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Parkview Health Services Powered by SuiteRx - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 320

The Technology implemented to empower a privately owned institutional pharmacy is critical. We interview Kevin O’Leary - President & CEO of Parkview Health Services, LLC in Buffalo, NY. 

Parkview Health Services is a Western and Central New York based pharmacy and health clinic service provider. Since 1985, they have maintained a commitment to providing quality care and pharmacy services to consumers in assisted living facilities, developmentally disabled residences, mental health clinics, chemical dependency rehabilitation facilities, and many more.

Parkview Health Services is compliant with nationally recognized accreditation standards and are backed by their strong partnership with The Anderson Group, a private equity firm committed to building companies with strong customer relationships.

Kevin chose SuiteRx Pharmacy Management Systems as their core technology because of their flexibility, customer attention, and knowledge of the institutional pharmacy space. SuiteRx is a pharmacy software vendor addressing the needs and challenges presented in the independent pharmacy market.

Nicholas Zener, PharmD, CEO leads the team and helped developed the IPS program which enables independent and small chain pharmacies to use state of the art technology to better meet the needs of their customers and increase speed and accuracy in the pharmacy. 

With Retail, Institutional and Combo versions of the software, IPS is a comprehensive solution, integrating document management, delivery, POS, inventory management, web portal capabilities and compounding into one seamless application.

Kevin O’Leary - President  

Parkview Health Services, LLC  

Tel 716.876.2323  


307 S Jupiter Rd. Suite 205  

Allen TX, 75002


Phone: 916-242-8779 (916-ChatSRx) 

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Community Pharmacy & Cafe - Tisane Pharmacy - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 319

Pharmacy Podcast co-host Dr. Erin Albert is joined by Ryan Junkins (P4 Pharmacy major at Butler University) interviewing Community Pharmacy & Cafe Owner Yelena Yoffe - with Tisane Pharmacy in Manhattan New York.  

Tisane Pharmacy is a local, independent Pharmacy and Coffee & Tea shop, specializing in: Prescriptions, Compounding, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, European Skin Care, Dietary Supplements, and much more.

Erin talks with Yelena about the pharmacy's success with its 3rd spaces concept, a Pharmacy Podcast Show topic from episode in September 2014, listen here:

Customers can enjoy a cappuccino, freshly brewed tea or an Italian soda as they fill your prescription. Stop by and take a peek, you will be pleasantly surprised by our selection.

Check out this pharmacy 3rd space champion: 

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We welcome Greg Janes from TelePharm to share the vision of telemedicine delivered by community pharmacies empowered by advanced technology. 

About TelePharm: 

In 2010, Roby Miller’s family owned a chain of six rural retail pharmacies in eastern Iowa. The small communities where their pharmacies were located, thanks largely to policy changes related to payments for prescription medications, weren’t providing enough business to cover the expense of operating a pharmacy. Due to these financial constraints, the family was forced to close one pharmacy and sell another – and the remaining pharmacies were at risk.

TelePharm develops a solution

Then in 2012, the Miller family was approached by a local Health Board to consider bringing a pharmacy back to their community. Wanting to help, Roby founded TelePharm and developed a solution that would be affordable, easy to maintain, and feasible in low-volume rural locations. In October 2012, they opened Iowa’s first telepharmacy and began helping others to bring local pharmacies back to their communities. Since then, others have realized the value in the model that TelePharm created and more telepharmacies have opened across the United States. The number of TelePharm Pharmacies, as well as our team, continue to grow today.


105 Iowa Ave

Suite 231

Iowa City, IA 52240


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Pharmacy Friday July 15 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 317

Today’s Pharmacy Friday Wrap-up Show with my podcast brother Alex Barker, PharmD, founder of Pharmacy Life Radio, Alex in Michigan and Todd in Maitland FL, on location with NEW CAREER VENTURE with Colonial Management Group, leaders in drug addiction recovery.

Today’s show includes discussion around:

Reach out to Alex and I – Let’s talk about what you want to hear, let’s get you on the Pharmacy Podcast Show, Pharmacy Friday Wrap Up Show! 

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Why has Pharmacogenomics Failed in Community Pharmacy? Pharmacy Podcast Episode 316

Pharmacy Podcast Co-Host Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD interviews Robert Ragot Founder & CEO at GENOMICS Inc. 

GENOMICS mission is to develop genetic tests that will become the model for comprehensive Pharmacogenetic detection and informed treatment, ushering in a new era of predictive, preventative and affordable health care.  

Genetic Diagnostics provides physicians with Pharmacogenetic-based testing and prognosis solutions that identify a patient’s response and  predisposition to drugs. It allows Pharmacogenetic and the therapeutic considerations that can improve treatment outcomes and quality of life.

GENOMICS initial solutions have focused on enhancing the safety and effectiveness of anticoagulation drugs, including two of the world’s most widely prescribed medications for patients at risk of stroke and other serious circulatory problems. These timely and cost effective tests can help to significantly reduce adverse bleeding and other events in patients that could benefit from dosage adjustments or alternative therapies.


Email: Robert Ragot

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Women Leading HIT & Pharmacy - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 315

Pharmacy Podcast Co-Host Erin Albert, PharmD, JD, MBA, interviews the one and only Mandi Bishop, 2016 Most powerful Women in Healthcare IT. Mandi is a self-described “data geek,” Mandi is an English major-turned-health care analytics expert who works passionately to enable individuals, their providers, and their payers to come together around the Triple Aim.

Mandi serves as the Analytics Practice Lead of Dell’s Health Plan Innovation and Consulting team, whose charter is to develop leading-edge solutions for health insurers. Her focus is harnessing health data analytics and delivering transformative insights from her treadmill desk, in-between her social media posts that earned her “#6 on Healthcare IT’s Top 50 Global Healthcare Social Media Influencers” in 2015.

A nationally-recognized speaker and evangelist on data-driven opportunities to empower consumers and businesses alike, Mandi has an extensive healthcare analytics strategy and delivery background, spanning the care continuum from provider to insurance plans. She is an active industry thought leader, participating in the design and development of Social Media Ambassador programs at HIMSS, TEDMED, and AHIP national conferences, parlaying that experience into client social media strategy development, execution, and analytics solution innovations. She is passionate about leveraging social to inform effective, meaningful engagement that will enhance the member experience.

Follow Mandi on Twitter here: 

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