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Oct 31, 2016

The Pharmacy Podcast


Social Media and a Social Mission in Small Town Pharmacy

Guest: Brandon Gerleman (email: )

P4 University of Iowa College of Pharmacy


Welcome to the Pharmacy Podcast Network, I’m your cohost Tony Guerra for the #PharmacyFutureLeaders podcast broadcasting from Ankeny, Iowa.

We’re going to talk with innovative new pharmacy practitioners and soon to be pharmacy graduates.

Connect with me on Twitter at Tony underscore PharmD or you can find my email information on my TonyPharmD YouTube channel with over 700 pharmacy related videos. If you are interested in being part of the pharmacyfutureleaders show, please contact me there and if you are a P3 or P4 going to ASHP Midyear, you have until October 28th, to link on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag pharmacy future leaders, we will pay for one registration to that meeting.

Today’s guest is a 4th year University of Iowa pharmacy student who was president of the NCPA student chapter which recently won the national NCPA most improved chapter of the year. He was also vice president of the graduate and professional student government. He comes from Winterset, Iowa, in Madison County made popular through the novel and film The Bridges of Madison County and Winterset is the birthplace of John Wayne. Before entering pharmacy school he earned his bachelor’s in health science and a minor in economics from the University of Iowa

Everyone’s leadership road is a little different; tell us what you are doing now and how you got there.

Tell us a little bit about your current APPE rotation, we have an elective non-clinical APPE rotation here at DMACC, what’s your current rotation like?

The pharmacy podcast is about the business of pharmacy. You’re a millennial and you and the pharmacy you work for have embraced social media as part of the business of pharmacy. I talked with you earlier about what people respond to in a smaller town of about 5,000. Can you speak to what events your specific population is looking for from your social media content?

Tell us a little bit about your local political aspirations when you return home.

As mayor, you decide to tweak the shop small campaign to "shop small, sell big" meaning that not only is it important to buy in town, but that the area businesses work together through social media letting those outside of town know about what Winterset offers.

You’re involved in an initiative that helps bring and keep professionals moving towards rural underserved areas.

What do you feel is your area of expertise and what are two things that we can really learn from what you do?

Tell us how you became a leader and how your perception changed when that happened.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you as a leader and how did you get out of it?

Tell us about a time when you had an epiphany that changed how you thought about something?

We’re hearing mixed messages about the job market for pharmacists, you personally have had a very positive interaction in that regard, can you talk more about that even though you’re committed to going back to Winterset.

What’s the one thing you’re most excited about now?

What blanket advice do you have for someone wanting to get to where you are?

How do you prefer people contact you?

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