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Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) is a first in the history of podcasting and the pharmacy industry as the first network dedicated to the pharmacist professional about the business of pharmacy. 25+ podcast channels and 70,000+ listeners with 30+ podcast co-hosts, the PPN is the leading the healthcare space worldwide as the most influential podcast network. 

The PPN started in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA by Pharmacy Business  Entrepreneur Todd S. Eury. Eury has gathered the brightest minds in pharmacy to create a viral network of podcasting intelligence. 

Partnering with RXVIP Enterprises for pharmacist provider patient care strategies to deliver more healthcare services and saving lives. The 1st Internet Radio station in the pharmacy industry with Helium Radio headquartered in Tampa FL. 

Mar 22, 2017


How to be a Professional Sales Person in the Pharmacy Space

Guest: Kelly Roach

CEO of Kelly Roach International


  1. Kelly, I listen to your podcast weekly and your consistency is tremendous, you’re clearly a leader in the podcast space, but for those that don’t know you, tell us a little about Unstoppable Success Radio and why you started the podcast.


  1. Many pharmacists want to be entrepreneurs. Like you did before you left the corporate world, they do well financially, but like you, Kelly, they want to have financial abundance and autonomy and unlimited growth you talk about in your audiobook. How did you manage the transition from full time employee to full time entrepreneur?


  1. In that podcast #164, the science of selling expert talked about how people respond better to a non-expert selling with confidence vs. an unconfident expert. But a pharmacist presenting a clinical service might come off as not confident because they don’t want to seem pushy, how do you present as confident, but not pushy?


  1. Another selling pearl was about two choices. The patient knows they need to take their medicine and eat healthy logically, but they don’t, maybe they should be given a choice, do you want to start with exercise or diet? Can you tell me how you approach your clients with multiple choices so they feel they are not being pushed on?


4a. Kelly, you also talk about reactants, the example you gave was instead of saying don’t litter, you say pitch in. Many pharmacists work to help people stop smoking, but that means don’t smoke won’t work, rather maybe put that cigarette back in the pack. How do you as a coach keep things on the positive rather than the negative?


  1. Kelly, I think many pharmacy businesses think they don’t need to or have time to put content in different media out there. But the reciprocity principle, that people will want to give back if you give to them comes into play. For example, my preferences are audiobook over ebook, podcast vs. blog, and one-on-one coaching over group coaching. How do you as a business owner and parent, have time to make sure the quality content is there giving all these choices?


  1. Pharmacy was a business where patients would come to them, but we’re seeing now that with so many choices, people are looking online first, and with the current uncertainty in Washington DC, the patient may never come. in the podcast Kelly, you guys talk about 60% of the selling is done before the client ever steps in the door, how do you coach your business owners to make sure that its their 60% the clients see?


  1. In the podcast you also talk about the importance of genuinely liking someone and that when someone hears that a person said something nice about them, that it’s tough not to like them. As much for content, I listen to your podcast for the energy you bring so consistently. There have to be challenges in your life, but you don’t let them show in your presentation. How can a pharmacist, with multiple things on her place with billing, insurance, customers that may be sick, keep that kind of positive spirit so consistently such that the patient believes sincerely the pharmacist is happy to see them and isn’t rushed?


  1. I keep hearing about how many of your clients, before they met you, were underpricing their services. I’ve heard the expression you can double your income as quickly as you can double your self-esteem. How do you help your clients with this self-assessment of their own financial worth?


  1. This is a very personal note, I heard you brought your daughter to the charity work that you’re doing, how do you keep the family / business balance while still having time and resources to give to charities you care about?


  1. I know many of our listeners will want to hear your podcast episodes, but how do you prefer people contact you?


Twitter @kellyroachint

Kelly Roach (email:

Podcast and website