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Sep 24, 2010

o   Allow Independent Pharmacies to provide services to differentiate themselves

Many of the smaller nursing homes like specialized features that often cannot be satisfied by pharmacies who are too busy.  Most of the time the pharmacist tries to force all their homes to be homogeneous such that the pharmacy has one way to fill.  This is often why homes leave some of the large national pharmacy providers to go back to smaller pharmacies who can provide the desired, customized features.

What are these features:

§  Calendar Filling

§  Event cards (i.e. weekend card)

§  Skip dose

§  Home specific prescription labeling


The smaller homes are also looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Having these features available can lead to higher medication compliancy, smoother medication administration, and healthier patients in a less hectic atmosphere. 


DOSIS was designed for both simplicity and flexibility. Although easily overlooked, a unique and important feature is that DOSIS dispenses directly from the canister into the individual blister pouches on each card.  Unlike all other LTC automation, DOSIS can fill into the blister pouches in any order.  For example, DOSIS reads the start date entered into the Pharmacy Management Information System (PMIS) and dispenses the medication into the blisters so that the pre-printed numbers on the card match the dates for the prescription. In the same manner, DOSIS can interpret multiple SIG entries of a prescription to properly dispense event cards. Event cards allow a patient to receive separate cards for use in separate locations such as weekends, regular offsite therapy or work programs, vacations, etc. 


Skip dosing is relatively simple for most pharmacies to handle with manual fills, but, when a pharmacy is busy, keeping things the same reduces occurrences of misfilled prescriptions. DOSIS handles skip dosing based on the SIG interpretation from the PMIS. By keeping this special demand from the normal manual filling operation, DOSIS aids in keeping the manual filling operation more homogeneous and efficient.


DOSIS labels have all of the necessary information required for a given pharmacy. DOSIS labels can include barcodes for the pharmacy’s workflow process or auxiliary codes/labels.  All labels – prescription, pre-pack, canister replenishment - are customizable to give the pharmacy the flexibility required to satisfy state boards of pharmacy as well as their customers. Since the cards come out of DOSIS with the prescription label already adhered to the card, the blister cards are ready to be reviewed and toted for the home.


o   Affecting a pharmacy business's bottom-line

All of these unique and specialized filling features traditionally cause higher filling costs than a standard 30-day prescription. Since payroll expenses are typically 16% of the revenue in the LTC pharmacies, adding complexity to how the cards are filled in order to gain and/or maintain LTC business for independent pharmacies can increase cost.  DOSIS was designed with a small footprint to fit into these smaller pharmacies and do the required work at a cost point below the manual labor cost that will enable them independents a competitive edge to maintain and capture LTC business.


o   What does 7-Day (or 14-Day) prescriptions mean to DOSIS?

Answer: Absolutely nothing!  DOSIS is compliant today. DOSIS can and does fill short-cycle prescriptions in the existing materials.