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Pharmacy Podcast Network

Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) is a first in the history of podcasting and the pharmacy industry as the first network dedicated to the pharmacist professional about the business of pharmacy. 25+ podcast channels and 70,000+ listeners with 30+ podcast co-hosts, the PPN is the leading the healthcare space worldwide as the most influential podcast network. 

The PPN started in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA by Pharmacy Business  Entrepreneur Todd S. Eury. Eury has gathered the brightest minds in pharmacy to create a viral network of podcasting intelligence. 

Partnering with RXVIP Enterprises for pharmacist provider patient care strategies to deliver more healthcare services and saving lives. The 1st Internet Radio station in the pharmacy industry with Helium Radio headquartered in Tampa FL. 

Dec 8, 2014

South Carolina Pharmacy Association

Ron Lanton Interviews Craig Burridge with the South Carolina Pharmacy Assocation.

Craig Burridge, MS, CAE Mr. Burridge joined SCPhA in May 2013. He was previously the Executive Director of the Pharmacists Society of the State of New York. He has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Craig attended the London School of Economics and Political Science on scholarship and has his Master of Science in Public Service from Russell Sage College. He earned his Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation in from the American Society of Association Executives. Craig served as President of the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations from 2007-08. In addition to serving on many volunteer boards, Mr. Burridge has served on the NYS Cancer Consortium Steering Committee, City of Cohoes Housing Authority, the Cohoes Music Hall Board of Directors and on the Albany County Youth Bureau.

SCPhA Today
In the more recent past, the Association has played a significant part in the role of continuing education requirements for pharmacists. As the science of pharmacy became more sophisticated, the Association saw the importance of insuring that pharmacists stay abreast of the rapidly changing information. SCPhA is an Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) approved provider for continuing education. The Association constantly strives to offer readily available and quality education services to South Carolina pharmacists.

SCPhA's legislative influence has gained strength in recent years. Through tremendous work of SCPhA's Legislative Network, H3631, "Rx Freedom of Access" was passed by the SC General Assembly and signed into state law in May 1994. The Association led the effort for a complete revision of the Pharmacy Practice Act, which was signed into law in June of 1998.

SCPhA has grown from its original 50 male members and no staff to more than 2,000 male and female pharmacy professionals and a full-time staff of 7 professionals. These members and staff continue to work toward positive changes that sustain the profession of pharmacy.