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The Transpharmation of Pharmacy Business Down Under - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 299

Special Pharmacy Podcast Show Guest, Robert Sztar. 

Robert Sztar is the founder of Pharmactive and has developed a unique 4-step method of ‘Transpharmation’ which covers:

1. Education – I teach you the purpose of the currently available technologies.
2. Discovery – I help pharmacy owners to discover processes in their business which can be aided or automated by technology
3. Partnership – I introduce pharmacy owners to the right technology partners who will help them to plan, implement, train and maintain their products in their pharmacy.
4. Optimisation – I  help you review the solutions implemented to ensure that the original objectives have been delivered upon, and discussing areas of potential improvement.

This is achieved through my  published book ‘Transpharmation’ which is positioned as the definitive guide to helping pharmacy owners begin their journey of partnership with technology. This will be supported by a series of mini-transpharmation workshops delivered both in-person and online, as well as the flagship 12-month program of Transpharmation, where i work directly with pharmacy owners to tailor a solution for their individual businesses.

The Transpharmation podcast show was launched in February 2014 to help pharmacy owners build better, smarter, more profitable 21st century businesses by embracing technology.

During each episode we cover one or more of the following:  Listener Q&A (via social media, email, iTunes review, blog comments) Current issues & events in technology and pharmacy App of the Week Progress of the Transpharmation Book, on its way to launch in June 2014 A bite sized DIY transpharmation:

This covers a specific technology piece (eg. e-Faxing, Password Management, News Feeds etc.) and how this can benefit the pharmacy owner and their business (time, money, and confidence).

Interviews with successful pharmacy owners, who have partnered their business with technology Interviews with technology partners who can help pharmacy owners build their 21st century pharmacy.

Pharmacy Freedom Index

“I believe that when you pair a pharmacist’s capabilities with technology, it has the power to revolutionise our industry forever.” – Robert Sztar

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How to Win at Pharmacy Inventory Management - Episode 298 Pharmacy Podcast

On this episode of the Pharmacy Podcast Show - we are joined by 3 Pharmacy Business Veterans who understand the obstacles of successfully building & managing an Independent Pharmacy from multiple perspectives. If you want to win at inventory management of your pharmacy business you must have 3 crucial pieces. 

  1. Modern Pharmacy Software Technology - with proven perpetual inventory features and an implementation & training team who knows how a pharmacy business works & how the systems in place must deliver results. 
  2. Pharmacy Technology Automation - which can seamlessly integrate with your pharmacy software system and provide analytics in an understandable reporting format which makes specific business sense to your pharmacy operations. 
  3. Internal Subject Matter Intelligence on Inventory Management - an independent pharmacy must have a team member who works with accounting and management to navigate the complex waters of your drug inventory. 

We're joined by guests: 

This Pharmacy Podcast Show was sponsored by RxSafe, Leaders in Pharmacy Technology Automation. 

RxSafe, LLC  2453 Cades Way, Suite A Vista, CA 92081

TOLL FREE: (877) 797-2332

PHONE: (760) 593-7161 


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The Fight for Transparency in LTC Pharmacy Benefit Management - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 297

True North talks about the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition, pharmacy benefit managers, and ongoing long term care pharmacy trends and issues with Alan Rosenbloom; President and CEO of the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition. 

The Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition’s mission is to be a strong, unified and influential advocate for independent Long Term Care pharmacies in Washington, DC. We offer opportunities for every member to participate – the SCPC exists to benefit all independent LTC pharmacies, the businesses that support them and the patients they serve. If your organization is interested in learning more about pharmacy and business member opportunities, please contact us by calling 202-534-1783


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We interview Dr. Jeff Kosowsky Senior Vice President, Corporate Development with American Well - telehealth technology infrastructure, solutions, and empowering health systems throughout the country. 

Founded by industry veterans Drs. Ido and Roy Schoenberg, American Well’s mission is to improve access to quality care and make it more affordable and transparent for consumers. We do this by using mobile and web technology to remove barriers such as distance, mobility, and time.

American Well offers software, services, and access to clinical services – everything you need to offer a complete telehealth service – whether you are a health plan, an employer, or a delivery network. Our mobile and web service connects doctors with patients for live, on-demand video visits over the internet and handles all the administration, security, and record keeping that modern healthcare requires.


Amanda Guisbond | Director, Communications  American Well  Phone Direct: 617.204.3500 x3697 Email:

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Digital Health Transforming Modern Medicine - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 295

Digital Health philosopher John Nosta returns to the Pharmacy Podcast Show to talk about the transformational impact of Digital Health technologies on pharmacy, drug development and modern medicine.

If you were one of the people who dreamed of a future filled with flying cars and virtual reality, well your dreams weren’t too far off from where we are in 2016. While companies like Terrafugia are knee-deep in development of real-life flying cars, virtual reality is just beginning to take off, and not just in video games. Medical Realities  leveraging virtual reality in the operating room for surgery studies. 

#VRinOR  - hashtag circulating on Twitter about the new technologies in surgery centers. Meditation technology by MUSE

NOSTALAB is a healthcare "innovation think tank" that focuses on the emergence of digital health and the implications to health, wellness, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Our focus is on the development of technology and communication platforms that will transform health. We connect like-minded thinkers with eclectic backgrounds to foster "creative critical mass" and drive unexpected brilliance.

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