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A Conversation with Author Marcy Pusey

Self-Publishing School with Chandler Bolt:
Marcy Pusey's Bio: Marcy Pusey, CRC, is a clinical counselor, best selling author, writing and publishing coach, wife, and mommy. Marcy’s writing has appeared in newspapers, magazines, blog posts, children’s books, and books for adults internationally. She has been a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators for nearly a decade. Marcy has published traditionally with small presses in the US and self published an Adult Non Fiction: Reclaiming Hope: Overcoming the Challenges of Parenting Foster and Adopted Children, two picture books: Tercules and According to Corban, and a journal: Castle Quest. A 3rd picture book, Speranza’s Sweater, is due in February. She uses a decade of picture book writing experience and edits, critiques, and coaches other writers and their work, specializing in children’s literature. She also is a Self Publishing School Coach for Fiction and Non Fiction writers. She lives in the Black Forest of Germany with her husband and children. You can learn more about Marcy at
Marcy's Author Page on Amazon:
A special note from Marcy just for our listeners of the Pharmacy Podcast: For anyone in your audience who would like to know more about my work or children's writing and publishing, follow your special link to I LOVE what you're doing- thank you! It would be my great honor and joy to help any of you publish your book (and change your life)... whether you find me in Self Publishing School (COME!) or as a personal coach to guide you through writing and publishing your high quality children's books (COME!). On my special Pharmacy Podcast page, you'll find free templates that I use to hire my illustrators (my favorite part) and other tips and tricks for publishing today. I can't wait to meet you! 
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CVS Health Sponsors a 3-Part Podcast Series on 2018 Retail Spanish Immersion Internship.

This is part 3 of our 3 part series. 

Here's part 1:

Here's part 2: 

We welcome our guests:

  • Ron Snow Sr. Advisor, Pharmacist Recruitment Strategist 
  • Cara (Walkup) Healey Sr Advisor, Pharmacist Talent Acquisition at CVS Health 


Highlights of the 2018 Retail Spanish Immersion Internship:

  • 10 week paid internship within a CVS Health Retail location.
  • Participate in the care of patients with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, focusing on the Hispanic community and utilizing the Spanish language
  • Application of therapeutic principles, communication skills (including Spanish), and drug information skills are emphasized on a daily basis through interaction with patients and other health care professionals
  • Immersion with the Hispanic community and related disease states associated with those patients
  • Complete appropriate Phase training of the CVS intern program, ExperienceRx, to fulfill the Interns’ training, in addition to the Spanish/Hispanic experience
  • Fluency in Spanish is not mandatory to apply. Spanish courses previously taken in high school and/or college, or prior participation in mission trips to Spanish speaking countries may provide a baseline knowledge for program participation
  • Medical Spanish Course offered to assist in the intern’s development of counseling Spanish speaking patients.
  • Internship held from June 4th- through August 10th, 2018- these dates are firm


Key Dates

  • Application period: Now – February 16, 2018
  • Pharmacy applicant video screens: Now – March 1, 2018
  • Pharmacy applicant interviews: February 1- March 15, 2018
  • Intern selections finalized: April 1, 2018

Who is eligible? Pharmacy Interns who are currently enrolled in a US College of Pharmacy in their first professional year/P1 (Class of 2021) or second professional year/P2 (Class of 2020) year. They can be already employed by CVS or not yet employed for consideration.

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The Pharmacy Inspection Podcast delivers another great discussion with Donnie Calhoun, Pharmacist, Pharmacy owner and CEO & Executive Director for the American College of Apothecaries (ACA). Donnie brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the podcast this week as we discuss the topic of education within compounding including the future of pharmacy and the ACA’s role in providing pharmacists with quality education. 


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Another terrific episode from Pharmacy Inspection Podcast

This week we welcome Denise Frank, Pharmacist, Consultant, Educator…within compounding Denise has done a LOT!

We met Denise at the ACA meeting in Florida and had to have her on the podcast. Denise has also worked for the National Associations of Boards of Pharmacy and helped developed the program for how they inspect compounding pharmacies.

Denise is available for consulting work through Frank Consulting (click HERE).

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This episode is delivered by our Pharmacy Compounding mavens, the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast: This episode they welcome Erika Fallon, Supervising Pharmacist at Fallon Wellness Pharmacy to the podcast.

Erika is heavily involved in the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists as she is on their Board of Directors and also sits on the legislative committee as well.

Sign up for updates from

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Matt Paterini, PharmD, interviews Joseph Friedman, RPh., CEO at Professional Dispensaries of Illinois, (PDI) Medical LLC. From the moment Illinois’ Medical Cannabis program was signed into law, he became deeply involved in the complex process of positioning himself to open one or more medical cannabis dispensaries in Illinois.

On February 2, 2015, Illinois’ Governor Bruce Rauner conditionally awarded permits to operate medical cannabis dispensaries in Illinois. Friedman’s high scoring application was one of 57 granted a license. Friedman has a pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy, and a MBA from Illinois’ Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Through Friedman’s efforts, PDI Medical will become the first accredited dispensary in the nation through Ohio based NMMAO (National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization).

Friedman has also orchestrated the first ever pharmacy student “clinical” rotation at a medical cannabis dispensary. PDI Medical is working with two Chicago-based colleges of pharmacy; Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy, and Chicago State University College of Pharmacy. Pharmacy student rotations began October 3, 2016. This unique clinical rotation has been a tremendous success for the patients of PDI Medical, and the young pharmacy students involved.

He was Director of Pharmacy at Topco Associates LLC, and was Senior Director of Pharmacy Marketing at the Nash Company in Minneapolis. Friedman has become a content expert in the scientific, legal, social, political, and financial challenges facing U.S. entrants to the burgeoning medical cannabis industry.

Friedman has set the record for the most interviewed guest on The Pharmacy Podcast. His 4th interview occurred on a special “420” edition of the podcast show released on April 20, 2017. The Pharmacy Podcast show is accessed by thousands of pharmacists throughout the world. Through the Pharmacy Podcast network, Friedman is now the host of his own monthly podcast show, The Medical Potcast.

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Episode is brought to you by the new book, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later


Kindle ebook – now available on Amazon:


Pre-order your physical book copy at: 

Thanks for coming to SXSW Interactive Health Mentoring Session and inspiring this podcast!

Stats on Side Hustles:

40% of the workforce in the US will be freelance by 2020:


By 2020:


Jacob Morgan - Future of Work podcast:   

Dorie Clark -  Entrepreneurial You:


Dan Pink’s book:

Robert G. Allen book:

Side Hustle Options:

1.     Writing

a.     Digital social media – Mayo Social Media Residency:

b.     Blogging

c.     Newsletters

d.     Articles

e.     Books & ebooks – Self-Publishing School:

f.      Payhip – sell PDFs -

                                               i.     Example: certifications for pharmacists:

2.     Entrepreneur overall – Adam Grant’s book, Originals:

3.     Speaking

4.     Merchandise – Teespring: or recycling items (see below #16)

a.     #STEMPrincess dolls:

5.     Health, wellness, or career development coaching – International Coaching Federation:

6.     Investing – Pete the Planner: Robinhood: Kiplinger’s magazine:

7.     Teaching – offline or live

8.     Consulting

9.     Courses – online -

a.     My 4 courses as an example from link above:

                                               i.     57 Cool Jobs for pharmacists:

                                             ii.     Certifications for pharmacists:

                                            iii.     The MSL Career Primer:

                                            iv.     Indiana State Pharmacy Law Prep for MPJE:

10.  Real estate – airbnb or home away to traditional flipping and rentals

11.  Other gigs in pharmacy

a.     Ex: Work in industry full time

b.     Can you work in retail/community practice part time?

                                               i.     What is your day job’s policy?

                                             ii.     Professional liability insurance outside of day job?

12.  Surveys/brand naming and consulting/secret shopper

13.  Help a nonprofit part time

a.     Does it help build other capital (like social network)?

b.     Learn new work skills – social media, podcasting, other ways?

14.  Uber/Lyft/Fasten, etc.

15.  Contract pharmacy gigs

16.  Recycling

a.     Letgo:

b.     Decluttr,

c.     bookscouter,

d.     raise,

e.     etsy,

f.      ebay

17.  Part time work - other

18.  Put all these wares on 99 Designs/Fiverr/LinkedIn/Wethos:


*In full disclosure: My affiliations are with Amazon, and Self-Publishing School.

**No financial or legal advice in this episode is given individually. Please consult an attorney or financial professional in your jurisdiction for your individual advice needs. 

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The Pharmacy profession and the business of pharmacy continues to face dramatic changes and challenges. We continue to see how pharmacy contributes value to the overall healthcare industry and will determine its ongoing success. A key component of our transformation through pharmacy will the effective use of technology, specifically artificial intelligence. 

This podcast episode is an interesting conversation with "Gavel & Pestle Podcast" host Darshan Kulkarni VP Regulatory Strategy & Policy & Principal Attorney with The Kulkarni Law Firm. 

Kulkarni Law Firm
2929 Arch Street, Suite 1700
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Office Number: 215-948-8183

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More than just investors…

We focus on the outcomes that matter most.

The pharmacy owners we serve hold themselves accountable for achieving outcomes that matter for the people they serve. That’s why we hold ourselves accountable for helping pharmacy owners achieve a clear, well-defined set of outcomes in their personal, ownership and financial success.

Here are just a few:

Personal Success

  • Crystal clear clarity about what you want to accomplish and the best possible path for doing so
  • Living in discretionary abundance and having more time for everything that matters inside and outside of the pharmacy
  • The freedom and means to live the way you want
  • Spending more time with family and loved onesIIP Circles.png
  • Acquiring the means (tools, systems, support) to make every working week ideal

Call Waypoint 843-873-4420

Benjamin D. Coakley

P: 843-873-4420 ext. 13


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DEA and Controlled Substance Quotas 
CDC Guidelines on Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain:
TN Chronic Pain Guidelines on Opioids:  
Joseph T. Rannazzisi
Due Diligence Compliance, LLC
PO Box 292
Annandale, VA 22003
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