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Pharmacy Podcast Network

Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) is a first in the history of podcasting and the pharmacy industry as the first network dedicated to the pharmacist professional about the business of pharmacy. 25+ podcast channels and 70,000+ listeners with 30+ podcast co-hosts, the PPN is the leading the healthcare space worldwide as the most influential podcast network. 

The PPN started in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA by Pharmacy Business  Entrepreneur Todd S. Eury. Eury has gathered the brightest minds in pharmacy to create a viral network of podcasting intelligence. 

Partnering with RXVIP Enterprises for pharmacist provider patient care strategies to deliver more healthcare services and saving lives. The 1st Internet Radio station in the pharmacy industry with Helium Radio headquartered in Tampa FL. 

Nov 10, 2011

TAKE CHARGE® In Your Independent Pharmacy
In recent years, it has become more and more difficult for independent pharmacies to rely on prescription sales to make ends meet.  Competition with the chain pharmacy is tough, so are state cutbacks and mail order mandates. But one of the greatest advantages we have as business owners is the choice to do something new and different in our communities. We have the freedom to explore new business opportunities and take action in a way that will set our independent pharmacies apart from all others.

Patient Care That Works.
Despite obesity becoming America's number one health problem, few healthcare professionals know how to effectively deal with it.  We see it in our pharmacies every day...  Our patients are taking prescription medications for High Cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis and several other lifestyle-associated diseases.  Meanwhile, they're skipping breakfast, eating lunch on the go and stopping for take-out on their way home for dinner. Most of these patients have spent hundreds of dollars trying countless mainstream diets and failed.

TAKE CHARGE® is NOT a diet.
TAKE CHARGE® is a program of lifestyle modification that will not only make a difference in the lives of your patients but will also make a difference in your pharmacy's bottom line.  With TAKE CHARGE® in your pharmacy, you can grow your business and help your community by teaching your patients healthy lifestyle strategies that will help them live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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