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Medical Marijuana's Clinical Advancements - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 332

3rd time Pharmacy Podcast Show guest Joseph Friedman RPh., COO & Founder of PDI Medical, Inc., returns to the show with updates to medical cannabis progression and the advancement of leveraging a substance shown to have dramatic impact on thousands of patients suffering with numerous conditions. 

Previous podcasts with Joseph Friedman, RPh., 

Is the War on Medical Marijuana Over?

Medical Marijuana & the Clinical Pharmacist

The National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization (NMMAO), an Ohio-based accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the cannabis industry’s dispensaries, announced today that PDI Medical, an Illinois licensed medical marijuana dispensary, is applying for Dispensary Base Accreditation.

NMMAO’s Dispensary Base Accreditation encompasses nine (9) Standards of Excellence, each representing a different dispensary-related, quality- and safety-focused function. The Standards address the structures and processes that must be in place in order for state-approved dispensaries and compassionate care centers to meet the overall NMMAO Base Standard Accreditation.  

“Marijuana dispensaries throughout the United States are operated by a variety of names, personalities and faces. PDI Medical is a highly respected, clinically-driven dispensary,” PDI Medical owner and registered pharmacist Joseph Friedman commented. “The NMMAO documented accreditation process differentiates those dispensaries that are truly helping patients with their healthcare needs, from those that are simply getting patients high on THC. By passing NMMAO’s strict accreditation process, PDI Medical will further prove its healthcare value to patients, caregivers and the state of Illinois.”

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Introducing the Specialty Pharmacy Podcast Show - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 331

As the Pharmacy Podcast Network expands its verticals of subject matter intelligence we launch the SPECIALTY PHARMACY PODCAST Show with host Harry Travis, PharmD, MBA.

The Specialty Pharmacy Podcast Show will cover the vast business topics about the complex business of the specialty pharmacy sector of the pharmacy industry. 

Our host of the Specialty Pharmacy Podcast Show is Mr. Travis is CEO of etectRx, inc. The company has developed a breakthrough wireless system, the ID-Cap, that incorporates a tiny ingestible wireless sensor into oral capsules that definitively, reliably, and safely indicates when a patient has taken their medicine.  

Mr. Travis is an experienced healthcare executive with over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of specialty and non-specialty pharmaceutical channel management. He has held senior leadership positions with Baxter Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Accredo/Medco and Aetna. Most recently he held the position of Vice President of Aetna’s Specialty and Home-Delivery Pharmacy Business. This multi-billion-dollar business was ranked in the top five specialty pharmacies in the US. Upon graduating from pharmacy school, Harry practiced as a community pharmacist for Peoples Drug Stores before returning to graduate business school at the University of Virginia.  

Harry holds a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, and an MBA from The Darden School at the University of Virginia.  

Contact Harry:

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Non-Competes, Trade Secrets, Baked Beans, & Pharmacy - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 330

In the 2nd installment of the 'GAVEL & PESTLE PODCAST' with host Darshan Kulkarni we discuss employee rights, the employer's options, trade secret law, and Baked Beans.

Gavel & Pestle Podcast - on Twitter

Let's Roll that Beautiful Podcast Footage!

Darshan Kulkarni - on Twitter 

FDA Reg & Compliance Attorney | Visiting Professor | Author | International Speaker Editorial & Advisory Board Member 


All content provided on this "Pharmacy Podcast Network" audio-blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this podcast makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this show or found by following any link on this site. 

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5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy Part 3 of 5 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 329

5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy Part 3, Erin L. Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD interviews - Tony Guerra, Pharm D., Instructor of the Pharmacy Technician Program with Des Moines Area Community College. 

Tony is a dynamic pharmacy professional. He's a published Audio Book Author, Educator, Book Reviewer, Member of ΦΔX, dad of three beautiful triplet girls. 

Follow Tony on Twitter 

Tony Guerra, Pharm.D.
Chair, Instructor
Pharmacy Technician Program
Des Moines Area Community College
2006 S Ankeny Blvd Bldg 24 Room 304
Ankeny, IA 50023

(Rumor mill, Tony might be the next Pharmacy Podcast Co-Host, stay tuned) 

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Pharmacy Marketing Strategies with Nicolle McClure - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 328

Pharmacy Podcast Show co-Host Nicolle McClure interviews Cheri Schmit, R.Ph., who is GRX Marketing's Clinical Coordinator, and "pharmacy immunization queen". Nicolle and Cheri discuss the evolution of giving vaccines in the pharmacy, and where it’s headed, marketing tips, and dealing with public feedback. 

About Nicolle:

Nicolle McClure started GRX Marketing in 2010, after hearing a need from local independent pharmacists wanting assistance with their marketing. She also oversees marketing for 18 community pharmacies in central Iowa that are owned by GRX Marketing's parent company, GRX Holdings, where Nicolle has worked since 2008. Prior to her current position, she worked for Medicap Pharmacies INC. for four years, where she was responsible for providing marketing services for 65 Medicap Pharmacy franchisees nationwide.

Nicolle has more than 11 years of pharmacy marketing experience and 14 years in marketing overall. She graduated Iowa State University in 2001 with a degree in Advertising, and her passion has always been supporting local businesses and helping them increase their market share amongst larger competitors.

ph: 515-280-2913  em:
2929 Westown Parkway, Suite 100, West Des Moines, IA 50266

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5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy Part 2 of 5 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 327

5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy Part 2, Erin L. Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD interviews Hazel Walker, a strong, inspiring woman, mother, and entrepreneur, Hazel is focused on helping you tap your full business potential.

In the process she's designed, you’ll be motivated, rewarded, and transformed; she will challenge your thinking, call you on your excuses, and help you create a new vision for your self, your business, and your life.

Based both in Perth, Australia and Indianapolis, Indiana, Hazel travels the globe speaking to women’s organizations about the importance of building strong networks both locally and globally. She has become known as the Global Referral Expert.

Organizations big and small turn to Hazel for her whip-smart, fun, and insightful perspectives on understanding behaviors, implementing change, and what it takes to reach the greatest levels of success in your own back yard and around the world.

Hazel Walker BNI Franchise Owner

Indiana National Training Director

BNI AU Author Business Networking and Sex

Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Dreamer

US Phone: 317-407-5331

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From the founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Show, Todd Eury releases today the Gavel & Pestle Podcast Show with host - Darshan KulkarniThe Gavel & Pestle Podcast is the fusion of Law and Pharmacy. 

Darshan is a PharmD and Lawyer who's focused on providing legal, regulatory, and clinical assistance to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products, especially starting at the point of post-IND assistance through commercialization of the product. 

Darshan helps US based and international companies manage the myriad of regulations from FDA, HHS, OIG, US Attorney's Office, DOJ, etc. as are applicable to the discovery, manufacture, and sale of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products. He also has legal, clinical, teaching, and regulatory backgrounds assisting pharmaceutical companies and their service providers ranging from 1 person consultants to multi-billion dollar, multi-national pharmaceutical companies in US-related legal, regulatory, and compliance activities.


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The Multi-Million Dollar iMedicare Impact - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 325

Why do 4,000+ pharmacies currently use iMedicare. Find out why in today's Pharmacy Podcast interview with CEO Flaviu Simihaian. 

Here's what you need to know about the iMedicate iMPACT! 

Demystify PBM Reimbursements  

See which plans pay you more for specific medications on specific plans and identify opportunities to make more money. It even calculates your DIR fees. Don't forget Medicare or Medicaid patients can change plans any time during the year.

Avoid Preferred Closed Networks  

View plans in your network as well as which plans your pharmacy is preferred on. Moreover, you can now see which Medicare plans have been reported to send letters or make phone calls to patients pressuring them to go to other pharmacies or to mail-order. 

View therapeutic alternatives on formulary  

It's time to stop calling insurance to check what's covered. iMedicare shows drug alternatives on every formulary, with their coverage tier and copay, as well as reimbursement for each alternative.  Now you can give the doctor options that are cost effective for the patient without ever calling the insurance company. You can even see if a new drug will put them in the donut hole sooner.

Improve Your Star Rating  

iMedicare can increase revenue and improve your pharmacy's star rating by identifying which patients can benefit from actionable interventions.  Whether it is a Diabetes patient needing an ACE-I/ARB or a patient with several high risk medications, you can identify therapy changes that are cost effective for the patient, as well as increase reimbursements.

Contact iMedicare Today:

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Drug Diversion Prevention Strategies - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 324

Special guest - Udobi Campbell Pharm.D., M.B.A. Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC shares her operations story of drug diversion prevention by leveraging Omnicell technologies, processes, and proactive procedures. 

Duke University Hospital (DUH) is the flagship hospital of Duke University Health System (DUHS) and a full-service, 957-bed, three million square foot quaternary academic medical center. With the goal of improving healthcare in the Carolinas, James B. Duke willed $4 million in 1925 which allowed for the establishment of DUH and its medical and nursing schools.

DUH's focus on continuous improvement is aligned with its vision to discover, develop and deliver a healthier tomorrow. Volume statistics from fiscal year 2015 indicate greater than 40K inpatient admissions and over 1 million outpatient visits. Areas of highly-specialized, complex services include - stem cell/bone marrow transplant, pediatric cardiac intensive care, comprehensive cancer center, level 1 trauma center, solid organ transplant, and TJC disease specific accreditation for VAD and stroke.


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Pharmacy Friday August 5 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 323

Today’s Pharmacy Friday Wrap-up Show with my podcast brother Alex Barker, PharmD, founder of Pharmacy Life Radio, we talk about Pokemon GO,...oh no!! 

Today’s show includes discussion around:

Reach out to Alex and I – Let’s talk about what you want to hear, let’s get you on the Pharmacy Podcast Show, Pharmacy Friday Wrap Up Show!

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