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Serving the Underserved

Christine Dimaculangan 

P4 at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy


Welcome to the Pharmacy Podcast Network, I’m your cohost Tony Guerra for the PharmacyFutureLeaders podcast broadcasting from DMACC’s Ankeny Campus.

Connect with me on Twitter at Tony_PharmD or on YouTube at TonyPharmD where you can find over 700 pharmacy videos supporting my audiobook Memorizing Pharmacology and new book How to Pronounce Drug Names, both available on Amazon.

Today we're going to be talking with Christine Dimaculangan a P4 at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy who has specific interests in serving the underserved, community pharmacy, and public health. Welcome to the pharmacy podcast.

  1. You are in a 0 – 6 program, so you had an early interest in health care, tell me about some early influences you had in deciding on that type of program. You had the interesting choice between rural and urban.
  1. You’re from Jersey, but decided on Philadelphia, what made you choose your college?
  1. I’m from the DC suburbs and the living in Baltimore city was a shock to me at first, but I ended up loving the convenience and vibrancy of a big city. Tell me what you love about living In the city?
  1. Interprofessionalism is something that is now required by the accreditation documents in many health professions, tell me about your unique interprofessional experience with medical students. 
  1. You’ve been tagged as a leader by your faculty as you’ve arrived at your P4 year, what innovative practices can you share that you’ve completed especially as it relates to social media, Twitter and Instagram 
  1. You have a passion and commitment to community pharmacy, I find that being able to have a certain level of autonomy is what really provides satisfaction for community pharmacists, what kind of services would you want to offer? 
  1. You’ve prioritized a mission to serve the underserved, what does that look like after graduation?
  1. A college that has their students for six years instead of four has a bit of an advantage in creating longitudinal opportunities, tell me a little bit about your experiences and how the faculty / city / environment have made you the future pharmacist you are now.
  1. What APPE rotations did you choose when thinking about serving the underserved, do you focus on the clinical, the social, even the business/public health financial?
  1. What blanket advice would you have for new graduates?

Contact information you want to share:

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Twitter and instagram: cadimaculangan

Link to Summer Medical Institute in Philadelphia


CONTACT: (email:

Contact Dr. Guerra:

On Twitter: Tony PharmD 

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Gavel & Pestle Podcast host - Darshan Kulkarni talks about the effects of non-compliant pharmacies and pharmacy law. 

Due to the meningitis outbreak caused by NECC’s products, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, MD, was twice called to testify before Congress. She explained that the FDA is inadequately empowered to regulate these compounding pharmacies. Most recently, Commissioner Hamburg revealed that inspections by the agency have found appalling conditions in other compounding pharmacies. Inspections carried out from February through April have documented rusty tools, bare-handed employees handling drugs, and black particles in “sterile” solutions. According to the commissioner, these unacceptable conditions cause significant risks to public health.
As a result of the meningitis outbreak and subsequent findings, several bills have been proposed in Congress to improve regulation of compounding pharmacy. Some proposals would let the current structure continue as is, while others would require pharmacies to register and operate as manufacturers. While the former approach ignores the tragedies that occurred, the latter seemingly may take regulations too far.

Darshan Kulkarni has extensive experience handling complex regulatory affairs related to pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Darshan can identify FDA compliance risks and work with your organization to develop proactive strategies to mitigate these risks. By working with us as your FDA attorney and regulatory consultant, you earn change management skills and the education to develop the right global regulatory strategies for you.


Phone: 215-703-7842 1001 

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Pharmacy Podcast Network Blair Thielemier, PharmD interviews Clay Bullard, President of PGx Medical. 

The PGx Medical team works alongside clinicians to help determine the right drug, the right dose, for the right person through their pharmacogenetic program, making it simple for physicians, pharmacists and healthcare professionals to incorporate personalized medicine into their patient care.  This test guides providers in making actionable clinical decisions by optimizing patient medications.

PGx Medical believes you will lower healthcare costs, increase clinical efficiencies all while improving patient quality of life.

Clay Bullard, President
PGx Medical

Corporate Office:

3917A E. Memorial Road

Edmond, OK 73013

Phone:  405-509-5112



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HIMSS 2017 PREVIEW SHOW - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 394
The HIMSS 2017 Preview Show
HIMSS17 Conference:
Women's Programs at HIMSS:


HIMSS-Pharmacy Folks 

HIMSS programs for pharmacists, pharmacy, biosimilars and drugs: 

Mandi Bishop: @mandibpro; Aloha Health: 
Kristin Eilenberg: @keilenberg; Lodescore: 
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A Valentine for Women in Healthcare: 6 Steps to Career Development, Leadership and Gender Parity

Healthcare Businesswomen's Association: 

Linkedin Long Post on these 6 steps 

Who's at the helm of healthcare? A tracker of gender and C-suite healthcare execs:

Pink Magazine (now digitally Little Pink Book):

Yahoo! Finance (For SEC filings for for-profit businesses):

Guidestar (For Form 990s, with non-profit organizations):

The S(He) Says Guide to Mentoring (Coming spring 2017):

Why Mentoring and Sponsorship are Key to Gender Parity:

Atlanta, GA - Women on Board workshops: 



The Women's Campaign School at Yale: (Application for the 2017 summer session runs through April 10, 2017.)

Women in State Legislatures 2017:

Erin Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD, PAHM

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Research and National Residency Searches



Today we're going to be talking with Sunish Shah, a Student Pharmacist in his final year at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Sunish currently practices as a pharmacotherapeutics tutor at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and as a Pharmacy Intern at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital.

Sunish is passionate about critical care medicine, infectious disease, mentorship within the profession of pharmacy and clinical research. He has recently been awarded first place for a parenteral nutrition study by the Delaware Valley Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

  1. You are in a 0 – 6 program, so you had an early interest in health care, tell me about the influence your family had on your choice of the broader healthcare profession and narrower focus on pharmacy. Specifically, focus on the importance your family put on volunteerism 
  1. You’re from Northern PA, but decided on Philadelphia, what made you choose your college?
  1. I’m from the DC suburbs and the living in Baltimore city was a shock to me at first, but I ended up loving the convenience and vibrancy of a big city. What do you like best about Philly?
  1. Tell me a little bit about the leadership roles you had between your freshman and sophomore year and how much you focus on the pharmacy in that part of your curriculum. At DMACC our students can take prepharmacy classes, but that’s a different experience than taking classes with your future professional classmates.

  2. You’ve been tagged as a leader by your faculty as you’ve arrived at your P4 year, what innovative practices can you share that you’ve completed.
  1. You went to Mid-Year in Las Vegas, tell me about the experience and what you got out. You spent a day talking with residents and their posters, I’d like to hear about that.
  1. You’ve prioritized fit and research interests above location and finances, tell me what you’re looking at as you do your national search for the best fit residency.
  1. A college that has their students for six years instead of four has a bit of an advantage in creating longitudinal opportunities, tell me a little bit about your research experiences especially how a professor moved away, but you continued the research project.
  2. You’ve made a commitment to making an impact at each APPE rotation you’re in, tell me about the clinical progress you’ve made in cardiology, ID, and other clinical practices.
  1. You’ve made a clear choice to go for a residency rather than PhD or Fellowship, tell me how you made that decision.
  1. What does it mean to be a researcher to you, I understand the concept in a broad sense, but what experience do you need in professional school to move that title forward?
  1. 12. What blanket advice would you have for pre-pharmacy students?


Contact Guest: Sunish Shah


P4 at Usciences COP


SPECIAL THANKS to our episode sponsor: USciences 



Tony Guerra, Pharm.D.
Chair, Instructor
Pharmacy Technician Program
Des Moines Area Community College 



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Gavel & Pestle Podcast host -Darshan Kulkarni, PharmD, MS, Esq - provides insight on Off-Label indication and illegal promotion of drugs. What you don't know can get you thrown in jail or millions in fines.  

Providing Coverage for Off-label Prescriptions
While off-label promotion is the purview of the Justice department, certain off-label prescribing is for all intents and purposes sanctioned by behemoth entities such as Medicare, and guided by national compendia. In 1993, a portion of the Omnibus Reconciliation Act legally required Medicare to cover an off-label use of a cancer drug if it is in the drug compendia, or is supported by peer-reviewed articles in certain journals outlined by Medicare.

References: BioWorld Perspectives 

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Pharmacy Future Leaders - Tim Baker CFP - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 390


A Pharmacist’s Financial Planner



Usually we talk with innovative new pharmacy practitioners and soon to be pharmacy graduates, but today we’ll talk to with an innovative provider to pharmacists.

Tim Baker is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and owner of Script Financial, a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to helping pharmacists meet their financial goals.   He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and after spending some time in the Army and in the private sector working as a logistician, he decided to pivot to the financial services industry because of his desire to work with and help people 1-on-1.  He first worked for a small independent firm before workings specifically with the pharmacy profession. 

Tim spends much of his time reading and listening to shows about pharmacy (like the Pharmacy Podcast Show!) to better understand the profession in order to provide the highest quality service to his clients.  Tim is based in Baltimore, MD, but works with clients nationwide.  

  1. Everyone’s leadership road is different, let’s start with where you are today, and how you became a leader in helping pharmacists with their financial futures.


  1. I lived in Baltimore from 1993 to 1997 and back again from 2001 to 2008, so I got to see two very different real estate markets, one of the first goals many people have is buying a house and you’re in the market for a home, what’s your process for evaluating homes and how it fits into your financial future?


  1. You mentioned that life events tend to be a good place to sit down and find a financial professional, graduation, marriage, having a child, or in my case three children at once, can you help me better understand the process that someone would go through to evaluate a financial planner? Before I give someone my financial information, I want to trust them.


  1. I think one reason people don’t go to a professional is the fear of judgment, you’ve mentioned some things in your background that I felt made you very approachable, your military service and your singular focus on the pharmacy community, you seemed very empathetic to the student loan debt and challenges students have, how do you ease a pharmacist’s concerns?


  1. Can you explain the fiduciary standard of care, you had a good analogy about a suit and fit and how it looked and that there’s a professional for everyone, can you talk more about that.


  1. It seemed that you meet people where they are financially, can you give me an story where you met someone at a financial place and how you helped them.


  1. Normally a financial planner earns their money based on assets under management, but you created a unique way of making your client’s success tied to your success that favors good decisions like paying off high interest credit cards vs. buying securities that may have taxable dividends and lower returns.


  1. Tell us a little about your use of technology for on-demand content and recordings that you provide and how you set the future meetings so your clients aren’t strapped to an appointment time as much.


A Pharmacist’s Financial Planner

Guest: Tim Baker CFP 


Twitter: @timbaker856




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The Truth about Chiropractors on the Patient's Podcast - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 389

The Patient's Podcast - Kristy Sobel talks with Dr. Carmen Johanning who's a passionate licensed Chiropractor in Richmond, Virginia.

Kristy Sobel has had the pleasure of knowing Kristy for over 20 years. She has seen her journey thru and navigates thru her health challenges and the healthcare system. 

Dr. Johanning adds, "As I treat patients who have been thru traditional/allopathic medicine . these are some of the things that I wish patients who deal with chronic health conditions knew." 

About Dr. Johanning 

Dr. Johanning completed her pre-chiropractic studies at Hamline University in St. Paul Minnesota. After graduating from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1992, she decided to leave the cold winters of Minnesota and head to the beautiful state of Virginia.

"When I moved to Richmond in 1993, Virginia was one of the most chiropractically underserved states in the nation. The numbers of chiropractors available to help people were limited and the numbers of female chiropractors were even smaller. I felt that I could really make a difference in Central Virginia's holistic healthcare…. the decrease in amounts of snow shoveling was icing on the cake!"

In her 24 years in practice, Dr. Johanning has had the privilege of helping hundreds of people not only with pain relief from back pain and headaches, but also with optimizing their overall health and making positive healthy lifestyle changes.

"Education is key. Pain is a big motivator for many to seek chiropractic care. In addition to pain relief though, I want my patients to understand how their bodies are designed to function normally. We need to fix the underlying source of the problem- not just mask the symptoms, and learn how to prevent the problems from reoccurring in the future. Just like many people have a dentist whom they have trusted for decades with the health and maintenance of their teeth, I want to be their family's chiropractor to maintain the health of their spines and nervous systems for decades to come. We can live healthy lives and age gracefully together!"

When not helping the people of Richmond with their health, Dr. Johanning loves spending time with her husband Mark and two children Rachel and Derek.


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The Future of Work in Pharmacy & Healthcare - Part Two - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 388
Part 2: The Future of Work in Pharmacy & Healthcare
15 Sites Where you can Freelance: 
Writing to enhance your career with Dr. Voci - Pharmacy Podcast: 

Places who hire pharmacists to work from home (typically in a W-2, but sometimes as a 1099):
1. Healthcare insurance companies - prior authorization, formulary, fraud/abuse/waste, pipeline or new drugs
2. Community pharmacy - telepharmacy, counseling patients from home
3. Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry - field based MSL (see link above for other podcast), HECON or HEOR MSL, pharma sales, sales management.  Someone at LinkedIn suggested clinical research as well - working for a clinical research organization (CRO) as a clinical research associate (CRA), etc.
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