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Jun 20, 2017

McKesson Pharmacy Technology and Services Division Vice President of Sales – Ian Fallon interviews Pharmacy Technology Innovation Vice President of Towncrest Pharmacy Mike Deninger from Iowa City on the Med-Sync impact on patient care and operational efficiency.

Mike Deninger

Towncrest Pharmacy, Inc.

2306 Muscatine Avenue

Iowa City, IA 52240

Ph: (319) 337-3526

Medication synchronization is when the pharmacist coordinates the refill of yourmedications so you can pick them up on a single day each month. Many people miss doses of their regular medications and med sync can make you more likely to take them.

McKesson Med Sync Guide:

The Med Sync Guide provides a simple, five-step process to implement a medication synchronization program at your pharmacy. For each step, there is a corresponding tool to provide a quick reference as the pharmacy team is initiating the program. This guide is recommended as an on-the-job tool as it provides a quick summary of the details for each step.

Step 1: Patient Identification and Recruitment

This quick guide allows you to identify eligible patients as well as provides a structured approach for prioritizing patients. This approach will evolve over time, and the tool keeps you focused as a new or experienced med sync team. Talking points for enrolling patients are also provided. 

Step 2: Selection of Medications

Selecting the right medications to sync can seem daunting at first. This quick guide will provide confidence as you are reviewing a patient’s medication profile. A three-step process for medication selection is reviewed. Which medications to synchronize as well as those to avoid are listed for an at-a-glance reminder.

Step 3: Alignment of Medications

Once the medications are selected, you’ll need to choose a sync date and complete short fills. These steps are outlined and details such as short fill codes are captured on this tool. You’ll also have access to a quick summary of key follow-up needs.

Step 4: The Appointment

An effective appointment with the patient is key to driving the financial and clinical benefits of med sync. Both appointment preparation and conducting an actual med sync appointment are outlined in this tool.

Step 5: Maintenance

Once the appointment is complete, it is crucial that patients are maintained through key steps. Routine steps are a must to be successful. This tool reviews the needed steps as well as guidelines for team roles to ensure patients stay on sync. 

For more information on the Med-Sync technology by McKesson Pharmacy Technology & Services, contact:

Aaron Huet

Sr. Marketing Manager

McKesson Pharmacy Technology and Services (MPTS)  

412.625.2267 (O) 412.506.1459 (C)