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Today we’re speaking to Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD is an Associate Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine but her clinical home is at Bellevue Hospital, the oldest public hospital in the country. She is a founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Bellevue Literary Review

Her newest book is “What Patients Say; What Doctors Hear,” an exploration of doctor-patient communication and how refocusing the conversation between doctors and patients can improve health outcomes.

Everyone’s leadership road is a little different, how did you become a leader in the Patient / Doctor relations space?

As a bestselling author, many think that your life is perfect, what was your most difficult moment as an author that might help others understand the struggle to get to where you are?

We’ll talk about your other books in a little while, but tell me about this newest book, it in some ways seems like a culmination of some of what you’ve learned in other works.

You are the author of four other books about life in medicine, can you tell me how these work together as either a journey or cohesive whole?

Danielle was also editor of a medical textbook—The Bellevue Guide to Outpatient Medicine—which won a Best Medical Textbook award.

Danielle Ofri writes regularly for the New York Times about medicine and the doctor-patient relationship. Her essays have also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, Slate, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, CNN and on National Public Radio.

How do you get a review from Lancet and other high end publications like these?

How do you balance literary writing and popular writing? Very few people move into both.

Her essays have been selected twice for Best American Essays and also for Best American Science Writing. She is the recipient of the McGovern Award from the American Medical Writers Association for “preeminent contributions to medical communication.”

She has given TED talks on Deconstructing Perfection and Fear: A Necessary Emotion for Doctors, and has also performed stories for the Moth. She is featured in the upcoming documentary: “Why Doctors Write.”


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McKesson Pharmacy Technology and Services Division Vice President of Sales – Ian Fallon interviews Pharmacy Technology Innovation Vice President of Towncrest Pharmacy Mike Deninger from Iowa City on the Med-Sync impact on patient care and operational efficiency.

Mike Deninger

Towncrest Pharmacy, Inc.

2306 Muscatine Avenue

Iowa City, IA 52240

Ph: (319) 337-3526

Medication synchronization is when the pharmacist coordinates the refill of yourmedications so you can pick them up on a single day each month. Many people miss doses of their regular medications and med sync can make you more likely to take them.

McKesson Med Sync Guide:

The Med Sync Guide provides a simple, five-step process to implement a medication synchronization program at your pharmacy. For each step, there is a corresponding tool to provide a quick reference as the pharmacy team is initiating the program. This guide is recommended as an on-the-job tool as it provides a quick summary of the details for each step.

Step 1: Patient Identification and Recruitment

This quick guide allows you to identify eligible patients as well as provides a structured approach for prioritizing patients. This approach will evolve over time, and the tool keeps you focused as a new or experienced med sync team. Talking points for enrolling patients are also provided. 

Step 2: Selection of Medications

Selecting the right medications to sync can seem daunting at first. This quick guide will provide confidence as you are reviewing a patient’s medication profile. A three-step process for medication selection is reviewed. Which medications to synchronize as well as those to avoid are listed for an at-a-glance reminder.

Step 3: Alignment of Medications

Once the medications are selected, you’ll need to choose a sync date and complete short fills. These steps are outlined and details such as short fill codes are captured on this tool. You’ll also have access to a quick summary of key follow-up needs.

Step 4: The Appointment

An effective appointment with the patient is key to driving the financial and clinical benefits of med sync. Both appointment preparation and conducting an actual med sync appointment are outlined in this tool.

Step 5: Maintenance

Once the appointment is complete, it is crucial that patients are maintained through key steps. Routine steps are a must to be successful. This tool reviews the needed steps as well as guidelines for team roles to ensure patients stay on sync. 

For more information on the Med-Sync technology by McKesson Pharmacy Technology & Services, contact:

Aaron Huet

Sr. Marketing Manager

McKesson Pharmacy Technology and Services (MPTS)  

412.625.2267 (O) 412.506.1459 (C)


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PCAB Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding Workshop

July 25-26, 2017

Fairleigh Dickinson School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Florham Park, NJ

The PCAB Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding Pharmacy workshop provides pharmacy personnel with a comprehensive overview of the accreditation process and a standard-by-standard review of the requirements for sterile and non-sterile compounding. The two-day course is conducted with a personalized approach that delivers valuable insight into the accreditation process.
This workshop will offer 8.75 CEs.

During the workshop, an AU Clinical Educator and Surveyor will provide participants with:

Hands-on training for using the take-home ACHC Accreditation Guide to Success workbook, a program-specific and comprehensive tool that offers guidance on the meanings
and requirements of each ACHC Accreditation Standard

  • Resources that contain audit tools and hints
  • How to prepare a PCAB-compliant PI program
  • A take-home USP Gap Analysis Tool
  • Essential components for accreditation preparation
  • Best practices for a successful on-site survey
  • Round table discussions, networking opportunities,and the ability to add submissions for round table topics

Each attendee will receive the ACHC Accreditation Guide to Success workbook for FREE, which will be used as the primary learning instrument during the course. This workbook serves as a valuable reference tool for achieving or maintaining accreditation.

Unless otherwise noted, workshops are held at ACHC’s Corporate Headquarters in Cary, NC
(a five-minute drive from Raleigh-Durham International airport - RDU).

Learning Objectives:

  • Review compounding standards
  • Establish expectations for survey day and strategies for survey success
  • Discuss compliance topics and Performance Improvement (PI)
  • Learn how to utilize the ACHC Accreditation Guide to Success workbook to ensure ongoing compliance
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The Independent Pharmacist's Take on Health Coaching
Health coaching is a technique that empowers patients to make lasting health behavior changes that improve overall well-being. It provides patients with health care implementation options that better suit their lifestyle and abilities.
Health coaching programs have the potential to foster better health outcomes, especially with patients who are chronically ill or represent an at risk population for medication non-adherence (e.g. elderly, patients on psychotropic medications).
Independent Pharmacy Owner: 
Vito Colombo can be reached at 
Dr. Christina Tarantola 
Licensed Pharmacist, Certified Health Coach & Author 
The Diet Doc LLC
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Part 2 - We address:
-Rescheduling of drugs, ex: benzodiazepines
-Opioid crisis
-Heroin addiction
-How we might fix the problem of opioid addiction in the US

Mr. Joseph T. Rannazzisi — Deputy Assistant Administrator (RETIRED), Office of Diversion Control, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Joe Rannazzisi, JD, RPh, began his career with the U.S. Drug Enforcement(DEA) in 1986. He served as a staff pharmacist at the Veterans Administration for the 18 months preceding his employment with DEA.

During his DEA career, he served as a Diversion Investigator (Indianapolis), Special Agent/Criminal Investigator (Indianapolis/Detroit), Clandestine Laboratory Coordinator (Detroit), Homicide Task Force Supervisor (Detroit), Staff Coordinator (Domestic Operations-Headquarters), Section Chief (Dangerous Drugs and Chemicals Section-Headquarters), Assistant Special Agent in Charge (Detroit), and Deputy Chief (Office of Enforcement Operations-Headquarters).

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Cristal Greene has been a certified pharmacy technician since 1998, worked in a pharmacy since 1994 as a junior in high school at a small hospital pharmacy, and went on to earn a Bachelor’s in Biology from Wichita State University and has taught at Hutchinson Community College since 2008 as the Pharmacy Technician Program Coordinator.

We talk about her leadership road, hybrid pharmacy technician program at Hutchinson Community College, the Pharmacy Technician Educator’s Council (PTEC) national meeting in Las Vegas July 13-15, 2017

and the challenges of running and maintaining an ASHP Accredited Pharmacy Technician Program



Cristal Greene, BS, CPhT

Hutchinson Community College


1300 North Plum,

Hutchinson, KS 67501

Phone 620 665 3346


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Dr. Erin Albert brings us a special Pharmacy Podcast Episode with Co-Founder Doug Hirsch of GoodRx. GoodRx was co-founded by Scott Marlette and Doug Hirsch, both early employees of Facebook. Hirsch was VP of Product at Facebook back in 2005, and Marlette, one of the company's first 20 employees, was an engineer who worked on, among other things, Facebook's photo application.
GoodRx is the leading prescription discount and pricing transparency provider, bringing millions of Americans the lowest possible prices for prescription drugs. 
The company's products, including its website and the #1 medical app in the App Store, are completely free and available to all Americans, insured or not. 
A lot of people don't realize that drug pricing is not at all fixed. The same prescription can vary in price dramatically from pharmacy to pharmacy. GoodRx's propriety market-intelligence technology evaluates available pricing at more than 70,000 pharmacies to bring customers up to 80% savings on their prescriptions. With GoodRx, Americans can finally compare prices and locations to find the best place to fill their prescriptions. We provide all the available pricing information, as well as GoodRx-exclusive coupons, and share all of this directly with the consumer, allowing the patient to make the smartest-possible purchasing decision based on their needs. Here's a video, showing this in full:
Since the company's launch in 2011, Americans have saved approximately $3 billion using GoodRxservices. 
Just last week, GoodRx launched a joint program with Express Scripts called Inside Rx, that provides discounts on brand-name drugs, reducing the cost of more than 40 popular brand-name medications by an average of 34% off the retail price, including some of the most commonly prescribed drugs for diabetes, asthma and other prevalent American conditions. Here's our announcement:
Just this week, we added six new drugs to the Inside Rx program. See them here:
On average, the program’s discounts will provide savings of about $1,600 per year. Consumers and patients can visit to easily access the discounts. There are no fees, signups, or obligations required -- you simply present the GoodRx discount at a participating pharmacy and save.


Doug Hirsch, (co-Founder and co-CEO of GoodRx), is on a mission to lower the cost of prescriptions in America. In 2010, while on private insurance with a high deductible, Doug received an alarmingly expensive prescription from a doctor, and decided to shop around for a lower price. He quickly realized how helpless Americans were, with no one-stop destination for prescription discounts and prices, a resource that could help patients shop smarter for the medications they need. So, in 2011, Doug launched GoodRx with co-founders Trevor Bezdek and Scott Marlette. To-date, GoodRx has saved Americans over $3 billion on their prescriptions.

Earlier in his career, Doug spent 10 years at Yahoo, Inc., where he was among the first 30 employees. He conceived and/or managed the earliest online communities including Yahoo! Mail, GeoCities, Yahoo! Groups, Yahooligans, Yahoo! Personals, Yahoo! Chat, and more. Later, as General Manager of Yahoo! Entertainment, he was responsible for Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! Entertainment and a joint-venture with Paramount. In 2005, he joined Facebook as Vice President of Product, where he built Facebook Photos and other products. Post-Facebook, Doug founded DailyStrength, the web’s largest community for people facing health and life challenges. DailyStrength was acquired in 2008 by HSW International. Doug is a magna cum laude graduate of Tufts University and currently lives in Santa Monica with his family, where GoodRx is headquartered.

Erin Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD, PAHM
CEO, Pharm, LLC
Post Office Box 335
Fishers, IN 46038 USA
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Mindfulness is getting a lot of hype in the news, and many corporations and organizations such as Google, Aetna and UCLA have staff teaching Mindfulness. In fact, Aetna appointed a “Chief Mindfulness Officer” over a year ago. We’ll discuss how Mindfulness is being used to improve physical, mental and emotional health, and to manage, if not reduce stress, chronic pain and PTSD. We'll talk about its benefits and the compelling research conducted so far. And if you’re interested in trying it, how to start a Mindfulness practice.

Bio of our guest - Tanya Valle 

Tanya Valle helps professionals lead life from purpose and passion. And she provides Mindfulness instruction to organizations and individuals.

As a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, she develops and implements Mindfulness programs for organizations, communities, and individuals. She also provides independent Life Coaching services. A native New Yorker, Tanya is a former New York City television reporter, Press Secretary under former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Fortune 50 corporate public relations executive, and public relations business owner. Tanya is a dedicated meditator who has experienced the benefits of meditation, and believes in its potential for positive transformation.


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