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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 198 The Pharmacist Leveraging Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacy Podcast Show is producing a multiple episode series on the science and pharmacy business technology tool - Pharmacogenomics.

Our 1st episode on the series is our interview with Dr. Shawn Desai an expert in Pharmacogenomics. Shawn is a physician, chemist, and also an attorney and member of the Georgia Bar Association.

Shawn’s Ph.D. is from Emory University and his J.D. is from The University of Georgia School of Law. Shawn is a co-founder and chief technology officer at a clinical laboratory in Georgia. Their lab is a We drug confirmation and pharmacogenetic testing laboratory and serve physician clients nationwide.

Specialties: Biochemistry, clinical chemistry, lc/ms/ms, mass spectrometry, organic chemistry, bacteriology. Intellectual property law, business law.


For more information how to leverage this fascinating clinical tool in your pharmacy practice and business contact our sponsors:


WellMedRx, LLC

(844) 293-2328

1225 S. Main Street

Greensburg, PA 15601

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 197 Drug Counterfeit Prevention Technology: InfraTrac

Ron Lanton - talks with Dr. Sharon Flank about InfraTrac: 

Drug Counterfeit Prevention Technology: InfraTrac

Brand owners need effective ways to protect their products against counterfeiting. InfraTrac chemically tags products and packaging so they can be quickly and easily authenticated in the field, without disclosing the secrets of the coding scheme.

InfraTrac’s principal competition comes from physical tags (RFID and EPC) and special inks, and tends to be more expensive or less secure... or both.

InfraTrac applications go beyond pharmaceuticals, to any product that needs tracking and anti-counterfeiting measures. Cosmetics, plastics, wine, even paint can use InfraTrac’s technology, so you can tell the fakes from the real thing.

Sharon Flank, Ph.D.
CEO, InfraTrac
Light-based verification

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 196 ReThink Pharmacy with David Pope

We interview David Pope – the Chief of Innovation of Creative Pharmacist.  


Creative Pharmacist was born out of an idea originating in 2009 between two longtime friends. They saw that there was a perfect 'marriage' to be found between patients living with chronic disease and their neighborhood community pharmacist. By equipping local pharmacist with the right tools in a simple way, they developed turnkey methods and solutions, empowering pharmacists to improve patient outcomes. Today, Creative Pharmacist materials are utilized in communities in the US and around the globe in over 1000 communities every month.


Creative Pharmacist

Phone (706) 210-9087 



Today’s into music: ‘Future Tomorrow’ by Mystical Dominance

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 195 Misconceptions in Pharmacy with Dr. Anyssa Garza

Topic: Common Misconceptions in Pharmacy: The Truth about Vaccines  

What are some common misconceptions involving vaccines

1) The “Overloaded Immune System” Misconception  

2) Diseases are rare now. Immunizations are not really necessary.    

3) My child cannot receive immunizations if she has a cold, fever or is taking antibiotics.        

4) Immunizations cause harmful side effects and illnesses. (Seizures, Autism)        

5) Influenza Vaccines Are Not Effective    

6) Flu vaccine causes the flu

Anyssa Garza, Pharm.D.

RxWiki Director, Life Sciences Library 

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 194 American College of Apothecaries: Are You a Member?

The American College of Apothecaries was founded on May 9, 1940 in Richmond, Virginia. In 1978, the Research & Education Foundation was established, and in 1998 the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists began.  The existence of these three separate entities allows for the provision of numerous benefits to the Fellowship and the profession. Our Research & Education Resource Center was founded in 1998 in Bartlett, Tennessee.


ACA Headquarters
2830 Summer Oaks Drive
Bartlett, Tennessee 38134

901.383.8119 Office
901.473-8187 Fax


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We interview Jason Wallace - Pharmacy owner & President of Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency

Aetna Medicare Part D Drug Plans Plagued with Glitches

Patients can call 1-800-Medicare to Enroll in a New 2015 Plan

ALEXANDRIA, Va.Jan. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Medicare beneficiaries and caregivers, in an unwelcome New Year's surprise, are discovering that they are unable to fill prescriptions at pharmacies promoted by Aetna/Coventry Part D drug plans listed on the Medicare Plan Finder website used during the 2014 Medicare open enrollment to select a 2015 drug plan.

Incorrect information was posted on Medicare Plan Finder, Aetna websites, and provided to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding which pharmacies were in-network. Thus, beneficiaries may have signed up for Aetna plans believing the pharmacy they wanted to patronize was in-network, when, as Aetna recently acknowledged in a letter to pharmacies, it was not. Medicare open enrollment closed on Dec. 7. This situation has resulted in complications, such as for a 91-year-old patient in a long-term care facility accustomed to home delivery from her local pharmacy, but now forced to find another pharmacy to fill her rescue inhaler. 

"Community pharmacists help patients every January with challenges that stem from new or revised health insurance policies. However, this situation is more problematic and complicated for Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Aetna/Coventry drug plans who may feel like the victims of a bait-and-switch," said National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) CEO B. Douglas Hoey, RPh, MBA. "As a result, we encourage Medicare beneficiaries who feel misled to switch drug plans by calling 1-800-Medicare."

Affected beneficiaries can take advantage of a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to choose a new Part D plan, NCPA confirmed with CMS officials. Beneficiaries, or their caregivers, can call 1-800-Medicare and explain to the customer service representative that they need to select a new Part D plan because of inaccurate marketing information that was presented on the Plan Finder website during the 2014 open enrollment period.

"In light of this disruption to beneficiaries and pharmacies, Aetna should honor the prescriptions filled at the plan's 'non-network' pharmacies that were inaccurately reported to be in-network," Hoey added. "Aetna's purported solution to require low-income subsidy beneficiaries to pay the full drug cost, and apply for a one-time reimbursement from the insurance company, is impractical and unacceptable."

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Pharmacy Podcast Episode 192 Past Year Summary New Year's Show

Host and Pharmacy Podcast Show founder Todd Eury and co-host Ron Lanton (True North Political Solutions) wrap up the show's best year ever with a 20% increase in listeners and some incredible podcast episodes. 

Special Thanks to Scot Maitland with Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly, and the IACP, ACA, the NCPA and several Pharmacy State organizations for their support and participation. 

Thank you to all of our incredible sponsors for 2014: 

  • Dr. Paul Faerstein - Statinzyme
  • RxSafe - Pharmacy Automation 
  • Kirby Lester - Pharmacy Technologies & Automation 
  • UVANTA - LTC Pharmacy 
  • APPRORX - Transparent PBM 
  • QS-1 - Pharmacy Software 
  • SuiteRx - Pharmacy Management Technology 
  • iMedicare 
  • MichRx - Specialty Pharmacy Marketing 
  • Congressman Buddy Carter 
  • NASP - Gary Cohen 
  • Diplomat Pharmacy 
  • Retail Management Solutions - Pharmacy POS 


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