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Jan 24, 2017


Building to a Career in Pharmacy Associations

Guest: Allie Jo Shipman

P4 at Mercer University College of Pharmacy

Welcome to the Pharmacy Podcast Network, I’m your cohost Tony Guerra for the PharmacyFutureLeaders podcast broadcasting from DMACC’s Ankeny Campus.

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Today we're going to be talking with Allie Jo Shipman who is a final year student pharmacist at Mercer University College of Pharmacy. She is currently in the Mercer PharmD/MBA dual degree program and will graduate in May. She has been involved in pharmacy associations throughout pharmacy school, and she is currently chair of the APhA-ASP Member Engagement Standing Committee and Secretary General for the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation. She plans to go into association management upon graduation.

  1. Everyone’s leadership road is a little different; tell us a little bit about your road to pharmacy school and what made you decide on pharmacy as a profession.
  1. You are at Mercer University in Georgia, which is outside your home state of South Carolina, what made you make the move?
  1. When did you decide that a PharmD/MBA was something you wanted to do and tell me a little bit about how the two degrees work in tandem at Mercer. 
  1. You’re heavily involved in Association Management, but first tell us the difference between an association and a board of pharmacy and their scopes of practice.
  1. You got to experience a pharmacy association in a 5-week APPE rotation, tell us what you did on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.
  1. How does the GPhA set priorities for the legislative session?
  1. Tell me a little bit about how attending regional and national meetings impacts your role as a leader in a pharmacy school especially with APhA-ASP.
  1. I know a little bit about the APhA-ASP Summer Leadership Institute, but tell me about how you would be selected, what you do there and why you would go multiple times.
  1. You’re graduating soon; tell me about APhA’s New Practitioner’s Network and how that fits into your future.

  2. You’ve been tagged as a leader by the Georgia Pharmacy Association’s CEO, what do you think made you stand out? 
  1. What blanket advice do you have?

Allie Jo Shipman


P4 at Mercer University College of Pharmacy