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Feb 22, 2018

KeyCentrix Pharmacy Technology Solutions presents an intriguing discussion with mobile tech start up innovator Miguel Johns, CEO of KingFit. A Mobile Technology Advancement in Diabetes Care Strategies, a new diabetes education platform. 


Miguel Johns is the founder and CEO at KingFit. For people with diabetes, KingFit provides a mobile application that delivers industry leading diabetes education to the palm of your hand.


Miguel comes from a long family history of people with diabetes. His father has it, and grandmother as well. Miguel's grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes, she was sent home with a piece of paper and no guidance. She believed drinking fruit juice and chocolate milk were healthier options than drinking soda.


This inspired Miguel to study exercise science in college at Indiana State University where he played football. During his chronic disease management class, they watched a documentary called “Escape Fire”. The documentary was about the struggling healthcare system and featured multiple physicians calling for innovation.


This drove Miguel to begin an online health coaching platform based on the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program. He launched a digital coaching service that leveraged video to guide people to healthy lifestyle change.


After a year of running a coaching service, Miguel began pitching the idea of building a technology to support the coaching to the community. He came across an investor/advisor who challenged him to think bigger and focus on automating the technology.


So two years ago Miguel began building the idea of the KingFit app. Miguel and his team spoke with nearly 100 healthcare professionals to discover where our application would best fit in the current healthcare system and multiple diabetes educators pointed us in the direction of diabetes self-management education.

They discovered that 95% of people newly diagnosed with diabetes go without formal diabetes self-management education. This is a problem because DSME has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of renal failure, neuropathy, and loss of vision by up to 40%. Saving the US Healthcare System thousands of dollars per patient per year.


There are three key reasons why this is happening. The patient’s insurance does not cover the cost so they would have to pay $300-$500 out of pocket. The patient lives in one of the 1500 US counties that does not offer the services. Or the DSME classes are too inconvenient to fit into the patient’s busy schedule.


KingFit is solving this problem with a free for the user app, that brings the educators to the palm of your hand and delivers the programming in consumable bite-size pieces that the patient can go through on their time at their pace.


The KingFit super star team of diabetes educators have combined to publish over 20 books, 300 articles and started 5 diabetes focused businesses. They have sat on regional and national boards for the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. The programs they have developed for the application follow the guidelines for accredited diabetes self-management education.

KingFit is unique because it includes a master of nursing, an exercise physiologist, a psychologist and a dietitian. This gives people access to expertise in a way like never before at scale.


The KingFit application is the only diabetes self-management education that can act as a stand alone program or as a supplement to an existing chronic disease management workflow.