of a community by providing space where professionals can meet, discuss and even educate themselves on health and wellness, or simply buy a cup of coffee and hop on the internet with free wifi. 

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 173 2nd Annual #Pharmacist Tweet-a-Thon

We talk wtih Stephanie DuBois Director, Marketing Communications with the National Community Pharmacists Association about the 2nd Annual Pharmacy INdustry Tweet-a-Thon.  

Please join pharmacy organizations and pharmacists around the world for a day of celebrating pharmacists and their contributions to health care and our communities.

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, pharmacists will tweet about the real things they are doing or did that day to help patients, other health professionals, and their communities. While every pharmacist faces challenges in the course of his or her practice, this is a day to highlight through social media the positive impact that pharmacists have on their patients and bring attention to the good work they do to help patients live healthier lives.

During last year's inaugural tweet-a-thon, more than 7,000 tweets were posted on October 3, 2013 using the hashtag #Pharmacist, for an average of nearly 300 tweets per hour and more than 4.9 million impressions that day. #Pharmacist was the number one trending health care hashtag that day, according to Symplur.


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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 172 Student Doctor Network with Sarah Lawrence, PharmD

#PharmacyFututreLeaders - the Student Doctor Network 

We interview Sarah Lawrence, PharmD about the incredible benefits of the Student Doctor Network - SDN. The SDN is a vibrant nonprofit organization of thousands of pre-health, health professional students and practicing doctors from across the United States and Canada. Membership is free. 

The educational mission of SDN is to assist and encourage all students through the challenging and complicated healthcare education process and into practice.

Sarah M. Lawrence, PharmD, MA

Director of Partnerships


The Student Doctor Network

(502) 432-5354

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Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Annual Conference 2014

This year's post show Pharmacy Podcast - we asked randomly selected conference participants the following question:
"How will Provider Status impact Pharmacy?"
PPA holds its Annual Conference every fall; during September or October. This conference lasts Thursday - Sunday and includes continuing education programs, social events, an exhibit hall, PPA's Awards & Leadership Reception & Dinner, PPA's Annual Business Meeting, the Rite of Roses, Officer Installation, Past President & New Practitioner receptions, and PPA's Annual Golf Outing.  
Twitter: @PAPharmacists, trend #PPA2014
Eventbase: Download the app at and search for the event “Pharmacy’s Future is in the Stars.”
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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 170 Star Rating System Demystified with Samuel Stolpe, PharmD

Pharmacy Professionals:

Do you understand the Five-Star Quality Rating System?  

CMS created the Five-Star Quality Rating System to help consumers, their families, and caregivers compare nursing homes more easily and to help identify areas about which you may want to ask questions.  

We talk with Samuel Stolpe, PharmD who is the Director, Quality Initiatives for the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA, Inc.).  In this role he leads PQA's effort in capturing the voice of the patient in PQA's measure development process through the Patient Advisory Panel.  He also is responsible for the launch of the Adult Immunization Task Force as well as research and demonstration projects which show the value of PQA’s performance measure set.

Sam Stolpe, PharmD
Director, Quality Strategies
Pharmacy Quality Alliance

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 169 Innovative Effect of Pharmacy Automation

We welcome 3 dynamic leaders in the Business of Pharmacy - discussing the Innovative Effect of Pharmacy Automation and the impact on business successs.  

Dan Benamoz: In 1996, Dan founded Pharmacy Development Services with the purpose of eliminating trial and error and replacing it with solid business, marketing, management and financial skills that are easily duplicated. Fifteen years and several hundred highly-successful pharmacies later, Dan is still working toward his goal of helping as many independent entrepreneurs as possible reap the rewards of pharmacy ownership.

Terry Forshee, RPh.: President/CEO at Take Charge Pharmacist Healthy Lifestyle Strategies and owner of Cherokee Pharmacy. You can expect any pharmacist to dispense medications prescribed to you by your physician. You can also expect them to provide information about the use of those medicatons. Some pharmacists will advise your physician on selection, dosage, interactions and side effects of medications because they understand the chemical composition of drugs.  You can expect all of this and more from the pharmacists at Cherokee Pharmacy. You can also expect excellent, old-fashioned personalized service. Pharmcists at Cherokee Pharmacy enjoy meeting with new and long-time patients alike and take pride in providing each patient the service they deserve.

Christopher Thomsen: Vice President of Business Development of Kirby Lester, and widely recognized as the foremost authority on the topic and field of Pharmacy Automation and Technology, provides unbiased, vendor-independent consulting and research services for private, public and government pharmacy operations.

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 168 The Impact of Pharmacy Automation – Jenna Wahlstrom PharmD

We talk with Jenna Wahlstrom Pharm D. 

Jenna works at Larsen Service Drug who opened their doors in 1952.

The family business was founded by John O. Larsen. His son Larry Larsen currently owns and operates the business. Their full service pharmacy is ready to provide patients with the highest quality care. Larsen Service Drug also has a location in New Town, North Dakota. Their New Town store offers complete pharmacy services as well as a variety of over-the-counter products.

Larsen believes in leveraging great pharmacy technology. Kirby Lester is a important partner to our business. Larsen also offers telepharmacy services that allow customers to interact with a pharmacist through video conference equipment on days where a pharmacist is not on site. 

Larry Larsen, R.Ph. Larry Larsen obtained his pharmacy degree from North Dakota State University. After graduation, he returned to Watford City to eventually take over the family business. Larry acts as the chief pharmacist, managing the day to day activities of the pharmacy.

Debbie Larsen Debbie Larsen started her working career in the cards and candy department at Norby's Department Store in Grand Forks, North Dakota. After obtaining a degree in Elementary Education and teaching for three years, she returned to the retail business. Debbie keeps the business on track as the bookkeeper. She also helps keep the store stocked with new and exciting merchandise as the head buyer.

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