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Leadership in Pharmacy and Life - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 314
Our co-host Erin L. Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD - interviews Alan R. Spies, RPh, JD, MBA, PhD, ACC fellow podcaster with the Liberator Podcast and leadership coach with GIANT Worldwide. 
GiANT Worldwide is a global company dedicated to leadership transformation through intentional apprenticeship.  GiANT is motivated to raise the standard of leadership around the world. GiANT believes that if we grow humble, liberating leaders then we will have less drama and insecurity within organizations, while at the same time improving productivity and health.
GiANT helps people do life better together, whatever the context.  GiANT believes that if we commit to becoming and building leaders worth following, then we will see a massive shift in the cultures of organizations, families, cities, and countries across the world.
Contact Alan here: 

Alan R. Spies, RPh, JD, MBA, PhD, ACC
Senior Associate
GiANT Worldwide
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Better Patient Care through Digital Health - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 313

“Ego is like dust in the eyes. Clear the ego and see the world.” This quote describes the unfolding path of Nick Adkins from healthcare executive to kilt-wearing digital health evangelist.

Nick Adkins joins the Pharmacy Podcast Show to share his passion for all things "Digital Health" and building a better patient care delivery model. 

Nick Adkins is an Advisory Board Member with Carenection.  Carenection is a comprehensive solutions partner that brings together best-in-breed technology, network infrastructure and consulting services to create a seamless and transparent encounter for the patient and provider. Carenection is the most widely utilized telehealth network in the country, delivering over 40,000 encounters per month via thousands of video endpoints to hundreds of hospitals nationwide.

Nick’s journey begins with a BA in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi and a MBA from Belmont University.  A few of Nick’s initial stops were as a suit wearing executive for the Vanderbilt Health Plans and a serial entrepreneur in Nashville.

Nick attended Burning Man in 2010 for the first time and the dust cleared from his eyes. He returned to Nashville, ditched the suits, sold his company, and set out on a new journey that took him to Portland, Oregon. Nick is a co-founder at ReelDx, the creators of the open API for secure video messaging, a break through in telehealth. He serves as a thought leader for Carnegie Mellon University regarding elder care innovation and the use of telemedicine and design initiatives aimed at helping seniors age in place more comfortably.

Nick also sits on the advisory board for BitCura, a platform based on democratizing healthcare by believing that healthcare is a human right and a global responsibility and that each person should have their own voice regarding how their data is used. Nick’s passion for seeing the awesomeness in people, connecting with them on a personal level, and sharing in their stories is what sets him apart from other leaders in healthcare. He has helped to push the industry to remember that patients/people/us are at the center of our work.

His commitment to being present and open, listening to understand, and sharing heart speak, allow us to see the best of ourselves in each other.


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Pharmacy Friday June 24 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 312

Today's Pharmacy Friday Wrap-up Show with my podcast brother Alex Barker, PharmD, founder of Pharmacy Life Radio, Alex in Michigan and Todd in Ft Lauderdale, on vacation. 


Today's show includes discussion around:  

  • Pharmacy POS Technology - Retail Management Solutions 
  • Out of the box ideas for building new revenue  
  • Pharmacy Life Radio - Episode 22 with Lucinda Maine
  • Dr Gs Pharmacy in Delray Beach - Independent Pharmacy of the week

Reach out to Alex and I – Let’s talk about what you want to hear, let’s get you on the Pharmacy Podcast Show, Pharmacy Friday Wrap Up Show! 

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The Key Performance Indicators of Pharmacy Business - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 311


On today's Pharmacy Podcast we welcome returning guests Ollin Sykes with Sykes & Company - Pharmacy Accounting Experts and Jimmy Neil with Live Oak Bank to discuss the Key Performance Indicators of Pharmacy Businesses.

Ollin and Jimmy answer the following questions about your pharmacy business: 

  • How does my pharmacy business compare with my competitors?
  • What is included in my cost of goods sold?
  • What is my gross profit (gross margin) percentage and is this reasonable for my pharmacy business?
  • How can I reduce my expenses without compromising my quality or service?
  • What is my breakeven point and why is this important?
  • Which of my products or services are making me the most profit?
  • What can I do to improve my cashflow?
  • How much net profit is my pharmacy making?
  • Is my pharmacy business in a good position financially - will it be able to survive a downturn?
  • How much money do I have invested in the business?



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Evolution in Pharmacy POS Technology - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 310

We welcome back the first corporate sponsors of the Pharmacy Podcast Show, Retail Management Solutions - CEO Brad Jones and SVP - Mike Gross.

The next generation of Pharmacy POS Technology is here: EvolutionPOS V.2


The flexibility that EvolutionPOS provides gives pharmacies the unprecedented ability to ring a sale up:

At the pharmacy counter Within the store aisle while talking with a patient At the patient counseling area At curbside for convenient pickup At the patient’s front-door when doing deliveries At a flu-shot table At a county fair or nursing home And for outpatient pharmacies, at patient bedside during discharge.


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We talked with Brian Dickerson with FisherBroyles Pharmacy Law Experts about the increasing Federal Government targeting pharmacy businesses.

The FisherBroyles Pharmacy Law team has observed an increase in the Department of Justice and Department of Defense’s coordinated efforts to conduct investigations into alleged violations of the False Claims Act for claims submitted to TRICARE.

Lately, the Department of Labor has joined the enforcement actions for what they perceive as alleged overbilling for compounded medications. The aggressiveness of the federal agencies enforcement was in full view when pharmacies in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Utah were part of coordinated take-down raid this past February. We believe similar national take-down raids are likely to occur in the future.


Brian E. Dickerson, Esq.

Direct: 202.570.0248| |

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Pharmacy Friday June 17 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 308

Today's Pharmacy Friday Wrap-up Show with my podcast brother Alex Barker, PharmD, founder of Pharmacy Life Radio is dedicated to our pharmacy family members senselessly lost in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting: 

Amanda Alvear - Pharmacy Technician 

Stanley Almodovar III - Pharmacy Technician 

Today's show includes discussion around: 


  • Pharmacist Nation TV Network 
  • Medical Writing as a Pharmacy Career Option? 
  • Top Health Product Recommendations, REALLY? 
  • Good Day Pharmacy - Colorado Rock Stars! 

Reach out to Alex and I – Let’s talk about what you want to hear, let’s get you on the Pharmacy Podcast Show, Pharmacy Friday Wrap Up Show! 


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Inside the Mind of Neuroimaging Researcher with Abbvie - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 307

The Pharmacy Podcast Show welcomes Neuroimaging experts with Abbvie. 

Neuroimaging or brain imaging is the use of various techniques to either directly or indirectly image the structure, function/pharmacology of the nervous system. It is a relatively new discipline within medicine, neuroscience, and psychology. 

Abbvie, leaders in pharmaceutical drug development is leveraging the power of neuroimaging research to further the advancement in medication effectiveness. 


Manager  Media Relations  



+1 847-937-0314

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How to Build a Freelance Medical Writing Business - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 306

Pharmacy Podcast Show co-host Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD interviews Dr. Emma Hitt Nichols is CEO of Nascent Medical, LLC. Our discussion today is about: 

Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Freelance Medical Writing Business 

“Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Freelance Medical Writing Business” will start on June 20th, 2016. Registration and detailed information about the course will be available at 10am EDT on June 10th until 9pm EDT on June 18th. Please sign up here to receive  valuable free content on medical writing and register there too when the time comes. 

Dr. Emma Hitt Nichols, is a full-time medical writer since 2000. In 2003, she founded the popular FREE HittList weekly email listing jobs for medical writers, which 13 years later, goes out every Tuesday.  In 2011, she morphed from being a one-person shop freelancer and created a process to bring on subcontractors to her company, Hitt Medical Writing, LLC.

This grew the company, and in 2015, Emma brought on an equity partner to form Nascent Medical, LLC, a full-service medical communications company.  Emma also hosts the weekly Medical Writers Speak podcast, in which she interviews people about topics relevant to medical writers.  Emma has a PhD in Nutrition and Health Sciences (molecular biology) from Emory University, an MS in Technical and Professional Communication, and a BS in Biology.


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Pharmacy Friday Wrap-up June 10th 2016 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 305

Another Pharmacy Friday Wrap-up Show with my podcast brother Alex Barker, PharmD, founder of Pharmacy Life Radio

We solve ALL the problems of the pharmacy world on today's episode 305. 

(actually, we don't but, here's what's on the menu) 

Reach out to Alex and I - Let's talk about what you want to hear, let's get you on the Pharmacy Podcast Show. 

Thank you @Tony_PharmD for your tweets about Pharmacy Careers! 


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