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Title: Academic Rotation

Guest: Emily Henningsen (email:

P4, University of Iowa

Welcome to the Pharmacy Podcast Network, I’m your cohost Tony Guerra for the PharmacyFutureLeaders podcast broadcasting from the Des Moines Health and Public Services Building at DMACC’s Ankeny Campus

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Today we have our P4 student, Emily Henningsen, a PharmD Candidate from Preston, Iowa who is looking at both ambulatory care and clinical community pharmacy opportunities. She’s especially excited to help patients with their continuity of care. She chose an academic rotation to impact students and learn what goes on behind the scenes as one develops courses and programs. 

  1. Everyone’s leadership road is a little different; tell us what you are doing now and how you got there.
  1. You’re almost a quarter done with your rotations, we’ve talked a little about the ticking clock for this year, how do you manage with job / rotation / life / NAPLEX studying balance?
  1. What’s the hardest part of the three years before your APPE rotations? (two weeks)
  1. You come from Preston, Iowa, which is a smaller to town. We’ve had Brandon Gerleman on who just graduated and is in Winterset and is very pro rural town, tell me about your divide between current opportunities in the profession and underserved communities?
  1. You can’t really know what kind of teacher a person is going to be before they get in front of students. I seen you excel teaching a cohort, a large classroom, and working with students one-on-one, what in your background at Iowa or otherwise do you think made you a good teacher?
  1. Many P4s are essentially homeless, how do you take advantage of the freedom that comes along with moving from one side of the state to the other because you went from Eastern Iowa to Central to Eastern Iowa back to Central Iowa then you bounce from Eastern Central Iowa to Eastern Iowa, anyway, you get the picture.
  1. What are you most looking forward to right now?
  1. What’s it like to be at in the front of the classroom?
  1. What advice do you have for a student who wants to learn to teach that you wish you had known?
  1. How did it feel when students started coming directly to you for advice and help with their class?
  1. You’ve made YouTube videos to help fellow students with their NAPLEX prep, what’s it like to get 1500 views?
  1. What did you learn from interviewing another P4 from another college?
  1. What blanket advice do you have for someone wanting to get to where you are?
  1. How do you prefer people contact you?

Emily Henningsen 


P4, University of Iowa


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