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The Dangers of Fad Diets: Misconceptions in Pharmacy Podcast Episode 215

Every day it seems like we hear about a new diet is ready to make weight loss faster and easier than ever before. For our 3rd installment of "Misconceptions in Pharmacy" - we interview Dr. Anyssa Garza - with RxWiki about these (sometimes) dangerous Fad Diets. Most fad diets go something like this: Take a few foods, give them 'magic' power, and set a plan to convince people that eating this way and only this way will promote weight loss. The following diets might spur short-term weight loss, but many are difficult to follow, have arbitrary rules, and a few could put your health in danger. 

Anyssa Garza received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Texas at Austin.  She was later recognized for her contributions to research in the area of alcohol dependence. She went on to act as Director of Pharmacy for a Central Texas Department of Aging and Disability facility where she provided care for underserved patients for several years.

Dr. Garza is currently working as the Director of Life Sciences Library at RxWiki where she continues to build her practice on the fundamental belief that providing patients with medication information and medical knowledge contributes significantly to the quality of care they receive and improves quality of life and health outcomes through medication adherence.

Dr. Garza’s work focuses on educating patients and providing them with the resources needed to navigate the overwhelming and complex health system and healthcare issues. 

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