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Pharmacy Podcast Network

Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) is a first in the history of podcasting and the pharmacy industry as the first network dedicated to the pharmacist professional about the business of pharmacy. 25+ podcast channels and 70,000+ listeners with 30+ podcast co-hosts, the PPN is the leading the healthcare space worldwide as the most influential podcast network. 

The PPN started in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA by Pharmacy Business  Entrepreneur Todd S. Eury. Eury has gathered the brightest minds in pharmacy to create a viral network of podcasting intelligence. 

Partnering with RXVIP Enterprises for pharmacist provider patient care strategies to deliver more healthcare services and saving lives. The 1st Internet Radio station in the pharmacy industry with Helium Radio headquartered in Tampa FL. 

Oct 27, 2016

A very special Pharmacy Podcast Show episode sponsored by iMedicare with pharmacy owner BRIAN CASWELL with WOLKAR DRUG in Baxter Springs Kansas and a long-time patient-customer Marilyn talk about the iMedicare benefits to better healthcare services. 
Brian Caswell
Wolkar Drug
1920 Military Ave
Baxter Springs, KS 66713
Siobhan Gilbert
Marketing Associate
Phone: 704.769.0540 Ext. 201