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Pharmacy Podcast Network

Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) is a first in the history of podcasting and the pharmacy industry as the first network dedicated to the pharmacist professional about the business of pharmacy. 25+ podcast channels and 70,000+ listeners with 30+ podcast co-hosts, the PPN is the leading the healthcare space worldwide as the most influential podcast network. 

The PPN started in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA by Pharmacy Business  Entrepreneur Todd S. Eury. Eury has gathered the brightest minds in pharmacy to create a viral network of podcasting intelligence. 

Partnering with RXVIP Enterprises for pharmacist provider patient care strategies to deliver more healthcare services and saving lives. The 1st Internet Radio station in the pharmacy industry with Helium Radio headquartered in Tampa FL. 

Jun 28, 2016

“Ego is like dust in the eyes. Clear the ego and see the world.” This quote describes the unfolding path of Nick Adkins from healthcare executive to kilt-wearing digital health evangelist.

Nick Adkins joins the Pharmacy Podcast Show to share his passion for all things "Digital Health" and building a better patient care delivery model. 

Nick Adkins is an Advisory Board Member with Carenection.  Carenection is a comprehensive solutions partner that brings together best-in-breed technology, network infrastructure and consulting services to create a seamless and transparent encounter for the patient and provider. Carenection is the most widely utilized telehealth network in the country, delivering over 40,000 encounters per month via thousands of video endpoints to hundreds of hospitals nationwide.

Nick’s journey begins with a BA in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi and a MBA from Belmont University.  A few of Nick’s initial stops were as a suit wearing executive for the Vanderbilt Health Plans and a serial entrepreneur in Nashville.

Nick attended Burning Man in 2010 for the first time and the dust cleared from his eyes. He returned to Nashville, ditched the suits, sold his company, and set out on a new journey that took him to Portland, Oregon. Nick is a co-founder at ReelDx, the creators of the open API for secure video messaging, a break through in telehealth. He serves as a thought leader for Carnegie Mellon University regarding elder care innovation and the use of telemedicine and design initiatives aimed at helping seniors age in place more comfortably.

Nick also sits on the advisory board for BitCura, a platform based on democratizing healthcare by believing that healthcare is a human right and a global responsibility and that each person should have their own voice regarding how their data is used. Nick’s passion for seeing the awesomeness in people, connecting with them on a personal level, and sharing in their stories is what sets him apart from other leaders in healthcare. He has helped to push the industry to remember that patients/people/us are at the center of our work.

His commitment to being present and open, listening to understand, and sharing heart speak, allow us to see the best of ourselves in each other.