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IACP Podcast Discusses Tricare and Prescription Access - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 241

This week Scot Maitland with the IACP Podcast - had two special guests, David Miller from IACP and Jay McEniry from Patients and Physicians for Rx Access (

This week we're talking Tricare and it's a great episode. Please consider sharing it with your colleagues and your staff.

Links from the show:
New York Times Article:
IACP Social Media

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The Fiduciary PBM - TransparentRx Pharmacy Podcast Episode 240

Interview with Tyrone Squires who is the founder and managing director of TransparentRx LLC, a boutique pharmacy benefits management firm based in Henderson, Nevada. Tyrone's team helps self-insured employers reduce PBM service costs, up to 50%, without changing providers or employee access levels.

In addition, TransparentRx, LLC offers the CPBS© (Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist) designation. Students gain deep knowledge, from which employers benefit, and career enhancement. 

CPBS© coursework includes:

* Overview of the PBM Industry
* Contracts
* Cost Containment Strategies
* Pricing Methodologies (i.e. AWP, MAC, WAC and Acquisition Costs)
* RFPs
* Pharmacy Operations: Retail, Mail & Specialty
* Competitive Intelligence
* Advanced PBM Topics

Educating business professionals on the intricacies of pharmacy benefits management is a passion of Tyrones. As a result, he has trained hundreds of executives, consultants, brokers and HR professionals on how to effectively lower prescription drug expenditures during my webinar: "How To Slash the Cost of Your PBM Service, up to 50%, Without Changing Employee Access or Benefit Levels." 

To gain a better understanding of the implications inherent in dealing with traditional (non-fiduciary) PBMs read the blog "The Payor's Guide to Managing Pharmacy Costs" 

2850 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 200
Telephone: 866-499-1940 ext. 201
FAX:  866-515-9591

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IACP Podcast 14 - In Their Face Marketing Pharmacy Podcast Episode 239

Scot and the IACP Podcast took a week off last week but they're back with a special show on marketing! This week Scot caught up with Carl Britton Jr of In Their Face Marketing.

But before the show, they wanted to remind you about the IACP Membership Survey. It’s closing this Friday so take it today at  

Your feedback will help us see how we're doing and where YOU want the IACP to go - 
Connect with Carl & the team at In Their Face:
Get Carl's new book! Visit and enter "Free Book" in the questions or comments section!

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The Patient's Voice - Powered by the California Chronic Care Coalition - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 238

True North Political Solution's Ron Lanton - interviews Patient Advocate Champion Liz Helms - CEO of California Chronic Care Coalition

Liz Helms has over two decades of experience in the public relations field including, coalition building, grassroots advocacy, strategic planning and policy development. Her vision and breathe of issues has made her a leader in the health care arena and a recognized advocate in California, nationally as well as internationally.

The California Chronic Care Coalition is an alliance of non-profit, social consumer and provider organizations united to improve the health of Californians with chronic conditions or diseases.   Liz leads the National Stakeholders Specialty Medication Collaboratory, working to ensure access to affordable medications and advocates for the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws in the ACA.  Liz was one of the implementation partners of the San Diego University of Best Practices where she coordinated and worked with all the medical groups and health systems working to make San Diego the first heart attack and stroke free zone.  Liz was also instrumental in bringing the clinical pharmacist on the care team to the Right Care Initiative which won her the Michelotti Public Health Prize from the CA Pharmacy Foundation.  She co-founded the TMJ Society of California, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about changes in health care practices and laws to improve treatment for TMJ sufferers.  

In addition to her CCCC leadership roles, Ms. Helms has been the catalyst within the chronic disease community working with the California administration’s health policy division on health care reform, including implementation of prevention, wellness and coordination of care.  In 2013 she was elected to the board of directors to the California Healthcare Performance Information System (CHPI) representing California’s consumers and serves on many advisory committees including: California Department of Public Health, Chronic Disease Division, Prevention 21, data working group and telecommunications working group; The CA Endowment, Health Happens Here Partnership; UC Berkeley, School of Public Health – PCORI grant: "The Comparative Impact of Patient Activation and Engagement on Improving Patient-Centered Outcomes of Care in Accountable Care Organizations”, and is a statewide steering committee member for the CA Right Care Initiative. 

Liz lives in the foothills of Northern California, loves to spend time with her family, seven grandchildren and friends.  She is an avid equestrian and part of a volunteer communications team for the Western States Trail Foundation.


In 2007, at the request of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration, non-profit health advocacy organizations representing chronic conditions formed a working group. Our mission was to represent the voice of the chronic care consumer, as 2007 was named “The Year of Health Reform for California.”

The CCCC  focused on the five key principles of health care reform listed below and launched a statewide push for comprehensive health care reform.


Liz Helms


California Chronic Care Coalition

909 12th Street, Suite 201

Sacramento, CA 95814

916.300.8687 direct

916.444.1985 office/fax

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Pharmacy Owner, Wes Chapman, talks PBM Transparency Pharmacy Podcast Episode 237

Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency (P.U.T.T.) board of director and Pharmacy Owner – Wes Chapman, RPh., joins the Pharmacy Podcast Show to share updates with our listeners & industry on the fight for transparency in pharmacy benefit management and discuss the freedom our patients deserve to use any pharmacy they wish without manipulating costs or co-pays in favor of a specific pharmacy or network. 

The Question:

Is P.U.T.T. Kaput?

The Answer:

Are you an active member helping to ensure pharmacy industry transparency and freedom of patient access to their preferred pharmacy? 


Support P.U.T.T. Today:


To reach Wes Chapman – see contact information below:

Wes Chapman, RPh

Chapman Rx

305 Maple Drive

Vidalia, GA 30474

912-538-0053 (work)

912-293-3794 (cell)

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Patient-centered Technologies Advancing Healthcare with Dr. Richard Migliori  Pharmacy Podcast Episode 236

Dr. Richard Migliori – UnitedHealth Chief Medical Officer returns to the Pharmacy Podcast Show to share his vision of patient-centered technologies, healthcare policy, and pharmacy’s critical role in patient care. Tele-health technology and doctor on demand like networks will provide additional healthcare needs to those patients with conditions easily diagnosed through telemedicine infrastructure.

Pharmacy service providers are at the front lines of patient wellness and those pharmacies prepared to leverage modern patient engagement systems will have an advantage to stay involved with patient medication adherence and mitigate the risks of loosing the patient based on networks which favor the efficiencies delivered by modern technology. 

Useful Links:

Doctor on Demand:

UnitedHealth Virtual Physician Care:

EnterpriseRx Pharmacy Systems:


To learn how your pharmacy can leverage advanced pharmacy technologies, telemedicine, and strategic digital health focused marketing campaigns – send us a message: 

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This week I caught up with Ernie Boyd, the Executive Director of the Ohio Pharmacists Association to talk about the Compound Conference. But before we get started, Last summer, the IACP leadership developed a multi-year strategic plan to guide the Academy in tackling many of the opportunities and challenges facing the compounding pharmacy community. In addition to expanding our educational programs, publications, and our legislative efforts at the federal and state level, this plan directly guides our organization as it enters its 25th year.

To see how we're doing and where YOU want us to go, we've created this brief member survey. It will take less than five minutes of your time but that investment will bring enormous return to IACP. The survey will be available until Friday, July 24.

You can take it by visiting us at and that link is in the notes section of this podcast.

Also, last week, David Miller and I talked about the Senate Biologic Repackaging Letter. TodayWednesday July 8 is the last day to get engaged. Check the notes section to get involved.

Register today for The Compound Conference. The Hotel Room Block Ends in 1 Week on July 15th. For more information and to register, visit us online at

Contact your Senators TODAY
Re-listen to last week's show:

Follow IACP on social media!

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ePresence Digital Marketing Game Changer  - H. D. Smith Pharmacy Podcast Episode 234

We interview Valerie Holden, Manager Marketing with H. D. Smith about the ePresence Digtial Marketing program to emPower Independent #Pharmacy. 


In today's healthcare environment, commitment to patient care is just one part of the equation for independent pharmacies. Savvy marketing is now a must – and that means going digital. H. D. Smith provides the most comprehensive digital pharmacy marketing suite in the industry.


·         Websites

·         eCommerce

·         Social media

·         Newsletters

·         SEO

·         And more!

Three Ways To Learn More


1)    See how some of our clients are using the program.

2)    Read a white paper about what to look for in a digital marketing partner.

3)    Get details, pricing, webinars times or request a sample site.


Valerie Holden

Manager Marketing

H. D. Smith

3063 Fiat Ave

Springfield, IL 62703

Phone: 866.232.1222

Helping You Care For Your Community




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The Essence of Pharmacy Marketing - GRX Marketing Pharmacy Podcast Episode 233

The classic definition of Marketing essentials is known as the “4 P’s” – Price, Product, Promotion and Place/Position.

Marketing textbooks from the 50’s to the 80’s always identified these factors as the fundamental ingredients of effective Marketing. But just knowing the “4 P’s” for a given business enterprise does not automatically generate productive Marketing activity.

The 4 P’s are merely the building blocks of a concerted and sustained Marketing effort. In the same way that gathering 150lbs of carbon, iron, calcium, sodium and other natural elements and combining them with several gallons of water does NOT produce a human being, defining a particular company’s 4 P’s does not spontaneously result in the successful marketing of the firms’ products and services.      

If the 4 P’s are the bricks and mortar, you still need tools to build anything with them. And there are lots of tools – advertising campaigns, promotional plans, coupons, editorials, press and analyst interviews, conference papers, datasheets, product briefs, brochures and more. 

Pharmacy Marketing expert - Nicolle McClure with GRX Marketing - Pharmacy  returns to the show with Pharmacy owner / customer Eric Pusey - Medicap Pharmacy. 

GRX Marketing

2929 Westown Parkway, Suite 100

West Des Moines, IA 50266 


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Senate Biologic Repackaging Letter - IACP Podcast Pharmacy Podcast Episode 232

Dave Miller and Scot Maitland with the IACP are talking about the Senate Biologic Repackaging Letter and folks, this is one of those podcasts that you’re going to want to share with your colleagues! But before we get started, this podcast is brought to you by IACP Regional Education Meeting in Chicago.

The Regional Education Meeting will be Thursday, July 23 at the Intercontinental Chicago and includes free Law CE. 

Register today for the Regional Education Meeting in Chicago -

Contact your Senators TODAY!

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