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On the latest IACP Podcast - Scot Maitland and David Miller talk about recall issues and updates in Compounding Pharmacy.

Visit IACP's Breaking News often to keep up-to-date on the latest industry, regulatory, state/federal and media news. 

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The Pharmacy Podcast Show and IACP Podcast United Pharmacy Podcast Episode 211

IACPRx's Podcast By International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)

The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) is an association that represents more than 4,000 pharmacists, technicians and students. Our IACPodcast is a weekly show that features interviews with our staff, board and members, as well as a monthly interview with our sponsor of the month.

About Scot Maitland:

Director of Communications and Publications

Email Scot Maitland


Scot is the publisher of IACP’s two publications Compounding Matters Quarterly and Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly and host of our new IACPodcast. He coordinates with other IACP Communications staff to promote the visibility of IACP and the IACP Foundation.
As a former pharmacy owner and subject matter expert on marketing and communication, Scot  is committed to helping IACP Members grow their business and be informed about the key issues that affect compounding pharmacists and the industry in general.



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HIMSS 2015 Conference Review - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 210

Every year, the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition showcases the newest technologies, trends, and solutions in health IT, but these three pillars of the Conference remain the same. In the videos below, HIMSS leadership discusses some of the most exciting features of HIMSS15.  HIMSS 2015

This year - HISTalk ( sponsored patient perspectives with several participants living with chronic illnesses able to correspond with conference exhibitors.

We interview Joyce Lofstrom, MS, APR Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Carly Medosch, PMP Program Analyst and Chronic Illness Advocate.  

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Are You a Digital Pharmacist? Pharmacy Podcast Episode 209

What is it to be a "Digital Pharmacist"? 


1. The Opportunity: Understanding the Value of ‘Digital Patients’

2. The Challenge: Competing for ‘Digital Patients’

3. Case Study: Walgreens - Digital Investment is Significant 

4. The Solution: RxWiki's Digital Pharmacist Program

Why a mobile website?

  • ●  Looks great on any device

  • ●  Google search favors mobile friendly websites

  • ●  Promotes your Facebook presence

  • ●  Updated with fresh content daily

    Who is using mobile website?

  • ●  35% of all searches are from a phone or tablet

  • ●  55% of Rx refills are being generated from RxWiki’s

    mobile responsive websites 


Don Hackett




With hospitals 'drowning in paperwork,' patients look to Internet for treatment: 


Proxsys Rx Launches Pharmacy Benefit Management Services to Save Employers 5 to 20 percent on Prescription Drug Benefits 

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The GRX Marketing Difference - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 208

GRX Marketing was founded in 2010 by marketing experts Marie Doyle and Nicolle McClure and has continued to succeed in helping pharmacies thrive. The company offers a full range of marketing services, all designed to help you pharmacy business grow.

GRX Marketing's dedicated team has over 15 years of health focused marketing experience. This means that they know, and understand, your pharmacy business needs. Not only do they give you pharmacy marketing  direction, but they actually help you implement our ideas.     

GRX understands that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work, because every market is different. Their strategy is to present low-cost marketing ideas to attract new patients, and increase the spending of existing patients.   By operating as your personal marketing experts, you and your staff have more time to spend with your customers.

About Nicolle McClure 

Nicolle McClure started GRX Marketing in 2010, after hearing a need from local independent pharmacists wanting assistance with their marketing. She also oversees marketing for 18 community pharmacies in central Iowa that are owned by GRX Marketing's parent company, GRX Holdings, where Nicolle has worked since 2008. Prior to her current position, she worked for Medicap Pharmacies INC. for four years, where she was responsible for providing marketing services for 65 Medicap Pharmacy franchisees nationwide. Nicolle has more than 11 years of pharmacy marketing experience and 14 years in marketing overall. She graduated Iowa State University in 2001 with a degree in Advertising, and her passion has always been supporting local businesses and helping them increase their market share amongst larger competitors.

Nicolle McClure GRX Marketing

2929 Westown Pkwy., Suite 100 West Des Moines, IA 50266

515.440.1270 main |515.280.2913 dir

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Misconceptions in Pharmacy: Colds, Antibiotics, Sleep-Aids, and More: Pharmacy Podcast Episode 207

Dr. Anyssa Garza retuns to the Pharmacy Podcast Show - for another "Common Misconceptions in Pharmacy" series. 

1.   Catching a cold such as

a.     Changes in the weather can cause colds

b.     Getting wet and chilled can cause colds

2.   Antibiotics treats everything and should be taken as soon as you notice a sniffle or sneeze

3.   Brands work better than generics

4.   Natural medicines are safer than prescription medications therefore I do not have to mention them to my doctor and/or pharmacist.

      OTC sleep aids are better than prescription sleep medications because they are over the counter

Anyssa Garza, Pharm.D.

RxWiki Director, Life Sciences Library

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