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Feb 28, 2017


Serving the Underserved

Christine Dimaculangan 

P4 at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy


Welcome to the Pharmacy Podcast Network, I’m your cohost Tony Guerra for the PharmacyFutureLeaders podcast broadcasting from DMACC’s Ankeny Campus.

Connect with me on Twitter at Tony_PharmD or on YouTube at TonyPharmD where you can find over 700 pharmacy videos supporting my audiobook Memorizing Pharmacology and new book How to Pronounce Drug Names, both available on Amazon.

Today we're going to be talking with Christine Dimaculangan a P4 at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy who has specific interests in serving the underserved, community pharmacy, and public health. Welcome to the pharmacy podcast.

  1. You are in a 0 – 6 program, so you had an early interest in health care, tell me about some early influences you had in deciding on that type of program. You had the interesting choice between rural and urban.
  1. You’re from Jersey, but decided on Philadelphia, what made you choose your college?
  1. I’m from the DC suburbs and the living in Baltimore city was a shock to me at first, but I ended up loving the convenience and vibrancy of a big city. Tell me what you love about living In the city?
  1. Interprofessionalism is something that is now required by the accreditation documents in many health professions, tell me about your unique interprofessional experience with medical students. 
  1. You’ve been tagged as a leader by your faculty as you’ve arrived at your P4 year, what innovative practices can you share that you’ve completed especially as it relates to social media, Twitter and Instagram 
  1. You have a passion and commitment to community pharmacy, I find that being able to have a certain level of autonomy is what really provides satisfaction for community pharmacists, what kind of services would you want to offer? 
  1. You’ve prioritized a mission to serve the underserved, what does that look like after graduation?
  1. A college that has their students for six years instead of four has a bit of an advantage in creating longitudinal opportunities, tell me a little bit about your experiences and how the faculty / city / environment have made you the future pharmacist you are now.
  1. What APPE rotations did you choose when thinking about serving the underserved, do you focus on the clinical, the social, even the business/public health financial?
  1. What blanket advice would you have for new graduates?

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